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  1. I agree, I actually didn't mind spending on the brakes and Shocks, especially with my first baby arrival i wanted to ensure that the car was safe, I even invested in a full set of Michelin CrossClimates so that I never get caught out. It just gets a bit tiresome as when will it all end? Reading one of the topics apparently spending £700 on a recon hybrid battery doesn't stop the hybrid pump from failing. I think really best to enjoy the borrowed time for now and deal with it when the time comes. Could be sooner hopefully later!
  2. So was driving through the Limehouse Link on 10th November with the wife and child and received that dreaded message on my screen saying "check hybrid battery". I got to my destination which was the Canary Wharf shopping centre. I thought best leave it and call the AA half hour before I leave. Skipping to the part when the AA arrived, the engineer confirmed after running a diagnostic that the hybrid battery has deteriorated. He cleared it on his system as well as the camshaft error on there. The yellow light came back shortly after for the camshaft error but nothing about the battery. Its odd as i spend a lot of time in London traffic and it charges up fine, it runs on battery only fine. Could this be a hiccup on the system or am I on borrowed time? I have spoken to Hybrid battery solutions and debating whether i spend the money on it. I have already put new Lexus shocks, new discs and pads all round, new Lexus rear exhaust section. Its been a bit of a money pit and getting a bit jarring. I've put up with it as its a fantastic car. Doing lots of motorway miles is a real pleasure and it has excellent speed and comfort as you all know. decisions decisions.............
  3. Not sure about the smell but are you going to get the Camshaft sensor issue sorted? If so how much are you paying? I have the same engine light on about this and heard it costs thousands to rectify! I might as well right the car off if that's the case!
  4. Hi guys, My rear blind hasn’t worked since owning. Does anyone know how to get it working? Is there a motor that seized?? Again, I look forward to your responses. kal
  5. HI Guys, Thank you for the responses. Does anyone know how much Tony Banks charges? Would definitely prefer to go with someone recommended from this forum. Kind regards Kal
  6. Hi Guys, I hope you are all well. I have noticed some patch work done on the exhaust of my car recenlty when sorting out the wheel alignment and spoke to Flowtech exhausts in Dagenham (i am based in London) who have quoted £425 (stainless steel) for a new rear section including the silencers. Mild steel was quoted at £325. I have asked the very nice gentleman there (Paul) that i would like it silent but he has said that it will sound slightly "sportier" than standard. This concerns me slightly as I really want the car to be silent. I have had sporty and loud cars all my life and finally want one that isnt. I don't mind the OEM rumble the car has when driving enthusiastically. Does anyone know of any alternatives exhaust companies anyone has used that I could ring and get a quote for? I don't mind driving out of London if the price difference/quality make it worthwhile. I look forward to your advice. Kal
  7. Hi guys, Thank you for your responses. On start up the light DOES NOT light up. Have ordered an OBD2 reader to plug in and see what is going on. Car runs beautifully other than that.....
  8. Kal Choudhury

    Have We The Rarest Es300 In The Uk

    Bizarre how this car is so rare in the UK but go to Dubai and ANY uber you order and a either a black or a white Lexus ES300 will turn up. My most recent trip I was using uber all the time and I felt like I was being chauffeured, everywhere I was going. What an amazing car.
  9. Here we go!! So I have noticed the EML on but very faint. If you are driving the car during the day you cant even see it, only during the evening in the dark you can. Almost like its half on and half off. The light isn't as bright as any of the other lights on that section e.g. the handbrake light. Its very strange plus the car doesn't drive as if with any faults. Does anyone have any idea why this could be? Has anyone had this issue? Pic Below
  10. Hi Shahpor and John(s) I did have a look at the MOT history and am aware of these things. I understand that i might need to get these things done which i am not looking forward to! As well as a possible Hybrid Battery! Only time will tell I suppose. The trader sold it as a Sold as seen as it was a PX to clear car. I think a certain element of the purchase was a love at first sight thing as i had the money and the car just felt right and wasnt highlighting any immediate issues. With regards to the mpg, I have given up looking and trying to eek the most out of it and am just giving in to the fact that I will have to fill the bugger up every 250 miles. I have found the trip computer as well! Thank you all so far your suggestions, Kal
  11. Hi Guys, Thank you for your comments. Much appreciated and noted. John- With regards to the economy, I was doing 40mpg when I picked up the car at Congleton and drove back to London. After sitting in traffic for an hour and making it back home in South east London, the tank average was at 37mpg. Hangie- The battery and the shocks are exactly what I mean! Will try applying felt between the dashboard and screen. Booking her into my local garage tomorrow to give it a once over to see what works I will need to do on it soon. In the meantime, i have uploaded some pics, these were from the original listing taken by the seller. There is a scratch on the driver side rear quarter panel which i will eventually sort out.
  12. Thank you, From what I have described, should my battery run out so quick?? kal
  13. Hi Everyone, hope you are all well. So i have just purchased a Lexus GS450h. Its the first time I have ever owned a Lexus. Its an SE spec 56 reg in Palladium silver with 119k on the clock. There is a full service history and its all fully HPI clear. I purchased it as a bit of a bargain (4k) as the seller (trader) took it as PX and wanted it gone ASAP. I purchased it in Congleton (Cheshire) and drove it back to London. I test drove one of these cars 6 years ago and loved it. Back then they were going for 16k. Depreciation can sometimes be a beautiful thing. It specifically caught my eye as there were no Hybrid battery issues. Having test drove the car I was it was reinforced into me as to why I have been after one of these cars for so long. The performance is great, its quite and comfortable. Having leased a Polo GTi since 2016 and it going back next month, I am in need of a wafter as i am sick of a bumpy hard ride the polo offers. The Lexus offered the best balance of Power Comfort space and (so called) economy. So after 3 days of ownership i have noticed the following: Positives Great performance, its so quiet, spacious, well engineered, comfortable, great spec, surprising awesome sound system, Negatives Its quite thirsty (22.6mpg tank average), Small boot, Unbelievably expensive parts, dashboard creeks, hybrid battery only lasts about a mile before engine cuts in, Engine cuts in too soon, you really have to feather the throttle to keep it on battery mode, there is no trip meter, only an odometer (why??) So focusing on the negatives, would anyone be able to enlighten me as to why i am not getting very good economy? Or is this normal? I am very light footed and always have an ear for the engine cutting in but find the battery only lasts a mile or so before the engine is forced to cut in. Is this a dreaded sign that the battery is on its way out? Would anyone be able to advise on fixing the creeking dashboard? Sorry to waffle on, hope to be enlightened soon! Kal
  14. Going to put Michelin Crossclimates on the GS450h once the currents wear down.....