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  1. Here's an update on the 'washer' problem following a little more digging. The one thing I hadn't bothered to do was remove the pipes from the splitter to the nozzles themselves. I did that and that's when i discovered that Lexus fit in-line non-return valves/filters just before the pipe reaches the nozzle. You can't immediately see them unless the pipes are actually removed as they are tucked into a void space in the bonnet. I removed them and then attached some plain pipe to the nozzles and hey presto! problem cured. So basically it seems both non-return valves have failed in the space of a couple of weeks. Small beer I know but what chance of it being sorted under warranty...? cheers Phil
  2. Thanks for all the responses on the washer issue. Reverse flushed the hoses, gave the reservoir the hot water treatment, splitter OK, nozzles clear, pump sending water from the reservoir just not with any ooomph! Ah well, looks like a day out of my life to take it back to the dealer. cheers, Phil
  3. John, yes that one's been done. I may well may have to take it back under warranty as it's happened more than a couple of times and don't want to take any chances!
  4. john, Dealer, with warranty but just a faff getting it to them etc.... so hoping for an obvious easy solution first..... Phil
  5. John, no kinks that i can see around the hinge. I'll try the reverse flush tomorrow. cheers, Phil
  6. Hi all, Posted my first 'hello' on the new members forum earlier today and so i thought I'd dive straight in with a couple of questions. Over the past couple of weeks, both windscreen washer jets on my '08 450h SE-L have become less and less powerful, to the extent that now any water from the jet nozzles reaches about 2 inches up the screen! Pump is working and the headlight washers are fine (and yes there is water in the reservoir). Has anyone come across anything similar? Also, three or four times now i've got a definite fuel whiff at the back of the car when it's standing. initially put it down to me 'splashing' when i filled up but more than twice has got me thinking.... No liquid drips or vapour signs that i can pick up. Could it be fuel tank vent issues? cheers Phil
  7. Hi Lee, thanks, yes silver isn't too bad! Niggles: 1. over the last couple of weeks both windscreen washers have got progressively weaker 'til the water only splashes the bottom of the screen now. It's not the pump (which I can hear working!) and water does come out the nozzles. 2. I keep getting a very occasional whiff of petrol around the rear end (haha) and once or twice inside the cabin. No sign of fluid or vapour. I had thought it was me splashing when i filled up but I've noticed it three or four times now. Weird. cheers Phil
  8. Yeah, definitely notice the extra in hybrid mode. Sport does tighten up the body roll and makes driving on some of the winding rural roads here in sussex much more interesting.
  9. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. John - yes plenty of get up and go! The sport mode is a joy to use but you do notice the comfort difference on some of the less well maintained roads! Mike - they are 'lookers' aren't they 🧡. Mine's just over 69k now Phil
  10. Hi everyone, Just saying hello with a quick post. I've taken a bit of time to get round to joining in on the forum. This is my first Lexus - an '08 GS450h SE-L (i.e. without the sunroof and ACC). I bought it back in March and in the main very happy, though there's a couple of niggles that I may ask for some thoughts on in due course, but good to be here. cheers Phil