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  1. Here’s a clip, mate Aftermarket exhaust... nothing else
  2. Not a long run, mate. I’ve just reseted it once I’ve started my new job in Thame. That’s what I get on my daily commute 😃
  3. Anyone ever had a better fuel consumption for their RCF? 😃
  4. Registered now for an account, waiting for the confirmation email
  5. I don’t think there will be 10 cars, though
  6. You will have to pardon my English, @Flytvr... 🤗
  7. Sorry you can’t make it, Paul. Good luck with your new job/status 😃
  8. @Flytvr, I see you at “oldies” table at Kemble, though 🤠
  9. That’s an AMG GT 4 door! Congrats mate! Superb car!
  10. Sounds interesting! Would be lovely for our club to have a stand!
  11. My neighbors love the cannons too! 😂😂 Cheers, Dan!
  12. Thanks, mate! I agree, it looks beautiful 😜😂😂
  13. Hi, Dan! I well, thank you! Yourself? Been busy lately... but I did meet with some of the fellows 2 weeks agos at the Caffeine and Machine... will add you now on insta
  14. The Project 8 indeed.. didn’t do many photos, sorry 😐