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  1. Morning Guys, That's the car just been MOT'd (as of the end of May) and passed the Hybrid Health Check (as of today) with all green lights on their visual inspection. I have now had the car for 25 months and I have managed to do very slightly over 12K miles since I bought it. My regular mechanic had been taking care of the car since I have had it and completed the 110K service last August when the car had 108.5K on the clock. I have now done just shy of 113K miles (Covid-19 obviously reducing my already low mileage) and realise that the next service is the 120K service and is a biggie. My question is as I only do around 7K a year normally, my next service will not be due until probably June/July next year (although I will most probably get an oil and filter change done next month) and I only intend to keep the car for a further year after that is it worth replacing the spark plugs at the120K service if the car is still going as well as it is now? This would be a major expense that I would not get back in trade-in value so is it worth the outlay? I have read on our American equivalent site that some owners have 190K on the clock and have not replaced the Plugs at 120K!! Just wondered what you guys thought and if any UK owners have higher mileage without replacing the plugs at 120K?
  2. Found out that the latest disc I could get is 2018/19 as Lexus moved to SD card and USB updates. Found a supplier on the web who have been VERY helpful and who can get me a disc for £27.99, guaranteed for 12 months, so that will do me. Anything it can't find there is always Google Maps!!
  3. I have booked the car in for the Hybrid check next Tuesday and have asked Lexus, Glasgow, for a price to upgrade the satnav system but they haven't got back to me yet.
  4. Hi Rich, I wouldn't have had a clue as it all looks so professional!! It does work but with al the new roads I'd prefer a more up to date model.
  5. Hi Guys, I've been reading on the site about SatNav upgrades and the problems caused by non-Lexus/Toyota discs. I finally managed to get my disc out of the unit in the boot and I am a tad confused by it?? As you can see in the pic the disc says 1993-2015 at the bottom but 2016/17 at the right hand side. I take it it is for 2016/17, meaning nt really that old so if that is the case I might just stick with it...
  6. Hi Guys, I said I would stick up pics of my newly refurbished wheels once I had the grey inserts and wheel nut covers, so here they are (the wheel nut covers were wrong size first time round so had to wait for the correct ones). I think they finish off the light anthracite wheels perfectly, just a pity the locking wheel nuts are a tad rusty....
  7. Nice looking car mate, you will NOT be disappointed. Re your queries: - 1. I just stick mine in for a hybrid service/check every year - costs about £70 and that guarantees the system for a further year, well worth the money. Lexus have extended the warranty on the hybrid checks to 15 years so you might be struggling depending on when yours was registered.... 2. No aux in for the stereo system bu 6-CD auto-changer will play MP3 discs so you can have hundreds of tracks at your disposal 3. Headlamp washers only work when lights are on and you pull the wiper leaver to wash the windscreen as far as I know. There are guys far more technically advanced than me on the site and they are always willing to help. Happy motoring.
  8. Hi, Is there an easy way to check which version of satnav is in my 2008 RX400H? I cannot get the DVD to eject from the player in the boot of the car so wondered if there is any way I can check using the display in the car? Thanks
  9. Managed to find grey Lexus centre wheel caps and wheel nut covers on ebay, so that might improve the look slightly....
  10. Dear All, Many thanks for your comments on my refurbish dilemma. I have attached before and after pics and have the following observations: - 1. The refurb unit is in Dumbarton, I decided on 'light anthracite' 2. They did all 4 wheels by 5.00pm for £180, only problem was they did not do the inserts and they reason given is that they have been sued in the past as the refurb process can damage the caps. Had they told me this before I decided on the 'light anthracite' I would probably have went for silver, but hey ho I think you need to be looking for the difference to really spot it, and if it still bugs me in a week or so's time I'll look at painting them myself..... In the before and after pics I have shown the worst wheel, the whitish marks on the rims of the after pics are the lubricant stuff they put on when putting the tyres back onto the rims. Please comment, if you don't mind.
  11. Alan64, cost is £180 for all 4 wheels - thought that was incredibly cheap but the refurbishment garage is very well established and gets rave reviews - find out tomorrow if justified.
  12. Hi Scudney, yeh they do and I will have a better idea next Thursday. Might be nice to get something a wee bit different, just wondered if anyone else had done similar. Whatever I choose I'll post before and after pics next week.
  13. Morning All, I've got the car booked in next Thursday to have the alloys refurbished. I was gonna go for the same silver effect but the refurbishing garage recommends a change to Anthracite, says it looks stunning. Has anyone had this done to their silver SUV and if so how does it look?
  14. Many thanks Steve2006, will give it a go when the rain stops.....
  15. Hi Steve2006, your advice on safely removing the mirror glass would be greatly appreciated my friend.....