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  1. I bought the 7.3" touch screen digitizer LTA070B511F $12.00 PLUS $45 postage from USA but it came from China it is supplied by Allway it arrived today and I fitted it in about an hour after work itarrived ten days early as well. It worked with no issues and is clearer than the original screen it has no rainbow effect and looks great in the dash. I am very happy to have bought it . The seller is on eBay as tomway360 . He has one on under item number 172051499628 but check the fitment for your car. Hope this helps you.
  2. not sure but I will post when it arrives some seem better than others but you can only go off reviews
  3. I have taken it apart and it is the digitizer connections as you say so I have ordered one from eBay a chinese one so I can fit one to my unit thanks for the info
  4. Hello All, My Is250 SE-l multimedia Mark Levinson has decided to have a touchscreen failure I have searched the forum and it looks like I need a digitizer the issue I have is trying to work out on eBay etc if the ones being sold have the Rainbow effect does anyone in Lexus land have the link to the correct type ? TIA
  5. Tonight on my way home the Lexus had a hissy fit . Cracking through the radio and then alternator light came on dash lit up like a Xmas tree VSC on and all warning lights , it kept running then power steering disappeared sat nav went blank and all interior mood lighting disappeared. I managed to limp home and the car stopped it would not re-start battery was flat . After a few minutes the car started and all was ok. After a few seconds the scar stumbled and the alternator light came on lifted the bonnet/hood and I could smell burning the alternator was fried. I have removed alternator after discovering the small bracket on the back eventually and it smells quite acrid so I suspect it is toast so new one has to be found . Will I need to have any lights reset by Lexus after replacement ? I am going for a quality aftermarket one can you recommend a make? TIA Rod
  6. Thanks for that info there is a button I should really read my manual but it so big
  7. Hello Lexi folk, I have a question about the factory alarm fitted to my IS250 se-l auto I want to leave my dog in while I pop into a shop etc but she sets the alarm off and I have to leave the car unlocked is there a method of disabling the alarm internal sensors so I can lock the car and leave the pooch in the car.? TIA.
  8. Ok problem found due to rapid wear of rear pads right side yes it was the caliper sticking and wearing the pads out faster. I fitted new pads and checked caliper the piston had come out almost fully and the pads had gone metal to metal on one side this was very quick as I had checked the pads a few weeks before . I suspect the piston had come out to the point that it could not return properly . There was no indication until the pads scraped noisily on the disc possibly due to 208bhp and autobox. Added bonus is the mpg has gone to around 30mph urban.
  9. So after two incidents in a few days of my VSC light and EML/CEL on my IS250 SE-L I decided to investigate, it turns out I had a leak behind the downstream oxygen/lambda sensor this sensor monitors the performance of the catalyst it does not adjust mixture. Due to the ingress of air the sensor picked it up as the catalyst outside of thresholds . P0420 Catalyst system efficiency below threshold Bank 1 This is the right bank sitting in the drivers seat . Please note it does not matter wether you have LHD or RHD car the Bank1 is always to the right from the drivers seat . So I removed the broken clamp see pics and shield and found the culprit a crack exactly where the clamp had been , I cleaned the area after removing shield and treated to the Gun Gum exhaust paste a decent smear all around the pipe , then applied the split flexible repair kit , after tightening which forced out the sealer I spread it evenly over the tube it does look a lot neater than the pics show. I cleared the fault code down and started up very quiet and solid. I will remove this when I can and weld properly at a later date when a two post lift is available and refit the heat shield. This P0420 code was the only code it generated and seeing as the car has only done 83k miles the cats should be ok. I am confident this will last a reasonable time and will give me a breathing space until I can get on a car lift I did this on the floor using a jack and chassis stand .
  10. Looks like I need a set does not slam down but no one finger up action.....have to help it up and its not light!!
  11. Hello all , Just a quick observation my IS250 like to get it's wheels covered in brake dust but for some reason the fronts which I suspect do the lions share of the braking gather less dust than the rear wheels is this something anyone else has come across? None of the brakes are sticking or binding they are just very dusty.
  12. I am ready for the ridicule but here goes: I am stood by the locked IS the key is in my pocket I have my hands full and get the missus to open the doors ! She touches door handle on the passenger side and car will not unlock ! I put stuff down walk around and touch sensor on handle inner door unlocks . My side unlocks from me every time and also if I go to passenger side but ,when I expect the wife to open her side it doesn't work now am I right in thinking that the passenger side will not unlock the car without the key being nearer the passenger door or has she got Faraday Cage fingers . I know I am on dodgy ground here but she does say she touches the sensor! But I may be wrong , well I am probably am wrong but I need clarification before I risk my life and say she is wrong.
  13. I do track days on my bike the tyre pressures have to be reduced by around 8psi frt and 10psi rear after checking after a few laps the increase is around 4-6 lbs psi it increases quite a way above possibly same with the cars in hot weather.