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  1. It was me, I was in a stock black isf visiting for the first time. I noticed the silver and had a look around, was surprised to see another one 😀
  2. Thanks Paul, i've pm'd on facebook. Tried to get the diff on facebook group but got sold to someone else
  3. Cheers, Emjay82 Have you got a link to the group? I've tried finding the group but no luck.
  4. It's slow to react compared to a mechanical lsd and when it does brake the inside wheel the effect isn't the same in the sense of it slows you down, rather than powering you forward. More obvious on tight corners, but not as bad on long sweeping bends. I did use to race cars at club level (which doesn't mean much) but I do notice it when pushing on.
  5. The os gikken i've seen before and seems to be the goto choice for owners in USA. Thought about trading up to a newer model but i'm attached to my one.
  6. Has anyone here managed to fit a LSD to the earlier IS-F's mines an 09 without the LSD and its the only thing that is missing from the car for me as the electronic diff isn't the same. It seems popular in the US, but just wondered if anyone in the uk has done it cost effectively? To order the oem lsd your looking at £4.6K before fitting.
  7. Hi new here :-) After some advice, a numpty decided to knock my drivers side wing mirror off and drive away this week. So i need to get a new wing mirror and have been looking on ebay. My question is are the standard IS wing mirrors the same as the IS-F? Thanks all