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  1. Morning all, After 7 weeks of not moving I drove the car for around 25 miles last night. After about 20 miles the exhaust started blowing (sounds like it's coming from underneath, possibly towards the rear of the car). Has anyone had to replace an exhaust on a 2008 (March) RX400H and if so can they recommend a reliable company to supply? I went on to one of these sites that does second hand ones and can source a full system for £350, but that is off a 2008 car and only has a 2 month guarantee so could be out of the frying pan... As usual any help greatly appreciated my friends.
  2. Hi guys, Following an operation I'm gonna be unable to drive for 8-10 weeks. Any suggestions as to how often the RX will need to be taken for a run and what kinda distance we're talking about? I'm thinking about brakes seizing and batteries here...... Many thanks, as usual.
  3. Hi guys, Just a very quick question please.... Is there any way find out what version of SatNav is in my 2008 RX400H, without taking the disc out? Cheers
  4. Lexus Glasgow has just confirmed extension from 10 to 15 years!!!
  5. Hi Guys, That's me now done just over 105K miles (4K since purchase on 01/06/18) and the plan was to put into Lexus Glasgow for the 110K service around June for which I've been quoted £275, including the hybrid check (they carried out the same check last year and gave me some sort of certificate). Not too bad a price I thought for a Lexus main dealer, considering I should get a 10% discount as a Gold Member. I read somewhere on the American Owners site that Lexus will no longer guarantee the batteries after the car is 10 years old, mine is 11 years old in March. Does anyone know if this is true as I'd be as well just asking my regular mechanic to do the service if that is the case? Basically I do not know what advantage it is getting the hybrid check carried out (it costs £72.95 is done separately). As usual, any advice would be greatly appreciated...
  6. Hi Guys, Every time I put the car into reverse the rear camera comes on, which is a fantastic assist when parking. However, once I put the car back into Drive the screen does not revert to the audio screen (as was before reverse engaged) but instead jumps to the map screen, or more annoying still the info screen about which engine is being used. All I want it to do is to revert to the audio screen to save having to change the screen manually using the "Audio" button - any ideas?
  7. Tyre Update Many thanks to those who took time to respond with suggestions. I have decided to go with Michelin CrossClimate+ after reading numerous reviews. Believe it or not the best deal was from KwikFit as there is a 10% discount if buying 2 tyres or more..... Getting them fitted tomorrow, now for the brakes!!
  8. any recommendations for all-year-round tyres?
  9. Lights back on!! Driving me mental, so again if anyone has any ideas please feel free......
  10. Read that somewhere else about the filler cap and found it very strange?? Lights came back on today so went and put £20 in the tank and really tightened the cap and the lights haven't came on since!!
  11. It was a complete disconnect, didn't know to keep a constant live source Not sure if disconnection would work or just cause more problems? I did have to re-program the windows but not the sunroof TBH I don't know what sensors showed as faulty
  12. Morning All, On Thursday I got an error message on the middle screen of the display stating "CHECK VSC SYSTEM", with an exclamation mark in a red triangle. The ABS light, Stability Control light and a light similar to the parking brake light, only in orange. I pulled into the side of the road and switched the car off, the lights were off when I started it again. On Friday the lights were back on, even after I turned the car off and on, so I took it to my mechanic and he put it on the diagnostic thingy. It showed 2 sensor problems but he then asked if I had jump started the car recently. I advised I had installed a new battery 2 weeks ago and he said this can sometimes confuse sensors. He reset the sensors using his wee diagnostic machine and the lights did not come back on........until last night. I went out a short run (15 mins, 6-7 miles) and the lights came on and stayed on after a restart. Then I left the car for 10 mins and the lights were off when I drove home. The car drives no differently, although I have noticed a slight pulse feeling through the brake pedal so there may be a high spot on a front disc. Not sure if that would cause the warning lights so any advice, as usual, would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Didn't need them Les. First time I've pushed the car and it was incredible for a 10.5 year old vehicle with 103K on the clock. Fantastic drive.
  14. Well what was I worrying about??? The car drove like a dream and by God is it powerful, best car I've ever driven - BY FAR. Many thanks to all who contributed to this post.
  15. Hi Guys, Had the RX400H for 12 weeks now and absolutely love it. I have a question though about getting the best out of it..... My last few cars have been turbo assisted so when overtaking on country roads there has been an instant pick up of speed - not so with the 400H. I realise that it is a big, powerful engine, but I can't seem to fathom out how to get it to accelerate quickly from say 40/50 MPH to 60/70 MPH. When I have had to put my foot down (not something I like to do as the car is so lovely just to drive) the big engine can be heard 'revving' but the speed build up is very gradual. Tomorrow night I need to travel around 60 miles in a limited space of time. Most of the roads I will be negotiating will be single carriageway in the West of Scotland and there will be times when I will need to pass cars towing caravans, lorries and even articulated lorries in some cases and I need to know I can get the speed up quickly to enable me to pass and then settle into a more comfortable speed. Has anyone any ideas?