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  1. Hello guys. Finally got round to removing my stereo and sorting my satnav problem out. My problem was that previous owner done the satnav mod so he could drive and watch dvd on the move. I finally connected the white wire the red and pink wire all back to factory wire loom and my satnav works a treat now. Just like to thank the other members for there input and information.
  2. OK will do that and report back but think I may have found my problem without taking my stereo back out yet. I noticed that the white wire was cut and the pink wire was cut for the dvd mod. Since I new nothing about why they were cut I put the pink back to pink and the red to red but left the white wire off due to not nowing its location but found this thread to bring a little light to my problem. This may explain why I have a check on my audio menu as it's called the (vss) Vehicle speed sensor as Colinbarber pointed out to me. Great when people do homework and no what they are talking about. 👍
  3. Thanks a lot Colin as that video clip works a treat unfortunately it never solved my problem but got some information that you may understand.
  4. Just tried the info button test and got nothing just after a few seconds goes back to the satnav screen. Done the second test never worked either but look at the pictures I was driving when I took them and the driver marker does move when I stop. The problem seems to be my satnav is very slow and only moves when I am away from my first location but only catches up when I stop. I move off again and the marker stays at my last location. Would It be a GPS fault even tho my screen says I have GPS.. Just puzzling to me as I have changed my satnav unit as my last on packed up. Before it packed up it was also in the wrong location but miles away from my home. New unit starts in correct position just does not move.
  5. Thanks for the input and just to add information to my problem I have a pink and red wire been cut and the red is earthed to the side of the stereo. After finding this I have since found that this is because some body in the past wanted to drive and play dvd on the move. The red earth is for the handbrake sensor to buy pass. After finding this out and looking at my wiring I decided to replace the pink and red to original setting and still my satnav location don't move. May have some relevants may not.
  6. Update on my satnav problem. My unit says the GPS system is there but not 100% as on and off. My direction symbol when I drive in my satnav screen does not move and after a quick check behind the stereo all the wires and plugs are all in place. My start point is correct but does not move when I drive but the satnav screen does say I have moved location but the drive symbol is still at the start location. Why does my drive symbol not move but the screen location does but needs to play catch up. The satnav location is run by the GPS antenna but what makes the drive symbol move. Anyone come across this before and could there be a wire come loose or something I'm missing.
  7. Thanks for your input guys and to take the stereo out is a real pain after just putting it all back. I had an idea that something had come adrift so will sort it when i have free patience to take it all apart again Question regarding my dash round the stereo dash is all marked around the unit were been removed over the years for what ever reason and looks very untidy and scruffy. Does anybody no how to fix with being rubber foam based and damaged so easy.sandpaper dont work but my next solution was a dash trim beading. Any ideas are most welcome.
  8. I have just changed my satnav drive and all works well but my gps says i live in the next road to were i live. My old unit started making a clicking noise on start up hence i got a new unit. Were is tthe gps antanna located if anybody knows. The unit itself works perfectly.
  9. Does anybody no if there is a hidden relay switch for the headlight adjust levels as replaced my levels both sides and my adjust switch on the dash and still not working and all fuses work.
  10. Funny u should mention that as my mums rav4 has a similar problem related to a boost sensor I got the valve changed as the obd reader found the fault so changed the sensor and problem solved as like a new car. Not the case as the car under acceleration will judder and then eml light comes on and then into limp mode to the point I have to stop. I stop and restart with eml light still on but the car seems as if the problem was never the so my point is even tho your obd reader states a faulty part it may have related parts that relate to the problem but come under the same category. Just an observation theory.
  11. Hello guys. My is250 has had the vsc light on for years according to previous mot readings. It appears that the front passenger side oxygen sensor was at fault and since I have a form of ocd with things wrong with my car I got it changed. My problem as sorted for me or so I thought as it came on a few months later related to the now bank 2 passenger side oxygen sensor. I read up on the fault and found that the vsc light no eml light comes on due to heat from emissions passing the 2nd sensor code 0430 if I'm not mistaken. I read up that if u buy a bolt that screws on to the exhaust and the o2 sensor screws into it to fool the emissions and £6 dollars from the states. I just cleared the code and for some reason stays away unless you floor the car (screw not fitted yet as not got round to it yet). The code being cleared can stay away for months at a time but my question is what does emissions have to do with (vehicle stability control) and why stay away for so long and when under pressure come on again. I thought the job of the 02 sensor was to register 02 emissions if there was a problem. Rant over.
  12. Hello guys. Just want to no that if I remove my headlight levels switch on my dash and test with multi meter will I get a resistance reading nd if so what should I get. Both headlight levels don't work but got power from the connection plug. My dash switch has power and reads 0.2v with ignition on but the switch seems dead hence my question. Many thanks guys
  13. Hello guys. My is250 se model My satnav on start up has a habit of making a clicking noise on start up. When this happens it will probably say eject dvd and that all I get. If I turn off the car and start it again it may start up as normal and it just seems to be the disc reader clicking. I have removed the disc and cleaned with a disc cleaner and sometimes it works well for days. Has anyone had this problem and how did they fix with out replacement of the satnav unit.