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  1. Following as well, not sure I'll find an IS-F by then but who knows.
  2. I've found this, mentionning two spare wheels part numbers, does it help?
  3. I was initially thinking of spending 20k. Now... this thread is meant to help me reconsider the budget or hold fire. Ultrasonic Blue is my favourite but I don't hate any colour.
  4. Thanks Big Rat. I've spent quite some time reading that week indeed! I guess the story continues here :
  5. Good morning all, As you might know if you came across my thread in the New Members Area, I am currently looking for an IS-F. Preferably a 2010+ one. I've seen two cars already and I'm pretty happy with the model. However I am very, very confused when it comes to pricing. See, the cheapest post-2010 IS-F for sale in the country has been on sale since June 2017. Last June ! Most others have been for sale since October, including cars known on this forum and sold by Lexus dealers. Now I understand this is not a Fiesta and that the market is different. However, can somebody tell me of any fast sale of an IS-F recently? I've spent quite a lot of time on this forum and I noticed that quite a few of you moved from an IS-F to an RC-F or GS-F (I'm really jealous guys). I've seen on Autotrader RC-Fs for 33k and GS-Fs for 38k (for a 2016 car with 8000 miles !). Considering this, is 23 to 28k a reasonable asking price for a 2010 IS-F? Given the depreciation of the GS-F, I would be considering myself getting one in 12 to 24 months, hence my questioning about residual value. I am not by any means underestimating the qualities of the IS-F. However, I can be quite patient and I am not confident that prices will not drop soon, considering there are cars for sale and I can't see many buyers. I appreciate most of you own an F and might no like to talk depreciation. Still I'll take that risk. What are your thoughts?
  6. Salut Etienne ! I love the mods you did to your car! I think the exhaust valve is a clever idea... I'm currently looking for an IS-F, but I won't be the first Frenchman driving an RHD IS-F then... (I live in UK though)
  7. Thanks Paul! Have you had one? I'd love a Ultrasonic Blue one but also considering other options. Pricewise, I'd say around 20-21k - ideally I'd like a post-2010 one. I'm not too fussed on mileage if I can get one for that price.
  8. Hi everybody! I'm currently looking for a new daily driver to complement a small collection of Honda toys and I fell in love with the IS-F. I registered here to learn more about those cars and what to be wary about when browsing, and maybe to find an IS-F owner who's considering parting with his car? I'm based in West Midlands.