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  1. Hi ALL I'm toying with the ide of getting an engine remote start, been on the US websites and found this: Its OEM so can use the factory remote. I've found that VIPER also do a system but on their fob which isn't ideal for me. Previously done an engine remote start to a UK spec 1998 GS300 but that took a bit of messing with wiring and wasn't plug and play. Has anyone had experience or point me in the direction of where to source a kit with bypass to use on the factory fob. Thank you.
  2. Hello all. I have recently purchased the Snooper DVR-5HD v2 . It has a seperate rear camera and front unit with the hard wire kit. I need to know where to link the power wires under the dash. A writing diagram or sketch would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Many thanks for replying. I have been online and there are "COIL SPRING ASISSTERS" on the market. Question is what size is required for the GS as there are too many sizes to pick form. Also made contact with a company that sells springs. Fingers crossed.
  4. Hello All I am having problems with my existing rear suspension due to load ie two lpg tanks, petrol tank and passenger use. Is there anything on the market that's slightly uprated to take a heavy load. Thanks Awais
  5. Hello people The vehicle in question is a GS300 MKII on a 98 reg. I have just converted to LPG, but the petrol gauge is still moving as if it using petrol. I have spoke to the garage who did the conversion and he has assured me that the car is not using petrol at same time as LPG. What he does say is that the petrol gauge is moving electronically based on mpg and miles run and not by taking a reading of amount petrol in the tank. I half filled the tank a couple of days ago and topped it up to check and it it took another half, thus confimring the garages advice. Is this so can any you confirm that the petrol gauge works this way. Thank you Regards Awais :mat:
  6. I have since found out that you cannot purchase a bush on its own and the bottom wishbone has to be replaced completely, a new one is about £200+vat from Lexus, or second hand for around £75.00. But be careful the toyota supra has same wishbone so breakers might be selling this too you as a Lexus part. Andy the £1k seems a bit heavy might be better to buy the bushes new or second hand and have them fitted by your own local mechanic if posible, you should be able to do the job in half the dealer quote. Remember the tracking will have to be rechecked and aligned. Best of Luck Awais
  7. Hi there Just had the alloys refurbed on my GS300, used a company called Car Medic, might be a franchise in your area, used google for search. Cost me £100.00 to do all five just to ensure colour match was same on all. Did a mint job wheels are as good as new. Regards Wes
  8. Sorry people The car in question is a MKII GS 300 SE on a 1998 'R' plate. Regards Wes
  9. hi all I am having some problems with the front bushes on both wishbones and the drivers side wheel bearing, can anyone direct me to where I can purchsae the bushes only or on how to repiar without having to pay a fortune. Also does anyone have the part number or bearing number for the wheel bearing Regards Wes :mat: