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  1. Can someone help me. I have a new (March 2018) NX300h luxury Lexus and sm looking for a graphic equaliser for the sound system. It is the ordinary non Mark Levinson one. Csnt seem to find any settings that lead there. I am finding it a bit basey if I’m honest especially when listening to music. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Thanks for that, I have connected it to my home wi-fi and tethered it to my phone. Takes up to 30 seconds to connect to either home or phone and by then the message has come up. Is there a way to stop it trying to connect as I probably won’t need to download routes anyway?
  3. Still not a great fan of the Sat Nav on my March 2018 NX300h luxury but following advice on here I booked the vehicle back to the service centre to have two patches applied. They were big files I think as it took over 90 minutes to do. Since then there’s been another little problem, every time I turn the vehicle on and it comes up with the navigation screen it then comes up with a message saying ‘cannot download from the server, can’t connect to the Lexus website’. I press the back button and the message disappears and carrys on as normal, so not a major issue just annoying. It never happened before the patches were applied so why start now. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. It does bleep when approaching a speed cam just not very loudly. As you I love the vehicle to drive but hate the sat nav, seems to be not as accurate as some I have had in the past. On some drives whether destination is set or not I glance at the screen and sometimes it shows me as not being on a road at all. I’m not sure how up to date the map data is either.
  5. I think we have the answer above. My postcode was set as my home address but because I was parking off road it never thought I’d actually completed my trip. I’ve now changed the home address to the location where it’s parked. Seems to have cured the problem. Still like to know now the answer to the app issue though.
  6. Actually Paulrnx you may have something there, I park my car in a parking area that is off road. It’s not on the map so used postcode to set my home address, that may explain why the stopover is always just 80 yards away. Although in that case wouldn’t the system prompt me to add a stopover when setting a new destination. Maybe I’ll just delete the old destination before I set the new one to be sure. Thanks all all for some great answers, there’s a lot to go on.
  7. Hi guys, just took delivery of a lovely shiny new NX300h Luxury version 3 weeks ago, love the vehicle easily the best vehicle I’ve ever owned but I have a problem that’s driving me mad. Surprise, surprise it’s regarding the Sat Nav system (in short I hate it), but there are two problems in particular that are driving me mad. 1) Every time I program in a new destination the sat hav adds a stop over that is 80 yards from where I live. This means I have to go in manually to the route option to delete the stopover. Found this out when going somewhere without realising a stopover was set and the system kept trying to take me back to the stopover even when I was over 30 miles away. 2) Have the map mode set to 3D and like it zoomed in to about 50 yards (like to see the name of the streets where I am). Trouble is when driving in route guidance mode, apart from near junctions and turns it zooms out automatically without me having a say. Bloody annoying. Finally are there any apps available in the UK, I created an account on the Lexus portal but when clicking on the e-store option in apps on the menu it whirls around for a few minutes then just stops. Hoping for for some advice from you lovely people.