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  1. Very nice. Is this a car you use every day ?
  2. I was a little peed off at first to find my 300h didn't have voice recognition available, but reading some of the comments about it I'm not so worried.
  3. They are things which I didn't even consider when buying the car. I'm still happy with the purchase though.
  4. It's annoying that the mirrors on my is300 don't fold either. I also have a Ford BMax and they fold automatically. Then again, that also has voice control which my lexus doesn't. It does seem to amount to unnecessary penny pinching. Or maybe they are optional extras when buying the car ?
  5. Hadrian

    Service History

    Having invoices also lets you know if there have been any recurring issues with the car. Going back quite a few years, I bought a Honda Accord from my Brother in Law. I had a few issues with that, including an air-con hose blowing off. It came off with such force that it damaged to bonnet. He said he'd never had a problem with it. When I looked at an old invoice, it showed that it had been looked at but nothing done. It was a company car, so they do as little as possible when it comes to a service.
  6. Hadrian

    Service History

    I got in the habit of keeping invoices from when I was working. Being self employed.
  7. I wonder what you expect to see in a Full Service History ? Personally I feel the a stamp in a book is pretty meaningless. All it tells you is that someone has put a stamp on the relevant page. I prefer to see invoices, which detail what has been done to the car. I keep everything relating to the particular car I own.
  8. Strewth, I didn't realize Lexus did a 5 litre engine 😨 I bet that's juicy ?
  9. Hadrian

    IS300H hitting road bumps/spead breakers

    Cant help with the speed bump issue. MPG wise, we've had our (3 yr old) is300h for nearly a couple of months, and the display says 54mpg, We don't use ours for short trips though. It's used mostly on A roads and dual carriageways.
  10. Hadrian

    Petrol ?

    I always use Shell unleaded, as they are the closest garage to me, and I get reward points. There is a Sainsburys garage close by, but like others I avoid supermarket fuel.
  11. Hi William, I wonder if it's been removed at sometime (for whatever reason), and not replaced properly ? I imagine there is some adjustment in the hinges ? I wouldn't think it's the light cluster, as that seems to line up at the bottom. Has the car been involved in an accident ?
  12. If the plugs had been changed, wouldn't it show up in the service history ? Assuming you have an itemized invoice when it's serviced.
  13. While on the subject of radio. I've been tearing out what little hair I have left, attempting to programme DAB stations into the radio on my 2015 is300h. I seem to have managed the AM and FM memories, but DAB is a complete mystery.
  14. Hadrian

    My first Lexus

    Looks a nice car Richard, I'm sure you'll be very happy with it. We have not long had our is300h, and so far are very pleased with it. Our last three cars have been Hondas. two Accords and a Civic Hybrid. We would have probably bought another Civic if they sold them in this country. Honda seem to have a strange policy as to what they will sell in Europe, as opposed to what they will sell in the US.
  15. Not that cheap for an 11 year old car. Although if it has a full service history it might be worth a look. You mighht also be able to get the price down a bit. Of course it also depends how those miles have been put on the clock. If it's mostly motorway driving that would obviously be better. I would want someone to give it a look over first, just to see what I might be letting myself in for.