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  1. Hi John, Not a problem, I'd be happy to. PM me your address and I'll post it to you, don't worry about the cost. I'm afraid the valve snapped off the sensor when it was removed, but the electronics should be in tact. Jimi
  2. Hi John, Thanks for the help. In the end I found a pre-programmed sensor on ebay for £35. I used techstream to get the car to recognise it and paid a local guy £10 to fit it. So far its working a treat. The car's working perfectly now, but its a bit bitter-sweet as I'm selling it. My new job involves a lot of miles and they're forcing me into taking a company car (a base-spec mondeo of all things!) and I can't really justify having 2 big saloons on the driveway. I'm thinking I might replace it with an SC430 though! Jimi
  3. Thanks John. I don't suppose you know where the hole is that monitors the pressure? Below is a picture of the monitor I took when it was removed from my car. Thanks, Jimi
  4. Hi all, Unfortunately, I've tried the battery replacement trick on the other sensor that had a low battery and it's not gone so well. I now have an intermittent "check system" warning - typically it comes on after 5-10 minutes of driving, and will sometimes clear after being parked for a while, before reappearing after driving again. Techstream has given me error code "C2143 - A malfunction in the tyre pressure sensor registered to ID3". This is different to the error I was getting before with the low battery "C2123 - Cannot recieve a data from the transmitter ID3" so I suspect I may have damaged the sensor. Interestingly the sensor is now over reading pressure by quite some margin - around 600Kpa as opposed to around 300Kpa in the other tyres - see image below. I'm wondering if after replacing the battery I was a bit over-zealous with the silicone and have sealed the sensor up too well preventing it from reading the pressure properly. This might not explain why the problem is intermittent though. Any ideas on what might solve this issue, before I buy a new sensor?
  5. Hi Guys, Just wanted to say thanks or the help on this - I finally got round to trying the battery replacement trick on my day off last week and it worked a treat! I've only needed to do one sensor so far, I think the warmer temperatures have revived the other low battery for the time being. I got a full quote for TPMS replacement from my local lexus dealer (I only managed to get the price for the part last time) and they quoted £178 per wheel! So huge savings to me made by doing it yourself. Jimi
  6. Thanks Colin. So can anyone confirm if any 433mhz Toyota/lexus sensor will work on a 2005 GS? Something like this? https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/One-TPMS-Valve-433MHz-Toyota-Avensis-Auris-and-Lexus/173151109282?epid=28011986306&hash=item28509c40a2:g:bmQAAOSw8W5aWQKa I like the battery replacement idea, but without an easy way to remove the sensors from the wheel myself it's going to take me multiple trips back and fourth to my tyre fitter and this is my only car making logistics quite tricky!
  7. Thanks guys, I'm usually pretty good with this sort of thing so will give it a try. Do you have any tips on removing the tyres from the rims yourself, or are you taking them to a tyre fitter for that bit? I've watched a few videos on YouTube giving DIY tricks for breaking the tyre bead but it looks tricky.
  8. Hi all, I've recently purchased a 2005 3rd gen GS300 and am really happy with it. Unfortunately I have a TPMS 'Check System' error, and having acquired techstream and a mini VCI cable I can see 2 sensors are not transmitting, presumably out of battery. Lexus have quoted £75 per sensor plus extra for fitting, so I've been searching on eBay UK for sensors and all the GS300 ones seem to be 315mhz, but I've read elsewhere that UK ones are 433mhz. Can anyone in the UK confirm what frequency the sensors are? Also, will any generic 433mhz sensor work or does it need to be specifically be for a mk3 GS? Many thanks, Jimi