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  1. I would be available for both! 3 GSFs Jesus we are being spoilt!!!!!!!
  2. RCF all the way!!! Scrap the idea of the stang! I used to work for ford! And I shall say no more! On my 2nd ISF now, best car I’ve driven by far, just need exhaust to let the evil that lays beneath that V8. Potentially looking into getting a RCF Soon! anyone got a non standard ISF exhaust for sale please?
  3. My dirty diesel , the beast only comes out on weekends
  4. Oi! I’ve got a grey one! Not many out there in grey! The only new one that’s come up for sale is the usb Private one , the other 2 have been up for sale a while
  5. Good to see another ISF owner down south, this is my second ISF now but after having my e46 m3 smg I’m glad I made the jump and went for a ISF, what would I get next who knows 🤔
  6. The ML system are a serious bit of kit! easily killed my 640d HK system for sound quailiy!
  7. Don’t believe the iPhone weather anyway 😂😂😂
  8. Hey guys, thought of asking around first before I order a H&S system. any one got or know of a second hand non standard exhaust for sale? thanks jay
  9. Pm me you number bud, I haven’t bought a ticket yet but have printed the the label off, I’m sure I can buy the ticket there?
  10. Hi mate hope your good. I’m up for coming it would be good to see yours first hand too as need to sort a fatty exhaust for mine! If we are going from poole suppose we could convoy up 🚗🚗🚗