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  1. reeac

    100k Service

    Oh. , dear that's got me thinking. If I'm accelerating away from rest at a constant 2000 rpm (my favourite engine speed) then presumably the surplus power is used to charge the traction battery but what happens when that battery is fully charged? Does the fuel injection reduce the fuel supplied and hence the power generated by the ICE accordingly? Then there's the matter of accessing and staying in the fixed gear ratios via the paddles e.g. for long downhill stretches How is that done elecronically if there are no clutches?
  2. reeac

    100k Service

    Yes, checking the service schedules for my IS300h, there's changing differential oil every 20k miles but no mention of gearbox oil. Being an epicyclic gearbox it must have clutches to control the distribution of power and hence have friction material which will release wear debris into the oil ....maybe they just have a very good filtration system.
  3. reeac

    Residual values

    I've had my IS 300h a year now and hadn't noticed the diff oil change every 20k miles. That's most unusual for modern cars. My previous posh car was a Jag. xj8 and on that the auto transmission and diff were both "filled for life" which I wasn't all that happy about although I have to say that it was 20 years old when I sold it with not a hint of any problem from those components. This and the 10k mile service interval suggest that Lexus prioritise maintenance over long service intervals which suits me fine.
  4. reeac

    Residual values

    I think that there's a flaw in the OP's argument. If you are making a monthly payment with no deposit then you haven't made any other initial investment in the car and so can't suffer any depreciation.
  5. My first Jag. was a 1992 XJ6 4.0 manual in dark blue ....actually called Westminster Blue. Not a name that they'd use nowadays.
  6. reeac

    Hybrid System Issue

    Had the same battery problem myself a couple of months ago. Got a new battery with 5 year guarantee FOC from Lexus. A problem with the hybrid system is that, unlike a conventional car, you get no early warning of a failing battery from the sound of a "tired" starter motor. .....with the hybrid it's either go or no go.
  7. reeac

    cracks in tyre tread

    Interested in what you said about different makes. On my previous car I decided to switch from Pirellis to .Michelins, replacing the rear ones first. Because of the low annual mileage this Pirelli/ Michelin double act extended over several years and I noticed that the Michelins retained their new tyre sheen on the sidewalls whilst the Pirellis got to look somewhat shabby. Not a big effect but noticeable.
  8. I was thinking about the thread where the owner's IS300h was hit by a lorry wheel and severely damaged and I wondered what I would do if my own IS 300h was stolen or written off. I decided pretty rapidly that I'd look for an identical replacement which must show that I'm very happy with the car. Mind you, I had it's predecessor Jag for 16 years so I don't go in for much change ( same wife for nearly 58 years now). I'm sure that we've all come across people who rave about their latest car and then a year later they're raving about a different latest car and so on year after year.
  9. Silicone spray along both vertical edges inside and out would be my first choice.
  10. reeac

    Battery Spec

    The AA man was referring to another car, I think a 450h, which was having battery problems which he attributed to the owner's habit of leaving it unlocked. I was surprised at his figures for current as a trend in electronics for the past 10-20 years has been to reduce power consumption.
  11. reeac

    Battery Spec

    You will have seen from my contribution that my 12v battery failed at just under 3 years ( first reg. December 2015). The owner for the first 2 years only used the car at weekends, covering 6,600 miles in just under 2 years and I, since purchasing in lasted Jan. 2018 have covered under 3,000 miles which is unusually low useage and might account for the premature battery failure. The AA man who came to my rescue said that, even when locked, the battery drain is 0.5 amps which will soon drain a battery. He said that when unlocked or with a window left open the drain is 4.5 amps. If those figures are true then the car can't be left unused for many days. As has been pointed out earlier, with traditional cars the driver gets an early warning of a tired battery from the sound effects when starting whereas with a hybrid it's simply go or no go. I shall take care to use the car more often from now on and leave my old Jazz on the drive more often.
  12. reeac

    Battery Spec

    Had my car again fail to achieve "ready" condition. Again had the AA man out .....his meter said that the battery had failed. Jump started the car and took it to the nearest Lexus dealers who charged it and then agreed that the battery had failed. They loaned me a new NX300h for a day, fitted a new battery and washed and vacuumed the car ....all free of charge as the car was just under 3 years old. From now on I shall use this car more often (once or twice a week at a minimum). I have to say that I found the NX to be unrefined and lumbering and it made the IS feel like a true, nimble sports saloon when I drove it home.....why do people buy those SUVs?
  13. reeac

    Battery Spec

    Are those compact jump starters rechargeable either from the mains or from the car? The photos don't appear to show any mains or other plug. I used to have a bigger sized mains rechargeable jump starter on my boat and carried it around for years, never needing it and eventually it's battery failed due to old age.
  14. reeac

    Battery Spec

    Just had the problem of failing to achieve "ready" status. Tried connecting to my Jazz battery for 10 minutes joy. Tried charging using my CTek charger ....wouldn't play ball. Called the AA who found that the 12 volt battery was displaying 9 volts. That might be why the CTek wouldn't play ball. He jump started the ICE and we watched the voltage rise eventually to 14 volts and then the ICE started slowly cycling on and off as the battery voltage rose and then fell. The AA man's instrument pronounced battery condition as "good" so he left and I let the car cycle on/off for 30 minutes as he recommended. Next day all was fine and we did about 2 hours daylight driving. Recommendation was to use the car for at least 30 minutes every week. I had left the car for 13 days as I had been doing lots of load carrying using the Jazz with its larger luggage space (seats down). I will now make sure that I use the Lexus at least once a week but it does raise the point, already mentioned, of for example leaving the car at the airport for 2 weeks while on holiday. My old Jag. had the same battery for 15 years, was quite often used less than once a week, and ALWAYS started first time. I only joined the AA just a year ago as part of the deal when I transferred my car insurance to them ...better keep the membership going.
  15. A friend of mine always used to include the under bonnet area in his car washing routine ....even to the extent of rinsing with the hose. Personally I'd never risk that but I do wipe around with a cloth to remove dust etc.