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  1. So has anybody contacted Lexus for an explanation??
  2. How does your automatic zoom function work? I have the zoom set to 50 m when driving. But I'd like to have it zoom as close as possible automatically at junctions so I don't take a wrong turn. However if I set the automatic zoom function to "near" in the settings, the bloody thing zooms OUT at junctions. How does zooming out to see half the country help me cross a junction? 😂
  3. Like Phil said, I have the new larger screen and couple of weeks ago I updated the map for free from Lexus website to 2018v1. However firmware versions for Audio and Navigation didn't change so I needed to update them separately.
  4. It just seems strange they'd let me download the new 2018 map update for free but not a firmware/software update...
  5. Found it, thanks. Just to be sure, I have to pay for this update? Seems strange as I have a brand new 2018 F-Sport.
  6. Apologies if this has been asked before but how do you update the Audio and Navigation software/firmware?
  7. The 2018 facelift NX shows LKA and RSA speed limits/traffic signs as well.
  8. The manual says: "When it is enabled, as the vehicle approaches a guidance point, the map will change to a detailed map automatically." But what happens is the map changes to opposite - it zooms out at guidance points instead of zooming in! What the hell?
  9. They want another 800 euros for TPMS sensors. I can just take the existing ones from my 18" set, right?
  10. I'd like to buy them for my NX but I can't find used ones. New set of these wheels at my local Lexus dealer here in Italy are 2200 EUR! I can't find used ones anywhere.
  11. The manual says that the Steering control indicator (picture of a steering wheel) illuminates in the dashboard when "the small pull" happens.
  12. Potential future NX owner looking for some answers which I didn't find answered in the owner's manual I downloaded. 1. If you have the Blind Spot Monitor option installed, do you automatically get Rear Crossing Traffic Alert buzzer? The owner's manual seems to suggest that the Rear Crossing Traffic Alert is not included by default if you have Blind Spot Monitor option installed. Do these two come together or not? 2. If you have the Lane Departure Alert option installed, do you automatically get Steering Control assist which steers the steering wheel to help you stay in lane? Again, the owner's manual seems to suggest that the Steering Control assist is not included by default if you have Lane Departure Alert option installed. Do these two come together or not? I'm asking for the first generation of NX from 2014 to 2018. Thanks a lot!