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  1. I have asked them to send over the reg and some pictures. He did say it had 9 Lexus dealer stamps. I will see what they can offer, they are a dealer, but not a Lexus main dealer, so I may try and haggle a little.
  2. I thought it sounded okay. I have asked for the Reg and whether it’s an auto or manual and the spec. What would you pay as it’s the price he’s offered but I could see if I could do a deal
  3. So a dealer mate of mine had managed to get this: 250SE-L on a 58 plate with 51,000 miles and 9 MAIN LEXUS stamps. Car is in BLACK with full BLACK interior. I will be looking to retail at £7487 So I am just waiting for him to come back to me, so fingers crossed its a good one :)
  4. Thanks I will have a look and see how far they are from my postcode. That grey 09 plate is really nice. Sold unfortunately.
  5. I’ve seen those on eBay, that 09 plate is shocking, especially for the price they want for it. The F Sport looks lovely. I like the colour. Whats the difference between that and an SE-L? Also how’s the Lexus?
  6. I got an alert from Autotrader, so I thought I would just put it out there. But I will carry on my wait.
  7. What do you think: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201803094405004?advertising-location=at_cars&transmission=Automatic&postcode=l192rf&model=IS 250&sort=distance&page=1&aggregatedTrim=SE-L&make=LEXUS&onesearchad=Used
  8. Not bad, probably get one with a little less mileage. I’m also not a fan of the colour
  9. I have decided to wait until one comes up locally, I will then test drive one. But I would rather wait, rather than buy an older high mileage car. Hopefully one comes up soon.
  10. I’ve not seen that one, I only want to travel a radius of 60 miles. If it’s the one on Gumtree it’s sold. I don’t have mechanical knowledge so it would be a main dealer for the servicing. But there is not much for sale on Autotrader at the moment.
  11. That's true, I want to be one with lowish mileage. I don't want to spend say £5k on a car then have to spend a load more maintaining it. It would make sense to go for a newer car. There is not many on Autotrader that I like the look of.
  12. Few more have come up, they are quite old, and have high mileage. Will leave those, that F Sport in White still hasn't shown up.
  13. One in Warrington and Leicester, have both been sold. I am still going to keep an eye out for one. Hopefully one turns up locally.