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  1. I must admit I enjoy the drive of the ISF, i guess with most newer cars the electrics take over the fun ☹️☹️
  2. Thanks guys for all your input! looks like I won’t be going for it then!!! sounds like my ISF is in better nick 😂😂😂😂😂 i could have either coupe or saloon not fussed but saloon is preference. What do I do now then!!!
  3. Been toying with the idea of this GSF. is it anyone’s on here? Any info would be much appreciated. I just found a great car on Auto Trader: My 2009/09 ISF in cadoxton slate grey will be going up for sale soon! FLSH 119k if anyone on here is interested!!
  4. It’s odd that a car of that rarity is taking so long to sell, Mesa red being a very rare colour too as it was my first choice. you would think that at that price it would have been snapped up by now
  5. Think is was up for sale on autotrader not so long ago
  6. Is250 with both front and rears dont look to bad in my opinion