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  1. They should do, I don't think it depends on having the switch set to auto. When you lock the car, everything should shut down in "about" 30 seconds.
  2. I'm not familiar with the RX-300, but I would first check the carpets in the front foot wells. Possibly windscreen or door seals. Make sure rubber floor plugs are ok. If you have a sun roof, check drain channels. YouTube is your friend 🙂
  3. I've only taken advantage of a courtesy a couple of times, that was when I had my Civic Hybrid, and the Honda dealer was 30 miles away. They did point out that there was a £500 excess on the insurance in the event of an accident. After the first couple of years I got it serviced locally. Beiing retired having another car, and within a three minute walk from my Lexus service centre, thankfully I am no longer in need of a courtesy car. Also as I've found with my other car, not being in need of a courtesy car, gives you more flexibility of when they can take your car in.
  4. Out of interest, when did TPMS start to be used in cars ?
  5. I leave the volume on mine in the off setting. I use the screen from the Lexus navigation, and the audio from my garmin. Which is easier to turn on and off.
  6. It's a shame that dealership was short lived. Although they still have the service centre. We bought ours via the Toyota dealership. ============ With discounts, are we talking about new or used cars ?
  7. Although there is a Lexus service centre a 2 minute walk from where we live, there isn't a Lexus dealer. We do have a Toyota dealer though, and when I spoke to one of the salesmen last year, he said let us know what you want and we'll get it here for a test drive. So earlier this year, one of them went to Cambridge and brought back the LS300 we were interested in. Bringing it to our house to look at.. I can't complain about the service I received
  8. Like all things, it looks easy when someone else is doing it 🙂
  9. Mine came on for the first time, just after the spell of hot weather. I had to get the Lexus chappie to show me how to do a reset. He said he'd had a number of people with the same issue, as the sensors are so sensitive. Best not to do a reset at the working pressure. Reset when pressuresare a few psi below , then inflate.
  10. Hadrian

    Rear Parking Sensors

    I'd always assumed that the sensors themselves were pretty universal ?
  11. It'll be interesting to see which German or Japanese company buys the Tesla badge for 5p, when it eventually goes bust.
  12. Unusual to buy a car which only comes with one key, unless it was a private purchase ?
  13. Hadrian

    Free MOT at Halfords

    Handy I suppose if you are watching the pennies. Personally I wouldn't let Halfords anywhere near a car of mine.