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  1. It would be nice to get OEM from Amayama, just will get done for the customs duty too.
  2. @The-Acre Any particular ones from RockAuto you can recommended? Seems to be RAYBESTOS / MEVOTECH / MOOG / ACDELCO / PROFORGED? Or does it really matter, your taking a chance with any non-oem parts. @steve2006 Good call on the trim pieces and arch lips, definatly something thats need to be done.
  3. Took the wheels off today to look at the suspension, lots of muck in the arches as previous owner lived on a farm. All looks OK except for the rear drop links, I was able to move this by hand which I would imagine isn't good. Need to go find some parts now. Sorry for the bad picture angle but you can see the sway bar and link here which is easy to move.
  4. Would it be worth restting the ECU to see if that clears anything? Could be a bad ground maybe too?
  5. Any chance the electric aerial is in full working order? Would be interested in the aerial and the motor.
  6. So done the oil+filter and air filter today. Also fitted the cabin filters since they were missing. Should freshen it all up well. Noticed a small leak on the steering rack boots, seems to be common enough but fluid isnt going down so will see how that goes. Smoke on startup seems to have stopped, maybe the car just needed a good drive! Messaged a few of the LS breakers on eBay looking for the electric aerial and motor, would like to sort that out next.
  7. I have a 2015 IS300h and it shows the same recall, wonder what it could be. Will contact my local dealer in the morning.
  8. That red is a bit too bright for an LS. For the older gen there is a nice red/burgundy, suits better and would look well with the correct wheels:
  9. Ya that's the video I followed but when I popped off the cover there was no filter... Now that I think of it somebody must have removed and not replaced it. I'll open it up again and have a deeper look for where the filter would fit and order them up. Rock auto is a good shout, must find the part number and see what options there are.
  10. So I went through the car today and figured a few things out. @The-Acre You were right, I turned on the front fogs and they are yellow. I just thought they were white because of the glass but indeed it has yellow bulbs, I like the retro look. @rich1068 Thanks for the link, I had come across that website but havent seen the aeriel DIY, it was really useful. I found out that the motor/spool (the black unit in that link) for the aeriel is missing, must have broken on a previous owner. I'll see if I can source a 2nd hand motor. I looked for the cabin filter but none there, so nothing to do there at least. I noticed some white smoke on startup and read about the power steering valve problem, the fluid wasnt low so need to keep an eye on it. Plan now is an oil & filter change. And then on interior, the leather is very dry so will try freshen that up.
  11. @The-Acre It has normal white fog lights. Would like to get the clear front indicators, seem to be hard to find though. Would freshen up the front I think. @steve2006 I'm very fortunate to live in an apartment complext that has a lot of extra parking spaces, long may it last. Going to go over everything this weekend and make a list of what needs to done. The antenna for the radio doesnt work, was told it got broke and is stuck now, so will have to investigate that. I read some threads that said you could wire the radio up to the car phone aeriel in a worst case scenario. The alloys could do with a refurb, I'm thinking if I make them a darker shade (like the IS300h F-sport ones) it would like good on the LS The blue leather needs to be refreshed a bit too. But other then that a good clean all around and keep it all standard.
  12. Yes I did...adding to my Lexus collection! I'll do up a proper post about impressions and plans shortly 🙂
  13. Thanks everyone, will update after viewing. @Malc good to know about those other issues, cheers.
  14. I'm going to look at this car tomorrow: If anybody knows anything about it do let me know. I have spoken to the seller and his done some recent work on brakes and suspension to pass the last MOT. Other then that the MOT history is quite good. I think if the car is solid with no rust, the service history (and cambelt!!) checks out and with the recent work then the price isn't bad. I've read a few online LS400 buyers guide so should be OK to check it out, unless theres anything specific about the 1st Gen facelift cars that I should know?
  15. Great write up and looking forward to hearing your experiences over the next few months/years of ownership. I'm on the lookout for a LS400 myself so know what exactly how you were feeling as you went to view all those cars before purchasing.
  16. MotorDevil

    LS400 Wanted

    Thanks Phil, will have a look for that thread. Would be nice to get it off a member here. In an ideal world I would like a black mk4, however I might be waiting ahwile so open to the mk2 and mk3 as well.
  17. MotorDevil

    LS400 Wanted

    Hi All, I'm on the look out for a LS400, the 2nd generation 1994-2000 version. Would like it to be as standard as possible. I dont mind something with a few marks on it but must not be too rusty. Not a huge fan of white/silver/green colours, big preference for black, but will have to take a look if they are in good condition. I currently have an IS300h so it would be nice to add to my Lexus collection. Let me know if you, or somebody you know, has one for sale. Regards, John
  18. If you check on autotrader and filter by Four Wheel Drive for Drivetrain then yes some IS300h show up....but they are incorrectly listed. The AWD was never made for the UK or in hybrid form. There are 250, 300 and 350 AWD versions in the US I believe.
  19. Great to hear you enjoyed your Ireland trip Malc. As an Irish man I would be happy to welcome any fellow Lexi owners if they are in need of advice on places to visit or help over this side of the pond (although I'm only a little IS owner compared to the LS....)
  20. Great idea Michael, maybe this could be the start of the Irish Lexus club meet 😀
  21. So I checked this....first image is what I have, speedo and odometer in KM: Second image is when I switch everything to miles: And to do this you use the controls on the right top of the steering wheel, stroll up or down until you see the km/h and MPH option as per the above photo, then select the one you want:
  22. Yes, you are right, its pretty bad that Lexus (Dublin) don't know about this, they probably haven't seen many with the F-sport speedo and think its like the normal non-F-Sport ones. When I said don't be harsh, it was more so on Lexus the manufacturer that they didn't add this to the digital display.
  23. I imported an F-Sport from the UK to Ireland earlier this year and the speedo and odometer change to kilometres, its in the settings somewhere. So don't go too harsh on Lexus just yet! I'll have a check over the weekend if you haven't found it by then.