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  1. Thanks guys, I've contacted both of the above so just need to wait and hear. I'll post the outcome.
  2. Thanks John, It was while getting my air con condenser renewed that my mechanic saw the state of this smaller radiator. As he said himself it could last 6 weeks or 6 years, he just didn't know but his normal suppliers don't stock such an item and Lexus want £480 for the part which I am loathe to pay for 12 year-old car. Do you know if this part is referred to as an "Inverter Cooler", because if so I can source the part from the states at a far more reasonable price....
  3. Hi Guys, Has anyone had to replace the small radiator that sits behind the main radiator? I believe it's to cool the hybrid system.
  4. Cheers, Richard, will have a wee look on their site....
  5. Can anyone please recommend a supplier of good OEM parts for the RX 400H? Thanks
  6. Hi guys, Would any of you mechanically minded people know if this is the correct condenser for my 2008 RX400H: - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Air-Con-Condenser-fits-LEXUS-RX400h-MHU38-3-3-04-to-08-3MZ-FE-AC-Conditioning/333453480252?epid=15029459664&hash=item4da360513c:g:mkoAAOSwSp9eBHJS Seems awfy cheap?
  7. Thanks Cruisermark, I think the main problem is that my aircon went in the bung during the summer and I've been told it could be £600-£1000 to repair it. What with the car being almost 12 years old i'm kinda loathe to pay that amount as i spent over a grand on the car last spring to get it thru its MOT and service. Might just invest in a 12v dehumidifier until finances become a bit more lively....
  8. Hi Guys, My RX400H suffers quite badly from condensation, even with two large Halfords' dehumidifier bags in it. I know the car is almost 12 years old but to constantly have to mop up moisture from inside the car windows is driving me nuts. Any recommendations for a good dehumidifier, possibly 12V operated?
  9. Wee update guys....... Used a different type of disc, used a different free burner software package and managed to make a MP3 disc for the car. Happy days (for now)
  10. Never used this software, but worth giving it a try....
  11. many thanks guys. I use Verbatim discs which are superb. I'll download a new software burner and try that. Let you know how I get on.....
  12. Hi Guys, I have used the same free software to make up discs to listen to in my car. Most of these discs are MP3 format using data discs in order to allow for many more tracks as compared to s CD-R disc. These discs still play in the car no problem. At the weekend I made up a couple of new data discs with different music on them. The discs have burned successfully as they all play on the laptop, but when I put them in the car I get a message saying "No music". Any ideas?
  13. I had originally booked my car in for its 110K service with Lexus, Glasgow. You're right it's basically an oil and change with an overall check. I changed the full service to just the hybrid service - saving nigh on £200 - and they did the overall check anyway, presenting me with a proposed invoice for £586!! My mechanic (German car specialist) did the work quoted by Lexus and the service for less than £300!!
  14. Cheers Luckyduck. Did what you recommended and back using Bluetooth again.
  15. Hi Guys, This afternoon my Bluetooth stopped working in the car. I had made a couple of calls this morning but this afternoon I was getting a message that my phone was disconnected, although I had done nothing with the phone? I switched the mobile off and on but still nothing so I went into the phone's Bluetooth connectivity and searched for the RX, but the phone could not find it. There is nowt wrong with the phone as it finds other Bluetooth devices with ease so the problem lies with the RX - any ideas? Many thanks as usual.....