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  1. Hi guys, thank you for your advice! Yes the high Tax is a bit of a put off as it doubles from how much I pay on the GS450h. Thinking about it all gives me a headache. It’s tempting to just get the GS fixed and keep it running for another year and revisit this situation next year!
  2. Hello everyone, Strange times we are all in, I hope you are keeping safe at home and with clean hands. I’m looking for a family run around. Something comfortable spacious with power and waft. I’m a bit put off by hybrid due to my current GS450h. Would anyone recommend an Rx350? Can anyone give an idea of in city mpg? What’s it like on motorway? Any spec to go for any to avoid? Its going to be used as a baby chariot so am on a limited budget 3.5k to 4.5k. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Have cleared it on the Diagnostic for now 🤦🏽‍♂️ and currently scouring through Autotrader for an Rx450h.
  4. Hi guys! So last year (March) at an inconvenient expense of £745 I had my hybrid battery reconditioned by Hybrid Battery solutions. The other day that dreaded warning (check hybrid system) came back again! I don’t really know if I want to endure the expense again I’m pretty much at my wits end! The amount spent on this car on parts plus purchase costs equates to The monthly amount of leasing a brand new half decent car! I’ve still got a service to do this year plus a possible £700 on an exhaust centre section that needs doing! I love the car the waft The comfort the sound system and as someone that drives around central London a lot, with it being so quiet and comfortable it really helps with the stress levels! I want to stay with Lexus and wanted to ask, Lexus Rx450h, any good? If I got a 2010/2011 model, would I have similar issues?? Any advice is appreciated!
  5. Hi Vinny, The normal taxis are Toyota Camry’s with a taxi sign on the roof. But if you use Uber or Careem you will be picked up by a black or White Lexus ES 350 or a new 300h. You’ll see loads driving around Dubai anyway. If you do get collected by one, ask the driver the mileage, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
  6. Sorry 1st post should be km not miles. Still a fair few miles though!
  7. To add to the above, I was just dropped off by a Lexus es350 2014 model with 790000km on the clock. Again the car felt lovely silent smooth and the rest. As the road network in Dubai is all motorway (Sheikh Zayed road being a 6 lane a side super highway) Twinned with the fact that these guys operate 24 hours, the cars don’t stop and the miles rack up.
  8. So I’m currently in Dubai and anytime you use UBER or Careem the most popular ride hailing services in this city, You are greeted with a driver in a White or Black Lexus ES350. Sitting in the back I cannot help but notice how smooth and silent the car is and how it glides along the road! I asked the driver the year and mileage of the car, he tells me it’s a 2015 with 672000 miles on the clock. “How much??” “672000 sir” Unreal. The car felt brand new! No squeaks no rattles. He told me he has only ever serviced the car (not at Lexus) and recharged the AC once and changed tyres and pads. Makes me wish they did a ES350 here id buy one in a heartbeat.
  9. John- I spoke to TB. 399+VAT for Mid section with Cats 599+VAT for full system. TB confirmed he can make them silent so leaning towards him at the moment! Gary- The discs and pads i had before my currents were cheap aftermarkets as i have a receipt from the previous owner. They felt really weird under braking especially when reducing a lot of speed. They did recharge the battery but i find that my current discs maybe because the contact is better (and to be fair the battery is now refurbed) it recharges quicker. Plus its stops really well too! With my shocks i had the driver side front leaking and and passenger side rear. They were leaking ever so slightly so i could've probably held onto them for another year but as the brakes were being done i thought it be best to get all 4 shocks done too. I had my local garage do it as I have known them for years. Costs were: Lexus Front and rear Shocks front and rear disks and pads £1065 Rear Section Exhaust £450.00 Fitting by local garage including brake fluid service was £400.00
  10. Well the Hybrid battery is the same as before it just doesn't say "check Hybrid system" on the dash. I suppose it lasts longer on Battery only mode but don't do that often. Brakes made a huge difference to the car! I opted for genuine lexus discs pads and sensors and going down a hill with gentle gradual braking makes the battery charge up very quickly. Shocks were leaking slightly so i thought it be best to get them all done. I didn't have to do them but as i am ferrying my little boy around I wanted to be safe than sorry. Again Nippon did these parts far cheaper than Lexus. It cost a fair bit but i just think some things (like brakes and tyres) you just don't compromise on!
  11. Hi Farqui, So originally i had the rear section (twin silencer) made by an exhaust company in Dagenham as Lexus were really expensive. They advised me that it will be slightly louder than standard. Which it really was but I wasn't happy with it. To me it was quite droney. As its a CVT, I could always hear when i was on the accelerator or off it especially on the motorway. I eventually found Nippon who were able to get me a Lexus rear section silencer which i purchased and had fitted. It made a world of difference! The car was silent again! No droney sounds. Now its blowing from the mid section, its not loud but I know its there. My local garage said he couldn't patch it up, it needs replacing. From Lexus its £1676.00! Nippon can do it for £1250 including shipping and VAT. I love the car but out of principle, spending £1250 on a part just pains me! Makes me wish I stuck to leasing! Picture of the part is attached. Do you think TB has this part? If so can it be silent like standard? Kal
  12. So it turns out my car as lovely as it is has an exhaust blowing. I already had an issue with the rear section, I spent £350 on an aftermarket rear section exhaust requesting it be as silent as possible but ended up hating it! So I ended up buying a Genuine Lexus one for another £400 from Nippon autospares and selling the aftermarket one for next to nothing. Now it turns out the centre section is blowing and its nothing a simple weld can fix. Cost to replace £1250.00!! Its just unbelieveable! I love the car but i hate it sometimes! Bearing in mind in 18 months i have done the Battery refurb (Hybird B.S) Michelin crossclimates all round full Service Exhaust shocks all round brakes and pads all round, Does anyone know where i could perhaps find a rear section one or if anyone fabricates anything decent that will keep the car silent? Your help is greatly appreciated!
  13. Will look into the GROM thing. The FM transmitters are good but in London, its hard getting a good signal due to all the many radio stations pirate stations etc.
  14. Hi Guys, So I have a 2006 model GS450h with the CD and tape player. Very annoyingly it doesn't have Bluetooth Audio. The GS that is 2010 onwards doesn't have a tape player and apparently does have Bluetooth audio. My question is, if i were to get hold of a 2010-2011 unit, would it a) fit on my car, b) work and c) give me bluetooth audio. Any advice is much appreciated!
  15. Interesting reading this. My father in law was happy when I got a Lexus as he is a lifelong Toyota owner (being old and asian lol), so was happy for me to "join the club" after deciding to stop leasing ( skoda octavia Vrs 2 years and Polo GTi 2 years). Here a Lexus LS is seen more an understated "Captain of industry" car where as i suppose in Germany if you aren't buying a VW i.e. peoplescar, its almost offending someone. Each to their own I say. Enjoy wafting around in silence while they look weirdly at you.