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  1. You would think that by now, all cars could be fitted with radio controlled clocks, they cost next to nothing. Although they may need an antenna tied in with the radio antenna, as the car may act like a Faraday cage ? Although I had one on the dashboard in a van I owned, and that worked OK.
  2. We don't use ours for short trips, so it's mainly used on dual carriage and motorways. I seem to get a steady 52-53 mpg. I use it in eco mode most of the time, unless I need to overtake quickly. I did once have it up to about 60mpg after a reset and driving from Essex down to the New Forest. I don't consider that too bad, considering I only get just over 34mpg from my 1600cc Ford Bmax auto.
  3. Was it a Lexus sensor ? I only ask as when I had a similar problem on a Honda Accord. It had to be a Honda sensor, they tried a Bosch one and it wouldn't work..
  4. I've never used additives in any of the car's I have owned over the last 50yrs. and also had no engine or gearbox problems. Maybe I am just lucky ? :😊
  5. We went with the three year service plan, from Lexus. Without looking it up I couldn't tell you how much it was, but it suited us.
  6. Using Nitrogen is a complete wast of time, unless you wear a back to front baseball cap. 🙂 They use it in aircraft tyres, but that for fire suppression.
  7. Inflated all four tyres up to 35psi today, then once reset the warning light stayed off. I take it that apart from the cooler weather, tyres lose pressure over time ? I also don't know if the newer IS300's have individual pressures displayed, mine doesn't.
  8. As all 4 tyres are still reading the same pressure, I can only assume the pressure drop is down to the cooler weather. It's happened before because of that. The sensors are so sensitive.
  9. It's the yellow tyre symbol showing.
  10. I know we've talked about the TPMS on here a lot, but I have one more question. I haven't used the car for a few days, but when I went to move it earlier, the fault light was on. I checked the pressures, and they were all showing 30psi. Down from about 35-36psi due to the cooler weather I expect. I cancelled the fault, but it kept coming back after a few seconds. Question is: .........Is there a minimum pressure where the fault light won't reset. ? Yes I know I could inflate the tyres and find out, but it's raining.
  11. Hopefully this is not something I need to worry about for some time, as my IS is relatively low mileage. Only just over 25,500 miles on the clock. Averaging an indicated 52mpg, I don't use it for trips around town.
  12. Is this something which should be checked at a service (a major service anyway) ?
  13. I must say that I've never had this problem, maybe as all of my previous cars have had glass lenses.. I've noticed that a lot of lenses now, don't go yellow, but opaque. This is very noticeable on my neighbours Merc. It's a wonder he can see anything when it's dark. There are lots of YouTube videos showing how to restore them.
  14. It took me ages to program in the stations I wanted, it's certainly not easy. It would be difficult to find any local stations while driving.
  15. I dont have too many problems with the DAB radio in our 2015 IS300h. It's fiddly to store stations in memory, but apart from that it seems to be OK. I listen mostly to TalkRadio (or BBC5x if there's cricket on) and had good reception from Essex to Lincolnshire. There was the odd spot where the signal dropped out, but not for long. It could be awkward trying to tune into another local station while driving. You need a passenger who know how to do it. Bring back the old Harry Moss AM/FM radio 🙂