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  1. I hope so too , I would hate to lose this car
  2. I have the old belt and the bearing as well, they sent it to me via my mechanic the day it happened.
  3. My usual mechainc took it there for me, he knows him well, I have not met him
  4. Two weeks ago I had sent my IS 200 se Auto in to have the cam belt replaced and it snapped as they reversed it onto the ramp. The mechanic rang me today and he doesnt think its worth fixing, it passed its MOT with flying colours beg of August. I love the car and so I am asking for help in finding a reconditoned engine, can anyone recommend anywhere to look?
  5. I sent my IS 200 to have the cam belt changed on Monday morning, ironically I replied to this topic in the afternoon, little did I know what disastrous news I was in for. As they were reversing the car onto the ramp it cut out ...yes the cam belt had broken - due to a seized bearing. It transpired that the belt had been changed before but some cheap skate idiot obviously only changed the belt and nothing else. Moral of the story even if the cam belt has been changed and the history is present you don't know if a thorough job was done.
  6. Having had a cam belt go on my previous car which destroyed the engine and had to scrap it, I have decided to have it done on my present IS 200 even though I was told when I bought it that it was due next year.