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  1. Have to go radio silent on this for now - will update when able to
  2. Will gladly have had that rather than the current problem from what I understand it to be…
  3. This is the first year of the lexus relax warranty being available, after the service which identified the issue... I did try buy a Lexus warranty like I did for my IS-F when I purchased the car in July to be told its not available anymore and told "not to worry, you will get the new Lexus relax warranty when it comes in for its service" - which is as useful as a chocolate teapot at this point in time.
  4. Well as suggested above, it is a crack in the head. So it needs a new head. Dealer is trying to sort something out with Lexus as it must have been a latent defect from new.
  5. Hi everyone. My RC-F went to the dealer for its "cheap" 6-year service today. When it came to changing the spark plugs, I was called in to be shown the rearmost passenger side spark plug well full of coolant. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this? The car runs fine, the coolant was clean, no oil residue in coolant or cap etc, and the level in the reservoir was fine, I checked it a couple weeks ago when refilling the windscreen washer fluid and the technician confirmed it was ok to prior to him draining. So far, they have been diagnosing the cause since 13:00'ish today and still can't give me a reason, and are now talking of the engine having to come out etc., which seems weird to me as if it was that big of an issue there would be other signs. It has full Lexus service history too so has been looked after.
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