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  1. I understand Volvo is owned by a Chinese company. I'm sure it will be a good alternative to a Tesla, but not for me.
  2. Whilst reading another blog I came across this topic regarding the replacement of E5 petrol with E10 petrol. It looks like E10 fuel will be introduced in 2021. However E5 fuel will be available but as a premium fuel at a premium price (as it is now). The following advice applies to Lexus vehicles- E10 petrol is cleared for use in all Lexus European petrol models made from January 1998, excluding: •IS250 2.5 litre V6 with engine 4GR-FSE made between August 2005 and September 2007 •GS300 3.0 litre V6 with engine 3GR-FSE made between January 2005 and September 2007 •LS460 4.6 litre V8 with engine 1UR-FSE made between August 2006 and September 2007.
  3. We had tyre wear on the inner edges of our tyres on a previous car. Had it tracked and all was within tolerance. I then read an article regarding speed humps (The ones where they blob about a 4ft square lump of raised tarmac on the road). It was said that straggling these wears the inner edges of tyres down as all the weight of the car is on the inner edge of the tyres as you drive over the centre of the humps. As we used to drive over about 8 every day to and from work, this probably explained the wear on the inner edges. This just may be an explanation of your wear if tracking proves it is okay.
  4. When I last had break down cover I used Start rescue. Although I never had to use it, the reviews from Which magazine rated it as the 2nd best recovery firm. You will find the prices are very good.
  5. I am another who uses Collinite 915. Great product that lasts a long time. I use Meguairs ultimate polish as a base for the Collinite and always impressed with the finish.
  6. No wonder there is confusion on this. Motoring websites are giving conflicting advice. I have found this presentation and the questions at 11.10 provide the answers.
  7. Might be worth looking on the Honest John website. There is a guy on there who specialises on giving advice on Insurance matters. Drop him a line from the 'Ask HJ' link. He appears always to be up to date and very knowledgeable.
  8. I was wondering where Lexus were in production of a new NX. Thanks for the links Phil. I just hope that Lexus are sensible with their pricing.
  9. I would never put sealant on top of wax. Wax is too slippery and sealant will not adhere to it. The general consensus is after polishing either apply sealant or apply wax. You can put sealant on first and then wax it if you want.
  10. From the handbook- ■When replacing the tires and wheels If the ID code of the tire pressure warning valve and transmitter is not registered, the tire pressure warning system will not work properly. After driving for about 20 minutes, the tire pressure warning light blinks for 1 minute and stays on to indicate a sys- Installing tire pressure warning tem malfunction. Looks like your symptoms.
  11. What miles are people getting from their tyres before needing to change them? I am keeping an eye on my tyre wear, but with 11,000 miles on the car now, it could be a long time before I can switch to all season tyres.
  12. My fuel light came on a few days ago and the countdown to empty was monitored. I wanted to try premium unleaded fuel, so let it go as far as I dare. When the 'Refuel now' warning came on I headed for the garage. My maths calculations was telling me that at 40mpg I should get just short of 500 miles from a full to empty tank and I had only done 400 miles. At the garage on a level surface I managed to squeeze in 47.3 litres. I could not get any more in! As the tank is supposed to hold 56 litres I potentially had another 8 litres spare. So in future will I trust my maths, or the car display? A physcological battle between me and the car will ensue!
  13. My average over 10,000 miles (using fuelly) is 42.2mpg. This has been achieved on mixed motoring, long runs, short runs, town and country trips. It all depends on how you drive, as no two drivers drive alike. Even on exactly the same journey and more or less in convoy, different drivers will achieve different fuel consumptions. I find that having the NX with 4 people on board drops the fuel consumption down quite a bit. And finally this cold weather has knocked 10% off my average consumption. But, I am still very happy with the car.
  14. I had the same problem with my previous car and as stated above changed the bulbs for uprated ones. I purchased Philips X-treme vision bulbs which are 130% brighter than normal bulbs. I just changed the main beam and you could see a noticable difference in colour between dip and main.
  15. In my NX the adaptive cruise control only works in 5mph increments. However you can use cruise control that will increase (decrease) in 1 mph increments, but this is not adaptive and old fashioned. Why Lexus choose to have the two systems alongside oneanother is a mystery that someone on here can answer.