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  1. As of now Extended Warranty still available at Lexus Parts Direct, prices appear to be unchanged.
  2. I have had several flat battery instances. My breakdown customer has suggested getting a replacement, i have now decided to stop procrastinating ! i have the 3rd gen RX450H & after extensively looking found an identical ( albeit not the Panasonic fitted ) The reference on the battery 560 410 054, i have checked all the tech detail Length, Height, Width, Voltage, CCA, Base Hold down, terminal type. In fact it weight at 14.54 KG this is identical to the Lexus suppied one. This was the only one that fully matched the original spec, Several other companies recommended their batteries but
  3. Thanks Herbie, Agree with you Lexus say they are trying to influence the Authorities & Police to bring about change when the Cat's are taken to the scrapyards. Could be some time away before implemented.
  4. Hi looking for advice, in our area of Ruislip hardly a day goes by without a Catalytic Converter theft. Reading the Lexus site & seeing now a bespoke CATLOC for 3rd Generation RX now available. Still seems this is only going to slow down a thief a short amount of time.Lexus appear to admit this & draw attention that the CATLOC is not foolproof . But tseems to be required if you needed to claim via car insurance & prove you took all precautions to prevent this theft. Reading various blog's precaution on how to park particularly at night, but I am unclear how this can be
  5. Hi Steve, I can say that my RX went to the Lexus for service and a great Power wash followed by heavy rain and left without driving for 2 weeks then the annoying front parking sensor bleeping. started .( I did have the coating done when purchased the car in October 2017 so pretty sure not related to this ) I believe, no definitive evidence that it was the power wash & heavy rain- water getting into the front sensors. Tried WD40 but the bleeping came back shortly afterwards, then the Vaseline last 4 weeks or so no issues & I actually enjoy driving again. One member d
  6. Thanks to keerso05, malcolmw & CHX. A common link seems to be the coating, I too had this done i when I purchased the RX in October 2017, I will carry out the drying recommendation That said the only ( tiny ! ) item in the 3 years is replacement of the key fob battery, bar far my best experience of a brand. Thanks again.
  7. Hi have been battling this over last 3 weeks my RX450H went in for service no issues, had the standard car wash at the dealership ( great job ) didn't use the car for a few days loads of heavy rain then the fateful bleeps on the front sensors when I move forward or slow right down, no objects all around the car ,no error messages at all. Tried WD40, 3 times with a bit of success but the damm bleeps came back.I have applied Vaseline as per advice of other members , hope not speaking too soon but all OK and their has been plenty heavy rain.
  8. Hi, with lockdown in London, I need to get petrol from my RX 450 to Lawn Mower, with a petrol syphon .( I know tiny issue with the world problems Covid-19 ) Would anybody know ? Does the RX have any Anti pumping filter on the tank which would normally be there for Petrol theft prevention. Any input welcomed, thanks. Frank.
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