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  1. I'll upload the pics as soon as I get it on the 1st of May, I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas, 9 sleeps left haha :) Do you have a 'wanted' section on the forum? I would love to buy some genuine mats with the Lexus logo on, unfortunately the drivers side is missing in my car if anyone is selling or knows where I could source a set from. Thank you for your welcoming replies guys
  2. I have just purchased my FIRST Lexus IS200 after about a year of debating whether or not, and a good 3 months looking for the right one....I found it!!!!! Pictures to follow The original CD player has been replaced with a top of the range Kenwood and it sitting on Mazda RX8 18" wheels which look fab. I was wondering if it would be possible to swap the Mazda wheel centers for Lexus ones? no big deal but i think it would look a bit more complete. would anyone know what size the inserts are on the standard RX8 and where I could get Lexus ones to fit? Thank you kindly in advance This Web site is truly amazing with all sorts of experienced knowledgeable people, I look forward to learning and possibly contributing in the future as I grow with my new car