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  1. Out of interest, I wonder if any of you have had the warning light come up recently, with the onset of freezing temperatures ?
  2. Hadrian

    Auto Express luke warm about the ES

    It's a shame that virtually all car reviewers, feel the need to compare every new executive saloon, to the equivalent German brands. Personally I take little notice (if any) of what they have to say.
  3. Hadrian

    Gas tank

    I assume you mean petrol, as you are in the UK ? It could be a blocked vent pipe maybe,
  4. Hadrian

    Automatic Full Beam

    We have the 2015 model, and it lacks a lot of features which cannot be retro fitted. Rear camera, voice recognition to name but two. Maybe we should have done more research before buying, but we are generally happy with the car. Our 2014 Ford BMax has more features than our Lexus.
  5. The previous owner's name and address is on the V5 of our Lexus, bought last year. Maybe there is a tick box ? In recent years, I always include all invoices when I pass a car on. When I traded in our Honda for the Lexus, the dealer was adamant that I supplied all of the Honda's service documents. Luckilly I'd kept them all, a habit of being self employed for most of my working life. A friend bought a Lexus a couple of years ago, the dealer saying he would pass the service history on. This didn't happen despite numerous requests, so he made them take the car back.
  6. Such a shame indeed, but that's why we pay for insurance. A lot will of course depend on your financial situation, but as you will have comprehensive insurance, I'd just go with the flow, and accept their offer. Unless you can get a worthwhile quote for repairs.
  7. Just to add, I may notice it more as I have to wear hearing aids. Which tend to amplify some frequencies more than others.
  8. Hadrian

    The Photography Thread

    I'm quite heavily into Photography, but my favourite subject is wildlife. I know it's very popular, but I have a strong aversion to the use of ND filters on moving water. It's done too much, and looks cheesy.
  9. I noticed the noise on my IS300h. I changed to "low noise" tyres, but it didn't make a great deal of difference.
  10. Hadrian

    Are service plans worth it??

    So I take it, that a service plan is just that, service costs and MOT's (?) are covered. I assume you pay parts and labour costs for any repairs or replacement parts not covered while it's being serviced.? Or does that depend on the plan ?
  11. Hadrian

    Are service plans worth it??

    What happens if you take out a service plan, and change your car (for another Lexus) mid term ?
  12. I can't really answer that one as it's not my car, but it wasn't freezing on Boxing day. I would have thought the aircon would have worked at any temperature, in order to clear misted windows. ? It seems not....Possibly a faulty thermostat ?
  13. Friends who visited us on Boxing day, have a problem with the air-con on their GS450h.(2012 I believe) It's blowing out air, but the air-con isn't doing anything. He is going to take it back to his dealer, where it had a full service a couple of months back, but I wondered if there is anything obvious he can look at in the meantime ?
  14. As I understand it, snow chains are only any good in snow (to state the obvious), and I would I assume restrict speed significantly. Snow tyres (as I understand it) are good in snow, but only start working at low temperatures. Stopping distance is reduced on dry roads. Unless you are living in the back of beyond, in the UK, even if we get snow the roads are usually cleared pretty quickly,
  15. Hadrian

    Lexus added value options- worth it?

    These seem to be pretty standard extras, available on most makes of car. I've taken them in the past, but wouldn't again. As said, it mostly for the benefit of the salesman. If you do decide to take up any of their offers, it's worth haggling, as they are desperate for their bonus.