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  1. I would expect a cleanable or replaceable filter to be much easier to access than it sounds judging by your description .....more like on a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Interesting that the first response used the word "nimble". That's the word that came immediately to mind regarding my IS300h ....not when I first got it but a while later after having a loan SUV for a day. I came to Lexus ownership after 10 years of Jaguar XJ 6 4.0 manual and 16 years of XJ 8 3.2 ownership, never had any complaint about their road manners and loved the all round visibility and the cushioned ride on 60 profile tyres. I've never owned, driven or even been a passenger in any BMW but always understood that they had excellent handling which I took to include that nimble feeling ...nice to hear that my IS is better.
  3. I get 45-46 mpg overall according to the fuel computer. This slightly surprises me as I know how to drive economically and my old Honda Jazz maintains a consistent 53-54 mpg although I can get it up to 70 mpg if I try hard ....mostly by avoiding braking. I therefore have the strange situation where my more economical car costs me a lot more in VED than the other one. A lot of my driving is on rural roads with poorish visibility and occasional big farm machines which occupy about 75 percent of the road width so not a lot of high speed stuff.
  4. Update regarding my 12 v. battery problem: the Lexus people measured the quiescent battery drain and it was only 16 mA .....well below the permitted 30 mA. They did say that it can take 30-60 minutes for the car to shut down fully to the quiescent state. They could find no other fault. I'll just have to see how it goes. They loaned me a brand new CT for a day but I have to say that I much prefer my IS ......a much nimbler, sportier feel on the road.
  5. Nothing non-standard to my knowledge although I haven't had the car from new. As I said, it's booked into the Lexus dealer where I bought it and where it's under warranty so they will presumably search for the drain. One might think that the diagnostic facility in the car would show up such a fault. I assume that if I did a big mileage every day then this fault wouldn't show up until, for example, we left it parked and went away on holiday. I quoted the airport example as a scenario which would be particularly annoying.
  6. Just got another 12 volt battery problem even though the present one is only 4 months old. The AA man jump started the car and then measured the quiescent current ( battery drain when everything is switched off. To do this he had to close the boot switch using a screwdriver blade so the car thought that it was entirely switched off but keep the boot lid open so that we could read the meter. The AA meter showed the battery drain falling over about 30 seconds to a quiescent value which was 240 mA. The only specification that I could find for quiescent current was for various Jaguars which stated that should be less than 30mA. At 240 mA the battery would lose half its charge in 4 days, at 30 mV this would take 32 days. Seems to me that the drain is far too high. Have the car booked in to local Lexus people who tried the "you need to use the car more" argument but I have to say that if you can't leave a car at the airport for a week because it then won't start when you return then it's a poor show. My old Jag had had the same battery for 15 years, never needed an external charge up and only did 3,000 miles a year.
  7. If you look at the second photo in the first contribution to this thread you will see a letter H stamped into the bodywork. My car also has this stamping and that's how I identified the location for sure. It's not a very pronounced stamping so you might need to clean away any dust etc to make it visible.
  8. Check the thread here regarding corrosion around the driver's side front suspension fastening. Mine was in perfect condition but I smeared the area with oil as it's tucked away and won't subsequently soil any clothing. The 12 volt battery has a 5 year guarantee but is usually an AGM design and so expensive. Lexus replaced mine free of charge at 3 years of age as it had failed but the replacement also has the 5 year guarantee
  9. When I bought my 2015 IS300h from the Lexus agents 14 months ago I was offered a 3 year service plan for about £1000 as a single payment or for about £900 if I paid monthly so I went for the latter. Three services, albeit two of them minor ones, for £900 sounds OK to me.
  10. Further thoughts on this topic: has anyone noticed similar corrosion on the other side of the car? One assumes that structurally the car is symmetrical because of the front suspension so there may be a similar water trap ...difficult to see because of the big black relay/ fuse box which sits on top. I can't see any corrosion there on my car but then it has none on the other ( driver) side so it's not a good example to judge by.
  11. I actually used ATF because that was what was in the oil can that came to hand. I think that any oil or grease would be equally effective although rather muckier than Waxoyl which dries by evaporation to leave a more solid coating. That particular location is pretty obscure so you're not going to get any clothing soiled by contact. When I restored a sports car in 1981-3 I smeared the chassis, petrol tank, suspension and various other bits with Waxoyl after brush painting them (with black Dulux gloss) and everything's still in excellent condition.
  12. The feature that I've noticed recently on cold mornings is that the traction battery displays only about 50 percent charge instead of the normal 70 or so. It only takes 3-5 miles to get to the usual 80 percent so no problem but I do wonder whether the charge measurement is via a simple voltmeter with no account being taken of the battery temperature. Sounds too simple for a Lexus, I know.
  13. Found it. No rust on mine but I cleaned it and smeared oil on the area to be safe.
  14. I'm still not sure of the location. Is it below and slightly in front of the air filter?