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  1. Hi Found this web site while looking for Disc's and pads for a 2005 GS430 problem was most third party had two sets of numbers for the 430 front disc's Lexus only fit 1 type. This site has exploded diagrams and part numbers They are not affiliated to Toyota Motor Corporation , they just believe in self repair and DIY. brgds
  2. Hi Cue Your frame number is on your VIN plate and maybe called model number for European cars. for a Lexas GS300/430 for example it starts with UZS161R or UZS190R-BETQKW go this web site and type in your VIN and it will display your vehicle characteristics regards
  3. Hi Steve Also try They are not affiliated to Toyota Motor Corporation , they just believe in self repair and DIY. brgds
  4. Dave Thanks for the info, but thanks to Ade it all fitted well, turns out he only lives near by what a bit of luck. Sounds good also. , just need to find his electrical whine on his ICE. but all the toyota connections are not easy to fit suppressors. Paul
  5. Cheers If Adrians changer dont work, This will be next thing to do. The amp chassis looks like it had a changer once before as the screw holes have their paint removed. and the car has all the other options on it, apart from leather seats. but as you say I will need to change the trim in the boot. Thanks for the reminder. I have found 2 grey plugs taped behind the right hand side of the rear seat trim, are you saying it is not these but another plug higher up :)
  6. Rodders Cheers mate will think about it. Will check out denison next time I'm audio'ing Paul
  7. Ade It sounds like you have disturbed and earth connection or one of your capacitors ( suppressor)has gone bad. Check all earth studs generally they have more than 1 wire attached to them. If you look at the cct diagram that was sent to you, you will see the signal = GRD going to a group of wires this is your earth point make sure this is not loose. Capacitors are fitted to Alternators, Wiper motors, Coils, basically anything that sparks, You may have a faulty spark plug wire. Have you used screen cable for your speakers, Have you redirected the loom closer to the ignition wires. If you think it is aspark related thing fit a capacitor 0.1uF 50Volt between the head set and earth ( chassis ). If you have a multi-meter you should be able to trace this problem yourself using the ohms scale. I would only visit a specialist if 1/ I had a friend working there and 2/ if I couldn't find it after doing everything myself. PLS check your mailbox
  8. Adrian seeing that you have been doing your radio, is their any chance you could let me know what model of radio and cd changer you have, I've a GS300 97 and looking for a CD and changer for it.
  9. TRY K+M Acoustics Seven Stars Bridge Wallgate Wigan Lancashire , UK 01942-820174 Radio specialists in Wigan They offered to fit a new unit and fascia in my GS300:wow:
  10. I have just got my first Lexus GS300 1997 48000 miles on the clock, and a real pleasure to drive. The only problem is it don't have a cd player/changer in the boot. Does anyone know where I could buy a second hand cd changer unit What manufacturer did they use,in 1997 I've been told it may have been Pioneer