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  1. I had originally booked my car in for its 110K service with Lexus, Glasgow. You're right it's basically an oil and change with an overall check. I changed the full service to just the hybrid service - saving nigh on £200 - and they did the overall check anyway, presenting me with a proposed invoice for £586!! My mechanic (German car specialist) did the work quoted by Lexus and the service for less than £300!!
  2. Cheers Luckyduck. Did what you recommended and back using Bluetooth again.
  3. Hi Guys, This afternoon my Bluetooth stopped working in the car. I had made a couple of calls this morning but this afternoon I was getting a message that my phone was disconnected, although I had done nothing with the phone? I switched the mobile off and on but still nothing so I went into the phone's Bluetooth connectivity and searched for the RX, but the phone could not find it. There is nowt wrong with the phone as it finds other Bluetooth devices with ease so the problem lies with the RX - any ideas? Many thanks as usual.....
  4. Well finally got the car back from my mechanic. £510 for the rear breaks and a minor service. That better be the last I spend on this thing for the next year, other than petrol
  5. Hi Herbie, My mechanic says there is a fault showing up on the diagnostic equipment. Probably caused by a leaking air con condenser, which is obviously expensive to repair/replace as the front bumper has to come off to access it. So I'm told anyway. As an update to the rear brakes …..when the wheels were off to get the tyres fitted I had a good look at the discs. The O/S disc was completely rusted over, in other words the brake had not worked for some time. The N/S disc was quite rutted so it looks like an expensive 110K service for me... Car is costing me a bloomin' fortune, but hopefully once the work is completed tomorrow I can look forward to a period of trouble free motoring in the car that I love to bits!!
  6. I'm with Admiral on a multi-car policy (my wife has a Nissan Juke). My premium is £380 P/A with £45.96 tax and £3.00 protected No Claims - £428.96 the lot for the 400H!!
  7. I had to replace the 2 front discs and pads for this years MOT in May when the 400H had 106K miles on it. Not sure what the previous owner(s) wear was though. It's going in for the 110K service on Monday (to my usual mechanic) and I have been told that one of the rear discs has abnormal wear so it looks like that will have to be replaced soon as well as one of the rear brake pipes. I must admit the car is costing me a lot more than i would have expected for a Lexus, I know most will say it's normal wear and tear but it all seems to be happening at the one time!!. 2 new rear tyres being fitted this afternoon and I've been told it could take £500-£600 to repair the air con, I'm not exactly made of money so the air con will have to wait I'm afraid.....
  8. Hi Herbie, Guy I spoke to at Lexus, Glasgow, knew i had a discount card. If i was going for the full 110K service with hybrid check (£275.00) I would have qualified for the 10% discount so I'm really not sure why I would not qualify for the discount off the Hybrid check only (£69.95)?. I'll query them on Tuesday....
  9. Thanks Herbie & Lost It. I spoke to my mechanic and he basically said the same thing re the 'dealer service' and assures me that he will carry out all the above checks for a fraction of the Lexus price. Have now amended the service to a Hybrid Health Check - £69.95, with no "OWNERSCLUB" discount allowed which I think is a real con!!
  10. Hi Guys, I have booked my car into Lexus Glasgow for its 110K service and Hybrid check on 02/07/19 - cost £275. I have just read on our US equivalent site that the 110K service should include: - INSPECT DRIVESHAFT/PROPELLER SHAFT DUST BOOTS INSPECT CHASSIS' BODY NUTS & BOLTS ROTATE TIRES RESET ENGINE OIL REPLACEMENT REMINDER LIGHT ROAD-TEST VEHICLE INSPECT BALL JOINT & DUST COVERS INSPECT AIR CLEANER/ELEMENT INSPECT BRAKE DISCS/ROTORS INSPECT BRAKE PADS REPLACE ENGINE OIL INSPECT STEERING LINKAGE & BOOTS REPLACE ENGINE OIL FILTER My car has just gone through its MOT 3 weeks ago (new front discs and pads were all that was required) with no advisories My front tyres are only 6 months old (Michelin CrossClimate - probably around 2000-2500 miles if that as I was unable to drive for 8 weeks following surgery) and I will be buying 2 rear tyres in September, so do not want the tyres rotated. Surely if there were any of the above problems, mechanically, they would have been picked up at the MOT? So basically I am paying just over £200 to get the oil and oil filter changed!! Think I will amend my booking to a Hybrid Health Check only, and give the car to my trusted mechanic (German AutoCare specialist - trust him implicitly and have done for over 10 years). I'd greatly appreciate your opinions ASAP....
  11. Hi Guys, many thanks for taking the time to respond to my post. I've not replied sooner due to sheer pressure of work as I always check the site on my work computer, but I have made time this morning to respond to your replies.... I wholeheartedly agree that I should put CrossClimates on the rear but it is a cost issue. I have found a tyre called Riken, which is a budget/mid-range tyre that gets great reviews. Who knows, maybees I'll go for them as I can get 2 for the price of one CrossClimate. If the car was constant AWD I would save my pennies for the CC tyre, but it's not so I am reasonably comfortable with only having them on the front. Thanks again for your input, and any other sound advice will always be appreciated.
  12. Hi guys, I put 2 Michelin Cross-Climate tyres on the front in December and have just spent a sizeable amount of money on a new exhaust plus new discs and pads for the MOT. The car is due its 110000 service with Lexus (Glasgow) in 4 weeks time. My mechanic said I would need one new rear tyre in about 1-2 months time, but I would never put one on so will be looking to replace both rear tyres. What with summer holiday almost upon me and being a poorly paid Civil Servant (sympathy vote required here), can any member recommend a decent mid-range tyre for me please. I only do about 7000 miles a year..... Cheers
  13. Morning all, After 7 weeks of not moving I drove the car for around 25 miles last night. After about 20 miles the exhaust started blowing (sounds like it's coming from underneath, possibly towards the rear of the car). Has anyone had to replace an exhaust on a 2008 (March) RX400H and if so can they recommend a reliable company to supply? I went on to one of these sites that does second hand ones and can source a full system for £350, but that is off a 2008 car and only has a 2 month guarantee so could be out of the frying pan... As usual any help greatly appreciated my friends.
  14. Hi guys, Following an operation I'm gonna be unable to drive for 8-10 weeks. Any suggestions as to how often the RX will need to be taken for a run and what kinda distance we're talking about? I'm thinking about brakes seizing and batteries here...... Many thanks, as usual.
  15. Hi guys, Just a very quick question please.... Is there any way find out what version of SatNav is in my 2008 RX400H, without taking the disc out? Cheers