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  1. SamuelBrown

    Winter - quick cleaning

    Lots of good information and tips here. A few years ago I tried out a lot of touchless car wash a good friend of mine who owns a car wash machine company told me that the chemicals use in the touchless machines are very harsh. It needs to be to get rid of anything on the car without physically touching it. Make sense to me. So I ended up brining my car to a detailing pro shop.
  2. Benefits of our multi-car discount are that you get a discount for every additional car you insure with the same insurance company. And moreover, anyone living in the same home is eligible for a discount on their vehicles too. I know this as i work in the household department + my father owns two cars + my mother has her own car , and we never had any problems. You can find more info on this issue here .
  3. My current car is definitely the best one I have ever owned
  4. SamuelBrown

    So Whats Your Profession?

    I'm a programmer
  5. SamuelBrown

    lexus owners - what did we drive before?

    I had mercedes A class