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  1. Hi all, Bit of a long one so apologies up front. We have a 1 year old NX300H F-Sport (13K miles) which has developed a vibration through the footwell which you can also feel when resting your foot on the brake and footrest. At slow speeds it feels as if it pulsates as the wheel rotates. At higher speeds it's constant. I assumed it was the tyres so have replaced these but it made no difference. I called up my dealer to book it in and they mentioned something about a diagnostic fee of (if memory serves me) £120 (was not sure if it was an hour) if it was found not to be a warranty issue. Having had 3 previous Lexus cars I can't ever remember being asked for authorise something like this. Is this something new and something all dealers do now? As I believe it is pad or disk related I am in a bit of quandry as to what to do next as £120 would go along way to getting pads and discs should they be the problem. If they are the problem should they really need replacing at 13K? Should I wait and mention it at service time and would I still get charged the diagnostic fee? Any thoughts as to how to progress it? Many Thanks Tremly
  2. Hi, My wife had the same problem with her NX.It was fine when we picked it up then a few months later call volume very low and not great quality. Amending the volume via the car or the iphone helped a bit. It turned out to be the phone and once we downloaded and applied an OS upgrade everything went back to normal. It was an iPhone7 and I vaguely remember something about a general bluetooth fix. Cheers Tremly.
  3. Hi all, I just wanted to add to this thread as we have encountered the same problem. We collected a new NX300h F Sport in October last year (one of the last facelift models) and the creaking and groaning from the front right started appearing around Jan 2018. Noticed it mostly on speed bumps and it sounds like the rigging of an old wooden ship! This was fixed by the dealer in Jan 2018 and I was told a new part was ordered and fitted however I did not query the details at the time. It has now re-appeared last week so am curious whether a new part was actually fitted or not or just whether something was lubricated. If it was a new part then it's not lasted very long. Due to it needing a visit to reproduce and then another visit to fix it's becoming quite an inconvenience and not something I would of expected with a Lexus. Also a bit worrying that the fix only lasted for 2-3 months. I will keep you all posted at to what the fix is this time as I will ask a few more questions. Regards Tremly