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  1. Ok thanks, I’ll give it a try
  2. Yes, but only if you have connected services turned on and a route programmed, unless I am missing something in which case I’m happy to be shown what I’m missing. When I know the route I tend not to programme it but looks as though I will have to in the future
  3. Final update! Lexus Technical have confirmed that, although many manufacturers programme their audio so that DAB can be interrupted by FM Traffic Announcements, Lexus and Toyota do not. Pretty poor show from a so called premium car manufacturer, if Ford can programme this technology into a £14k Fiesta why can’t Lexus on a £50k-£60k car. Also why indicate in the manual that it does and why include the settings on the audio set up to receive traffic announcements. I’ve had DAB in my cars since 2011 and this is the first that can’t handle some simple software programming. The FM announcements interrupt ok when listening to music via USB, CD player & Bluetooth so what’s so hard! So the instruction from Lexus is “if you want traffic announcements whilst driving long distances use FM and put up with the poorer quality and possible poor reception in areas” They must be taking note from Land Rover on how to treat customers with contempt!
  4. Update on the original question "Does anyone receive TP traffic info when tuned to DAB stations on a 4RX" Dealer also cannot work out why there is no TP traffic info when tuned to a DAB station and why the TP signal doesn't show even though all the settings to receive traffic announcements are turned on. They have tried it on one of the company dealer cars over the past 3 weeks and confirm that their car behaves in the same way. Both dealer and myself believe the usual method of getting traffic announcements on DAB is that the FM traffic announcements interrupt the DAB just as they interrupt music played via USB or iPod. The interruption on USB etc works fine Dealer has now asked Lexus Technical for guidance on what is supposed to happen re TP traffic announcements when listening to DAB radio when all the relevant settings are turned on. They have advised me not to expect an answer for 3 weeks.
  5. Same comments as others above. Re the listening to the radio, all modern venicles deplete the battery quickly when sat with the radio on and ignition completely off. My previous RRS and Discovery Sports would close down the electrics automatically after just a few minutes of listening to the radio with the message "the car is now shutting down due to the low battery" When trying to watch the useless TV in the RRS it would last all of 2-3 minutes before it needed the engine starting to be able to continue. @Silversalmon I agree re eco mode. It does let you be more gentle in trying to activate EV driving. Ironically, our Discovery Sport, which had eco, normal and Sport driving modes, was always more fuel efficient when in sports mode.
  6. TBH, the Evora hasn't been used as regularly as intended but still enjoy it when I do get out in it. Most mileage over the last 2 years has been done in Europe with trips to Italy, Switzerland, Austria, South of France etc. It is, as you mentioned earlier, a very capable car and just as capable on track. I have thought about cashing in later this year if residuals remain high, we'll just have to see what develops
  7. Yes, I remember you raving about the isf during the time you were hunting for the Evora. Only had the RX since mid Jan but so far very impressed with it. Build quality in a different league to JLR, smooth and quiet drive for cruising on long journeys and fuel consumption so far better than expected & hopefully will improve more in the warmer months
  8. Hi Stuart, remember you from TLF and a local Evora meet a couple of years ago. I still have my Evora (amazing how well the residuals are staying high & discovered it was the 4th last S1 Evora built) and decided to join the Lexus crowd early this year when I'd finally had enough of Land Rover, and their dreadful approach to customers when trying to get faults fixed by LR that were down to their crap quality control. I decided to get a RX 450h F Sport & so far very pleased with the decision. Not the quick car that you are looking at by any stretch of imagination, but basically the same engine as the Evora (minus a supercharger) and nice & quiet & luxurious
  9. Yes, I saw on the DS & RRS that you'd bought a RC. I now have the car we should have bought when I sold the RRS and bought the DS. The DS was the wife's choice & I let her have her own way since I'd just bought the Evora. In the end though it was the wife, who'd had enough of LR & their dealers, who said one day in Dec "let's dump the DS and get the RX"
  10. 👋👋 Hi, Muddy didnt expect to find you here
  11. Good point on the limits displayed on the back of lorries. Although I can't recall the exact circumstances it does sound a strong probability. I'll keep an eye out the next time I'm on the motorway
  12. Travelling along the M4 2 weeks ago it changed from 50 to 90 in a set of roadworks, then from 70 to 130 on the A12 TBH it's no big deal since TSR is something I would never specify, but since it came fitted I'm just curious as to why it has occasionally suggest speed limits of 90 and 130
  13. Thanks Colin but problem seems to be that it can't find any DAB traffic stations since the TP sign doesn't appear in the display even though TP is switched on Looks like a visit to the dealers since TSR strangely, not often but occasionally, reads speed limit in kph.
  14. Anybody? Does anyone receive TP traffic info when tuned to DAB stations on a 4RX
  15. Well, one of the potential concerns I had with my recent move to a 4RX450h, over the previous LR Discovery Sport, was how it would perform in snow & ice. Off road is something that really doesn't bother me, but the ability to stay mobile in bad weather when you live in a small village away from major routes is something that always concerns us. No such concerns with both the Discovery Sport and the previous RRS, and now no concerns with the RX. I put it into the recommended Eco setting (no Gravel, Sand or Snow setting on it like the Land Rovers) and it pulled off our drive, slight incline in 25cm of snow, with no trouble and handled the uphill bendy stretch out of the village as though there was no snow around. A little bit of slip was present on the front wheels when exiting the drive but it was only momentarily as the AWD system quickly brought the rear wheels in to play. To be fair, the AWD system worked better than I thought it would. Happy days