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  1. Hi All Here is the update on my Lexus RX 450H F Sport, tow bar fitting of the under tray/tyres. The dealership now have after me standing firm about the tyres decided to fit new tyres, that's after their so called care consultant came out and said ,WHAT' WRONG WITH THEM THEN ,I'D DRIVE ON THEM ALL DAY LONG ON MY CAR !. It was only after he walked off looking smug with himself ,that I asked my salesman for his name and position that's when the salesman said wait ill talk to the dealership principal , within minutes they changed their minds to fit new tyres and under tray and wash and valet the car properly. "sounds good" is it me or what , yes they have done a really better job but still look at the gap behind the toe bar socket box their said it has been done to specifications , but surely any good fitter would check and see that it's still leaving a big gap and just not cut so much out ???? see pic's I asked for the off cut's minutes after them sending me the pic's so I could fill in the gap , but their seem to have gone with the rubbish already ! Yes I will except it now , but as someone said earlier £1200 is a lot of money for a tow bar you would a least expect a perfect job from a main dealer.
  2. Hi Steve The mileage is 34500 mls and I'm sure they are the original tyres on the rear and as I said before the date stamp is 9 months + before the car was registered 30th November 2016 so what does that tell you . Personally I would be ecstatic if the car had done 28000 mile on a pair for tyres let alone 34500 .
  3. Thanks again everyone for responding to my post Tomorrow is the big day ! Every time I have brought a car in the past , I have always been given a 1 years MOT which indicates to you that the car is in good condition "BUT, NO" the Lexus dealership say as long as it's got 6 months MOT that's they policy . Even today whether people spend £500 or £31000 they are given a years MOT as part of the sale ?, is this just my Lexus dealerships saving money or not letting buyers see that the car might have some faults with it like faulty tyres etc.
  4. Hi all It's nice to know you all agree with me As you can see it's not just cracking there is split in the tyre as well. All i wanted to do was to go and pick up my new car see it looking nice and shiny, valeted inside and smelling nice with good tyres (which surely is one of the most important things on a car ). But no all I have had is "stress" .if this matter is not resolved I will be contacting Lexus customer services and if they don't resolve the matter I will then go to trading standards. Someone has to stand up to the dealerships and stop them getting away with poor standards. Rant over ? ron
  5. Thanks Rob for your pictures , That is what I was expecting ,looks good to me I just hope this makes them see its been done wrong So far its got to go back Tuesday for them to look at Does anyone know what amount of tyre tread depth you should expect on a £31000 pre owned RX 450h f sport from a main dealer ,they tell me as long as it's got 3mm that that's good enough . What would you expect the 2 front tyre are dated the 17 wks. of 2019 and good ,the 2 rears are date 7 wks. of 2016 and have done 34000+ miles with 3mm of tread the car wasn't registered till 30 Nov 2016 ? The dealer said that good enough
  6. Thanks everyone I've looked at the Lexus Tec Diagrams , and yes they have gone well over the top and even one there was no need to do at all?
  7. The point is that I asked them to be careful and make it so that only the tow hitch point and Electrical plug showed through the rear underbody tray, most of the things you see in the picture other than the tow hitch connector and 13 pin plug lay below the tray , so there should have been no need to cut them out , or such a big holes around the main points
  8. Hi there everyone I've just upgraded from a NX 300H to a RX 450h f sport so I can tow a caravan , I done a deal with the dealer and paid £1000 extra for the tow bar . Like many of you I looked about for something cheaper but there's nothing out there , and the electrics has to go right back to the front of the car one hell of a job so I left it to the professionals ( so I thought ) has anyone else had one fitted ,and how neat did they cut out the belly pan. was it like this, see attached. I personally think they have over done it , leavening massive hole around the fitting leaving it open to the elements. WHAT DO YOU THINK Can anyone show me picture of there's so when I complain to the dealer I can show him how it's done properly
  9. First of all I asked Lexus if I could have the whole set of wheels powder coated . They said they wanted the damaged ones back so they could investigate the problem with the lacquer Ron
  10. Hi again every one , This is an update. I'll start with Thanking everyone that took the time to respond to my call for HELP with the problem of BLISTERING WHEELS. As you all know I took it to the dealer , who then contacted the warrantee people at LEXUS , and the reply was NO ! . And then going by the advice of some of the long time members , I contacted customer relations at LEXUS , who then spoke to the man dealing with my complaint at Steven Eagell , Rayleigh weir , Essex . I was then asked by Lexus to go back to the dealer so that they could take more in-depth pictures of the corrosion on each wheel . After a few days customer relations came back and said they would replace 3 wheels under warrantee ( GREAT FANTASTIC ) , So then I go back onto customer relation again and spoke to the same man ( who by the way was so helpful and very under standing about my complaint ) . I said I was very please with their decision , but my concerns were having 3 new wheels on the car and then the remaining wheel would starts to corrode like the others did within a short time after, and then having to go through all the warrantee procedure again . He said he was thinking the same thing, so he got back onto warrantees again , then called me back the next day saying they would replace the 4 wheel at no charge to me as a gesture of goodwill . I am so please with the way customer relation at LEXUS and the service contact person at steven eagell dealt with this matter and the help and advice I got from this site . Thanks again EVERYONE
  11. Thanks again every one for your help and support. Back to the dealer again tomorrow ,Lexus customer care has ask the dealer to take in-depth pictures of each wheel and there position on the car ? O well let see what happens next , ill keep you up to date .
  12. And by the way I hear what you say about carwashes but I never use a car wash I always clean my car by hand because in the past I’ve had my car is scratched by them .
  13. It’s a metallic white And I take great care in the condition of all of the cars that I’ve had as you can see I’ve fitted aftermarket body protectors as I feel they are better than the manufacturers they give more protect protection especially in car parks This is why I’m so concerned about the condition of the wheels I would like to think that Lexus would like their cars to look good in years to come I’m not driving around with loads of corrosion on the wheels and bodywork I like to think that by us keeping the car is clean and nice looking it’s a good advertisement for Lexus ron1953(Ron)
  14. If this is a problem as it seems to be with all diamond cut wheels maybe The manufacturers should come up with a solution Only a few days ago I see a program where they had the wheels powder coated all over and then use that of wrapping to create the look of diamond cut wheels on the edges Maybe this is what the manufacturers should be looking at to solve the problem and still make the car look nice ron1953(Ron)