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  1. 2006 Lexus RX-300 (harrier). I'm replacing my interior bulbs with LEDs because they look nicer. Did the dome lights last night, the map light bulbs I'm pretty sure are BA9S, does anyone know what the puddle light bulbs are? I didn't have time to pop the holders out last night and want to order them from amazon.
  2. Nevermind figured it out :)
  3. I have a 2006 Harrier. Recently I noticed that when accelerating from 0-20mph there is a distinct metallic rattle coming from the front of the car. After 20mph it goes away. It's going in to the garage on monday but I'm curious if anyone knows what this might be. I was thinking maybe a pulley but it seems odd that a loose pulley would stop rattling after 20mph. Could it be a chain tensioner?
  4. Hmm. Would that still rattle if I revved it in neutral? This rattle only occurs under load.
  5. More likely they’ll just find cleverer ways to cheat, or get a dodgy MOT. I hope you’re right though.
  6. Slight smell of mildew in the car - I remember vaguely reading somewhere that this can be caused by a leak, where should I look?
  7. @Clive-D Just my 2 cents but I’d want something a bit more concrete than “likely” before throwing another part at it. Perhaps ask the guy if there is anything else that could cause the same symptom that you could rule out with some diagnostics?
  8. I think LPG systems need additional periodic servicing too don't they? That cost needs to be factored in too.
  9. If any garage offers you a "flush" you can pretty much prefix the term with the word "wallet".
  10. Lesson learned, never buy parts without a diagnosis :)
  11. Glad you got it fixed :) Have you tried plugging your old maf back in to see if it was really faulty?
  12. Oh doesn't your 450h include time dilation as a driver convenience? Comes as standard on the Harrier :P
  13. I would but we go on holiday every year with our dog. If you go on the ferry the dog has to stay in the car and you're not allowed to stay with them. Not really very nice for the dog being stuck in that environment for 3-4 hours. Tunnel is much better, they really cater for dogs well with exercise areas and free doggy gifts, you're all in the car together and it only takes 20mins.
  14. That sounds cheap for a conversion but I guess it depends where you get it done. Quality of conversions varies widely, not necessarily in correlation with price. I’ve converted cars before and loved it, the only thing stopping me on the harrier is that the damn euro tunnel don’t let them on, even if the tanks empty and it’s disabled. I guess next year that might become less of a problem 😄
  15. I can give you some thoughts on the Harrier I bought (basically looks like an RX-300 but has a 2.4L 4/cyl engine instead of the V6). PROS: - Theoretically cheaper to run than an RX-300, although depending on the mileage you do that might not be strictly true. No cambelt change and fewer toys to break. I've had mine 6 months and nothing's broken yet, hopefully I'll get a good run out of it with just maintenance items. - Nice and comfy - Nice interior - Aftermarket stereo easy to fit - Smooth and quiet, very nice to drive around at low speeds CONS: - Engine is quite underpowered for the size and weight of the vehicle - Aftermarket cruise control was expensive to fit, and because of the underpowered engine it will often downshift if climbing a hill with cruise set at motorway speed - The car is unknown on most car databases that tyre, parts and insurance companies use so doesn't appear on searches I think if I had to make the decision again I'd be very tempted to go for a 400h or a 450. Hopefully the Harrier will have longer longevity and lower TCO, especially with no risk of a hybrid battery failure, but who knows.
  16. Curious about the warranty, is a full Lexus warranty the same like you'd get on a brand new car? Or is it the typical kind of warranty you'd get from a dealer when buying used car, ie it doesn't cover any maintenance items or "wear and tear" which means you can really only claim if something physically breaks way before it's supposed to. The latter kind gives them huge wiggle room to weasel out of any claim and is generally probably not worth paying for.
  17. https://www.obd-codes.com/p0102 seems like something related to the MAF is still not quite right.
  18. I was shocked when I realised Mad Max was dystopian fiction, I thought it was just a documentary about australia in the 80s :D
  19. Unless you're buying a throwaway car for a grand or less, always get a trusted mechanic to inspect it before you part with your money. The few times you'll pay someone to do this on a car you don't end up buying are still way better outcomes than if you actually bought a car with a serious problem.
  20. Mostly likely a sensor under the seat. It arms the passenger airbag when someone is sitting in the seat, typically as the seat is moved back and forth the wires get damaged. Could also be a control module or a wiring issue somewhere, you'd have to take it to someone who can diagnose it for you. If it is the sensor you may be able to get a bypass module on ebay that will bypass the sensor and just leave the airbag armed all the time, however bear in mind it would probably be illegal to later sell the car to someone else without telling them about this.
  21. Personally in the world of cars I take the term "approved" to mean "we'd like to sell you this" and nothing more. It's pretty unlikely that the first 3 services were missed - nobody buys a car that expensive and then doesn't service it. But generally I agree with the other advice here - make them certify it fully before parting with your money.
  22. Definitely sounds like a wheel bearing given your description of it. Euro have kits for the front listed at 78.99 and rear 152.99 - https://www.eurocarparts.com/wheel-bearing-and-wheel-hub
  23. The fault indicated on the dash is a *current* error condition. The codes stored in the computer's history are historic error conditions. If the light is out it means the error condition is not currently present, you can safely delete the history without causing any lights to appear. Of course if the fault is still present but very intermittent there is a chance it may come back at some point anyway.
  24. If I were doing this myself I'd get the gearbox nice and hot first, drain and fill, then drive it 10 miles or so and do it again and replace the filter on the second fill.