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  1. The fk2’s are becoming reasonably priced, and there should also be hondata available for them very shortly, so proper tuning will be available, although a company called 7mod are around the 500+ bhp region
  2. Ats do an lsd for the isf
  3. Not got a Lexus yet but Vauxhall Astra 1.4si Vauxhall cav 1,6L Vauxhall cav 1.8L Vauxhall calibra 2,0 8v Honda prelude 2.2 Bmw 850 Honda Accord type r Vauxhall vectra 2.2 Honda Civic type r Honda Civic type r Lexus isf (next) [emoji12]
  4. Hopefully more mapping solutions will come available also
  5. Very nice big rat the only thing that puts me off the front is its fibre glass which chips like crazy sadly You can get away with it on the rear
  6. I don’t think it’d matter what car I have I’ll mod it haha, I’ve already been in contact with wald uk
  7. Cool so nothing major, I keep looking at a pic of a black one with a wald kit and want to buy one [emoji23]
  8. Cheers guys, so am I right in now thinking the wheels are the wrong ones?
  9. Very well spotted [emoji106]
  10. Will ask him now, I take it the wheels just want swapping sides. I take it the price is about right, as it’s low mileage
  11. Anyone know this isf? Considering selling my car earlier. I just found a great car on Auto Trader:
  12. Catlnike

    Looking at getting an isf as my next car

    Yeah, plus it gives me the option of leaving the kit on as it should make it more sellable. Ideally I’d want a 2010 isf with sub/circa 50k on the clock but not sure how much one will cost as I’ve 20k to spend.
  13. Catlnike

    Looking at getting an isf as my next car

    yeah, thankfully I’ve got every single bit
  14. Catlnike

    Looking at getting an isf as my next car

    The only downside I have is, I’m propably going to have to put the civic back to standard, as it’s worth more in bits, so it’s going to be a little while before I can get one