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  1. Hi guys, Found this thread online re lights. Thought it may be helpful for some. I know it's a legal requirement here in UK to have fog lights, I m sure you guys can make some space to put these lights to comply with the law. Here is the link.
  2. Hi KayCee, Thanks for your input, however thats the way how you turn on fog lights on the boot, if you look closely to pic2, the inner lights contains led beams instead of fog lights, since posting I searched abt it more and found that the cars with euro specs have fog lights instead of stream lined led parking lights, however where fogs were not mandatory, lights shown in pic2 have been used. Ta.
  3. Afternoon all Can any of you kindly guide me how to turn on the tail lights on the boot. I have seen a video on YouTube where all the LEDs are working. Mine is like in pic1 and I want them to be like in pic2. Tia.
  4. Manee

    Another Newbie

    Thanks for the heads up guys. Yes sure will search here n on eBay.
  5. Manee

    Another Newbie

    @ John. Sorted now I m not a person from future anymore..... 😏.
  6. Manee

    Another Newbie

    @Britprius lol, don't know John what you are talking about 😁. Maybe I am from future lol. You guys may help me, the sat nav information/dvd is from 07, is there anyway that it can be upgraded to a bit more current era..... Thanks ColinBarber. Manee
  7. Manee

    Another Newbie

    Hi guys I am a newbie here in the lexus world. Just purchased my first ever Lexus GS in hybrid flavour with SE-L trim. Been looked after throughout its life by Lexus. Hopefully will be coming back here to share my experience and to look for some expert advice and tips.