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  1. Hi I have a IS250 SE Media 2007 which has the mark levinson audio system. Unfortunately the factory sub has blown and I was hoping to fit an aftermarket unit. (Cost for original from Lexus was £470 ) I ran a 4AWG + power cable from the battery to the boot and made my ground connection for a aftermarket amplifier however I am at a loss as to how to get remote from the factory amp. In addition to this I have been unable to get the wiring diagram of the factory amp to connect the speaker to line level converter. I believe the amplifier installed is 86280-0W360 however I have searched on google to no avail. Please could someone help me with a wiring diagram or instructions... Thanks
  2. Hi guys.. Noticed some rattling during audio playback and noticed its coming from my parcel shelf. I think this unfortunately means that my Subwoofer is blown. I have seen some mentions of Mark Levision Sub-woofer blowing on other Lexus cars. Would like to know if anyone has first hand experience with this and can advise how best ro resolve. I have seen a pre-owned one going for 120 on eBay however other people mention using a repair kit. It seems as though you have to remove the back seats to get access from the guides I have seen. Would really appreciate some advise!
  3. Hi all I just joined to see if anyone could help me find the name of a part. It is one of the plastic protective under cover pieces that broke off when driving too quickly through a flood on the road. I need to source a replacement as it has torn. Please see picture. It is from the middle of the car roughly underneath the doors on the passenger side .