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  1. Just got around to updating my maps. Took just under an hour once I got all the codes sorted out. Some new roads that have been built near me are now on the maps, so all the better for that. Thanks to Phil for the 'top tips' that made the process a lot easier.
  2. Congratulations. Looks good, but I would say that as it is the same colour as mine.👍
  3. Read the following article and then decide. I would definately go for a cheaper all season option.
  4. This is the same on my 2018 NX luxury. The font is awful to read and zooming in to navigate junctions etc is so poor. Other manufacturers just do this part of the car so much better. There is no excuse for Lexus to be so far behind in this respect.
  5. Well it's a thumbs up from me for this tip. Tried it over the weekend and it worked. Small inconvieneince in having to use the key fob to open the car again, but something I will soon get used to. Thanks for sharing. 👍
  6. I've had my NX now for 11 months after coming from a Q3. I've changed my driving style to suit the NX and have no regrets. Yes the Audis are better in some respects, but the NX is better in others. Overall I think the Lexus brand is far better. My NX is in Messa red with tan interior- Top choice!
  7. I posted some time ago that I was not happy with the definition of the names dlsplayed on the Sat Nav in my 2018 NX, so you are not alone in your observations. My local dealer was unable to come up with a solution, so it is what it is, unless there is somebody out there who can has a solution to the issue.
  8. I use Rain x on all side and rear windows. The FAQ questions on the Halfords web site goes some way to answering the question on whether you should use it on plasic. FAQs.pdf
  9. It is well worth the wait. The salesman took well over an hour to explain the controls of the car to me on handover back in March and tbh I stopped taking it all in towards the end and just wanted to drive it. Enjoy!
  10. When I went to test drive my NX 12 months ago I looked at all reviews from the motoring press and this forum and picked on all the negatives. I went on a test drive for an hour with all these negatives to observe and found that the negative comments were not issues for me, but to be sure I asked for a 24 hour test drive. The longer test drive convinced me that the NX was the car for me as long as the costing figures added up. 8 months down the line and I am still discovering new things about the car on a weekly basis (some negative), but there are far more positives for me about the car to confirm that I made the right choice. If you are looking at reliability you will see that this forum is very quiet on this topic.
  11. I bought my 300h luxury 7 months ago. Still finding my way around the vehicle. I love the smoothness and quiet of my NX. It is a different drive to the Audi's and once you get used to and accept this it really is a lovely car. I downloaded the handbook onto my tablet and take that out to the car to get up to speed with the controls and functions. I am still finding the sat nav a nightmare to use, but otherwise really pleased with the car. It may take a while to get used to, but I can't think of any other car in this price range that I would want to swop to at this stage or in the near future.
  12. Same here. Can't get the zoom function to work when approaching junctions. Also hate the font/legability of the text on screen. My dealer says that they can't alter the font settings.
  13. When we came to order our 2018 NX luxury we went to the garage intent on ordering the blue and came away ordering the messa red with the cream interior. We waited for 4 months for the car to arrive and it was not until we picked it up that we finally accepted we had made the right decision. We have no regrets and after a 3 week trip away in France it did not look like it had done 2000 miles. A quick wash restored its original finish. However colour is down to individuality and what appeals to some is a mess to others. No HUD in the 2018 Luxury.
  14. The handbook says that High beam assist does not operate under certain conditions, one being that you have to be doing more tham 60kph. I also was initially unimpressed until I found this out. Could this be issue you have?
  15. Our NX has just completed a trip to France and back. 600 miles each way with 700 miles running around whilst there (Total 1900 miles). Overall the brim to brim consumption was 46mpg. I was keeping to 62 - 65 mph on the motorways / dual carriageways and national speed limits elsewhere. What I did notice was that weight made a big difference. When we were driving around with friends in the car I noticed a drop of about 5mpg after days out. Similarly when travelling home on the return journey with a full load (wine etc) I was down by 4mpg. So, overall really pleased with the consumption figures. The car was very comfortable, really quiet and we felt far more relaxed after the end of a jorney than we did in our Audi Q3.