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  1. Have you called lexus services phone number here . I am sure you will find answer there
  2. My house is quite smart, all the lights are Hue lights, the garden lights are Hue lights, I have Alexa in most rooms, the heating is wireless & controlled by Alexa or an app, I also have quite a few smart plugs controlling different things which can be quite handy. Pleasure to live in a smart home.
  3. How smart is your house? Up to what degree does tech take smart decisions for you? What are the things you used to do manually and are now automated through tech? What is your house able to do now that it wasn't in the pre-automation era? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Are you still looking for the repair manual ? If yes, here is the electronic version . It's absolutely free and available for everyone.
  5. Remember that no cover will protect the interior from damage from a dog over time. Unless you're OK turning the back seating into your "dog car", get a car seat , read these reviews redlinetribe . There you can find some really affordable options that will provide safety and comfort for your dog.
  6. Hey Guys. anyone tell me if the motorcycle theory test contains the hazard perception part like the car theory test? Also has anyone got any tips ? I found some recommendations on , but still have your real life experiences
  7. If you really need to go the borrowing route then you need to be comparing the overall cost of a finance deal versus a bank loan. Depending on your credit status, a loan from a bank will normally be cheaper. Also you can check some information here. Hope it helps
  8. Accidently saw the thread and remembered. Sorry for bumping
  9. It's high time to renew the thread. The Valentine is coming again soon. My partner is a biker and I wanna present him with something special. Will such a skull wings ring be a nice gift? What do you think guys?
  10. Hi men! Have you got any advice on how to get back into weights & cardio after a very very long layoff due to having seriously lost motivation and other family factors? I found some tips on ออกกำลังกาย but real life recommendations are highly appreciated. Should I get a trainer to help to get me back on track?
  11. Hi there! My youngest daughter is now at the age when he needs some entertainment in the car during long trips. I currently have a single headrest DVD player which has worked wonders for the eldest but now I need to have two units. I've read the reviews online, but still cannot figure out which one exactly to go for...
  12. I'm simply sick of these stupid cigar lighter sockets we all use. I've just removed one that had largely melted and purchased a portable stylish plasma cigarette lighter that I constantly use without any issues. If you are interested what I mean, check this out .
  13. Lots of good information and tips here. A few years ago I tried out a lot of touchless car wash a good friend of mine who owns a car wash machine company told me that the chemicals use in the touchless machines are very harsh. It needs to be to get rid of anything on the car without physically touching it. Make sense to me. So I ended up brining my car to a detailing pro shop.
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