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  1. MOT history isn't great in my opinion. Inner chassis bent and corroded. Tyres generally not checked with either worn out or ply/cords showing. Who replaces rear tyres but not fronts even though near 1.6mm. OK may of replaced them later due to cost. Doesn't read as looked after/ diligent owner(s) If owner/s can't be bothered to check tyres, has the oil/filter been changed on time. James.
  2. I live on a narrowboat. My heating is a multifuel stove. I have managed to get myself 70 nets of logs for £40. A bit of smokeless coal. Also have a webasto diesel boiler to heat rads and hot water, that currently using existing red diesel. Normally spent £20-30 per week, depending how cold it is, heating my 50ft by 6ft narrowboat. I keep the fire lit 24/7 when it's cold out, on my Woodwarm fireview 4.5kw.
  3. I would love to convert my Volvo 940 to LPG but isn't justified as it only does 5k a year. The biggest issue is the nearest LPG outlet has stopped selling LPG, was 3 miles away. Asda at Derby is nearest now, a 39 mile round trip. Unfortunately I fear LPG outlets are getting fewer,, fewer as people either stick with a diesel or buy a hybrid or full EV. LPG was very popular years back with various manufacturers offering LPG models. James.
  4. Bloody annoying when that happens to your tyre. I had similar when travelling back from Normandy to Birmingham. Had packed car and pumped up tyres and checked oil etc. Got out to car to drive 90 minutes to ferry port to catch the midnight ferry from Cherbourg and noticed the rear tyre had gone down a bit! Couldn't get spare out as car fully loaded and would of been late for ferry, so pumped up the tyre. Arrived in Brum fine and next day tyre place found screw in tyre edge. Had new tyre fitted! Budget £25. So far not had another in 22 years of driving! Would be gutted as both my cars tyres are new and good makes. Goodyear performance 2 and Volvo, Michelin Energy savers. In past when buying from ATS usually go for the tyre insurance. James👍
  5. "Just don't do it" I did, and my worst car! Cheap, but HG went at 187,000miles. Buy an IS250. James.
  6. When I return to my hot Toyota Auris interior, I open the windows and drive a bit to let some heat escape then put the AC on and shut windows. At least not as hot initially and cools it quicker. James.👍
  7. It's good but got a way to go! Highest vehicle mileage | Guinness World Records Irv Gordon, Guinness World Record Holder Who Put 3.2 Million Miles on His Volvo P1800, Has Died ( James👍
  8. I had a 2020 Yaris petrol as a courtesy car for possible stalling recall on my Auris Hybrid and paid £10 or £15 for the waiver fee. Liked the car for space but not the 1.5. Seemed a bit gutless. Noisy. A yaris hybrid 1.8 would be good or new 2 litre! Interior use of space was very good. Glad to get my auto hybrid back. I only did 8 miles in it but did put £7 of fuel in as thought only right, as nice to get a courtesy car. James.👍
  9. I have fitted Nissens radiators in my Volvo 240 and Volvo 940. Longest time being 7 years use. Both were a perfect fit. 940 around 5 years use. Condenser in 940 replaced also with Nissens one and all good, except leak on pipework so no working AC to really test condenser. Also had Nissens condenser on a 2006 Lexus IS 220D. Again good fit and worked fine for a year until I scrapped the car as HG failed. James👍
  10. How about a Toyota, Camry or Corolla saloon? James.👍
  11. I have a 1996 Volvo 940 petrol auto on 206,000 miles. Every few years I re underseal the chassis with the spray cans and so far no welding needed or been done. Seems another owner used a rust preventative down the chassis channels as rubber bungs at end fitted. Previous 1989 240 needed passenger outrigger welded twice in the 10 years I owned it. Only a MOT cover job, so not a great job but cheap at £60 and last time £100. Still on the road. James👍
  12. Very nice👍 A bargain at that price! Should serve you many years at only 145k. Enjoy! James👍
  13. I haven't heard the noise, but my thoughts is why not try the cheap options first. Worth a go changing the fluid at another garage! Seem very keen to replace. James👍
  14. Not to my taste.! Not really a great look. Naff wide wheels and bigger arch body kit. Not very original in design concept. Each to their own though!
  15. Unfortunately not in the position to buy a Corolla. Had my Auris 15 months. Only has 35k on it now. Need to get more use out of it. Heard the 2 litre engine is to attract diesel users as more torque etc. think around a 10% MPG difference between 1.8 and 2.0. The 1.8 in my Auris is perfectly fine for everyday driving and goes fine. I would buy a used Corolla hybrid as from around 17k upwards. James.👍
  16. If I was replacing my 2015 Auris Hybrid I would have the Corolla TS in Scarlet flare or Denim Blue. Would probably go for the 1.8. Also probably go for the less popular Trek model. as get Power tailgate, keyless entry and lighter seats. I think the Corolla looks great, more so in estate form. James.👍
  17. I have a 1996 Volvo 940 auto petrol estate on nearly 206,000miles and wouldn't dream of getting rid of it. I use it as my van, as self employed. Rot free is the main thing and reliable. If it was written off with frame rail damage then I would buy another. End of last year had it's first breakdown/failed to start in the 5 years of ownership. With help of Volvo forum found the in tank fuel pump had died. I fitted a new Bosch one for £80 and next day failed the MOT on Lower steering UJ and Nearside ball joint. Ordered new balljoint but UJ no longer available new! Had a used one fitted with no play and new ball joint. Cost me £70 in parts and labour and MOT £150. Also had bought a new Ignition Module, Crank sensor, fuel pump relay and fitted these myself as future failure point. (around £70) Keep it going I say. I also have a 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid estate. Prior bought a 2006 Lexus IS220D, that was my worst and most expensive car at(£1475) as head gasket went. Sent to the scrapyard! Replaced by Auris, nice car, good economy and cheap to run, but no soul. 940 still puts a smile on my face. Biggest thing against it is fuel economy, but looks after itself and easy to DIY service. Next major downfall is a 30 year old design safety wise, an updated 740, so compared to new cars, not good in a crash as screen pillar bends, leg injury. One of the reasons buying the Auris. Volvo 940 only has drivers airbag, ABS and Side impact beams in doors. Safety has come a long way in the last 10 -20 years. Fifth Gear - Renault Modus v Volvo 940 Crash Test - YouTube James👍
  18. When I was 11 my Grandparents who I lived with bought a remote cottage in Herefordshire in 1990. It had no water, electricity and was on a common with a mile long track. Grandparents took a risk buying as apparently no vehicle access, even though track in use by farmers with sheep on common/hillside. Had grant for extension/bathroom. Waited a year for electricity! 8k. Using 14kva lister generator that was unreliable! Ran it on red diesel, local farmer let us use his tank at yard. Got generator up hill with 3x 4wd vehicles. First a Subaru brat pickup chained to a Daihatsu 4 track, behind that a Hilux with ivor williams trailer with genny on, useless as no off road tyres. It had rained for months and took all day to get up the hill the short way but steeper as only access to our garden. Lady of the Manor allowed us to go the short way, which was acrodd 2 field, up through a steep track with 2 90 degree turns and a 1in 2 rise and 4 gates in total. 1 on steepest bit with tree root steps. Water was a borehole. Cost 5k. 273Ft. My Nan when looking for a 4WD looked at a 1970's Land rover and a Jeep Cherokee and hated them. Had a Volvo 244 prior to the move. My Dad bought a Subaru Brat and it sailed up the hill! We then got a MK1 Subaru 1600 (FUJ)for my Nan to use everyday and had a really nice used MK2 1800. (RUH127Y) one for best at bottom of track. In the nearly 4 years we lived there only drive shafts on the MK2 went as serious mud ingestion. MK1 scrapped after 6 months as builders burnt clutch out bringing blocks and sand up the short way, which was very steep and gated. Couldn't afford to replace clutch. Builders Hired a thwaites 4wd dumper. Both exhausts would blow/ripped off as scraped on humps in middle of ruts. You could feel floorpan scrape/move when ground frozen. Would fit a lifting kit now, but none left! Always started. Had to use first/reverse to free the car as wheels had frozen to the mud! Really liked it as a kid as free to wander the common, hill fort, Fishpool Valley and not see anyone in hours! We are still in contact and visit the new owners since we sold in late 1994 and they have 3 Landrovers! The most reliable is their 96 County 90! I liked Subaru and the school kids called our MK1 the mean machine as had rear wheels sticking past wheel arches, bull bars, 4 spots, rally lights in an ark and always a loud/popping exhaust and dripping in mud and water as bottom of track flooded so arrived for school bus with wipers on, mud/water running off car and exhaust popping/growling! Used to get local Garage to MOT it and repair/weld up exhaust. They would spend 1 hour jet-washing it as banned from local jetwash! James.👍
  19. Looks fantastically clean. Egg grate grill too. I would love to find a top CD spec one but not many around. Getting rare now as last 940 was 1998. Trim specs can be all over the place from poverty spec or all bits used up on last of the line. James👍
  20. Thanks.👍 Think what would I replace it with if damaged/written off and always think I'd buy another 940. Seems to be rising price wise. It still puts a smile on my face driving it. It's got character! Volvo got the Auto AW70 gearbox and low pressure turbo just right. Virtually no turbo lag! Very modifiable by adding a Manual boost controller to make it into a HPT model. 135BHP to 165HP. If you fit bigger exhaust, chips, turbo 250HP. James👍
  21. No Lexus after the IS220D, but have a 2015 Toyota Auris as daily and 1996 Volvo 940 2.3 petrol lpt auto estate. My old fleet of 3 cars. 1989 Volvo 240GLT I sold a few years ago. Was daily for 8 years. Owned for 10 years. Bought for £350 sold for £500! Lexus scrapped as HG went at 187,000. Far right silver Volvo 940. Current works van for 5 years. Bought for £250. Now on 205,000. James.👍
  22. Sorry to hear that. Mine was ultra reliable. 1989 240 GLT Auto estate. B230E. Bought late 2009 with 160k and sold 10 years later with 234,000 miles. I tend to once bought budget 1k to bring it up to a standard of service items like new brakes all round, tyres, cambelt, water pump, oil/filter. cooling hoses, ignition components. New rad and auto gearbox pipes around 180k. Corroded to rad and pipes holed as allu pipe/steel clips corrosion. Nissens rad £65 and genuine Volvo ATF pipes £100 the pair. Fitting around £100 Gearbox pipes went again, as numpty garage cable tied them to sharp remains of pipe bracket and shafed through at our holiday Cottage on the West Coast of Ireland! Saw lots of fluid on drive! Fitted new set on drive and bought through Volvo's classic parts again! Car less for a few days and no cable ties! £100 again, labour by me and top up of ATF New alternator at 191k Still got me home 20 miles with dash lit up. Next day started fine and made it to garage 8 miles away. £191 supplied and fitted. Worst repair was rear tail output bearing on AW 70 auto gearbox went at 198k. Cost me £500 to fix as fitted a used tail output part of the gearbox and fitted a used gearbox crossmember as bent and new gearbox mount, plus used prop centre mount and new engine mounts. All started when going home and heard a massive banging noise on transmission tunnel. Turned out gearbox was hitting the tunnel. Was leaking gearbox ATF for a while, around a year, but finally needed attention. First and only breakdown in 10 years. Had it recovered to Volvo specialist. Always passed it's MOT with no advisories and always started first time. Liked the B230E mechanical K jet Bosch Injection and AW70 auto gearbox. General service or wear related repairs. Nothing out the ordinary. Basic service, tyres, discs/pads, exhaust, fluids. Biggest issue, rust on outriggers/jacking points. Had nearside welded twice in my ownership. £100. Tailgate wiring looms shortly after buying as splitting and rear items not working. Looms about £30 the pair from Volvo and fitted myself. Fiddly job! Surprising how many parts are available from Sweden under the classic parts ordering. Engine, no issues bar basic servicing and cambelt/tensioner and one water pump. Still all ran great when sold with 234,000 miles. Needed a heater fan, as totally dead, and dash out job! rear arches getting rusty and I used it as my work van for 5 years so needed a good clean! Used to do a few jobs like brakes, cooling hoses, thermostat, waterpump but got Volvo specialist to do the cambelt. Volvo cambelt was £10 and tensioner £37.00. Labour of 2 hours £60 Bought a 1996 Volvo 940 SE LPT auto estate a few years before selling the 240 for £250 5 years ago now, as 940 has ABS, drivers airbag, Electric sunroof and AC fitted but not working. I was concerned going from a basic 240 GLT to a turbo 940 more to go wrong. Thankfully only needed recovering once, for a failed in tank fuel pump which I replaced myself end of last year. The next day it failed it's MOT on lower steering UJ play and track rod end/ball joint. Not bad for a 24 year old car and 204,000 miles No advisories. So I like older Volvo's, not newer. Also have a Toyota Auris Hybrid estate and the 940. In 15 months of owning Auris has had new AC condenser and 12 volt battery. Thankfully AC rad was replaced under warranty. Car now has 34,000miles. James.👍
  23. 10 years I would say for a modern car. Or just buy something old that's worthwhile like a Lexus or for me a Volvo 240, 740, 940. 1989 240GLT auto was my daily and only car until 2018. Had 10 years reliable and trouble free miles. Bought at 159,410 for £350 and sold 10 years later with 234,000 and £500. James.
  24. I agree with you on the drivers seat. Really needs a good clean, feed and possibly re-colouring. Wear looks bad for 15k and certainly doesn't look like a brand new car! Mould, cracked drivers seat, worn steering wheel. Glovebox dented or more mould. Carpets need a good clean. Slight corrosion mentioned on MOT in 2012. Tyres perished etc. No mention of why it was taken off the road! Why not MOT it now if it's like a new car!! Interior on Lexus looks not great for a 15k mile car.
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