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  1. Jayw13702

    Do Lexus prewire their cars?

    Thanks for that, at least I know what route I will have to take now. It’s not the end of the world, I’ve wired these mirrors in the past on different cars and the principal is always the same just the wire colours may be different. Time to make a little wiring loom I suppose [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Jayw13702

    Do Lexus prewire their cars?

    I don’t think you would have to program the ecu, it should be a simple wire in job. Looking at the wiring I would guess it’s Live Earth Feed from interior light I know there’s 5 wires going into the multi plug so I’ll have to figure what the other ones are, a quick look on a wiring diagram should reveal. I’ve played with coding BMWs in the past with quite a lot of success but Lexus IS a different ball game, to start with it looks like the software isn’t widely available at a reasonable cost Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Do Lexus fit one wiring loom that fits all spec? My IS300h is SE spec but I want to add a few items that were not fitted, one of then is self dimming rear view mirror. If it doesn't its not a problem as I'm sure I can make a loom and get it fitted without many issues, what I don't want to do is make the loom, strip the car and then find the multiplug tucked away TIA
  4. Thanks for your comments. i've managed to secure a half day on a ramp so I will be doing the transmission oil change soon and looking over the rear suspension as well to see if I can see anything clearer this time. Given that its now close to 85K and spends its life trecking around as a taxi I'm expecting to have to replace suspension components before long. its an occupational hazard
  5. I have the premium nav stereo with the 8 speakers and whist it's not bad its not brilliant. Would this kind of upgrade be worth doing on the 8 speaker set up?
  6. Hi Martin, Have a look at this diagram, it shows the rough location of the amps. did you use to own a 156? I used to be the SW area rep for AO
  7. are there any common items that cause knocking noises in the rear of the IS300h? I have a knock coming from the NS rear, its not loud, but its there. Nothing appears to be loose and the noise only appears when its wet, so currently its driving me nuts as its constantly wet. My first thought was rear anti roll bar drop links, they seem to be the common cause for knocking on most modern cars.
  8. I have an 5 series E61 20D as well as the IS300h. Taking aside the difference in age there isn't a great deal of difference in mileage between the two, both are about 85K, the Lexus doesn't rattle like the BM does I find the Lexus a nicer car to be in for long periods of time, the BMW seats don't support my upper back much. I also find the BMW a bit more 'vague' when pushing it quickly thorough corners. However I also acknowledge that the E60/61 is a bigger car than the IS, as a BM comparison it would be better to compare the IS against a 3 series. I find the German interior a bit too 'sterile' for my liking, the Lexus offers a bit of an alternative and a lot of my customers love the interior of the IS judging by the comments they make.
  9. Mines the same, go from comfy to sub artic in a few minutes, really irritating Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Jayw13702

    Gearbox oil change

    I have run a number of Prius over the years and they are “sealed for life” transmissions. However at 70,000-100,000 miles I have changed the WS fluid in the transmission and the difference is noticed. I will be doing my IS300h shortly as it’s now on 85,000 and I would prefer to do it sooner than later. There will be a drain and refill plug on the casing somewhere, after all they have to fill the thing when it’s new and there must be a way of draining it if required. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. My Is300h runs on 16's currently, I intend to keep them for many reasons, one of them is passenger comfort and another is cost, the car is used as a airport transfer car. Currently I have 15x7 ET40's and am looking at changing that to ET30's just to bring the wheel out a little and give a more fuller look arch I was looking at these, but they are only ET35 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/16-DOTZ-MUGELLO-BLACK-POLISHED-ALLOY-WHEELS-ONLY-NEW-5x114-3-RIMS/231998418449?epid=16003544818&hash=item36042eee11:g:ZdwAAOSwZ1BXdlgB by changing the offset do I run the risk of damaging the wheel bearings or am I overthinking this. Also will I notice much difference in handling etc? TIA
  12. Jayw13702

    My IS300h thread

    Mileage just over 72,000 now and climbing steadily the jobs are now starting to mount up a little as I order little trinkets to add to the car. Did a service recently (70,000) and at the time realised that the oil filter housing had pretty much welded itself on. it wouldn't move for love nor force. At the service before I had changed the filters and. followed the instructions on torquing the housing back up to 25nm +/- 5nm. however in 10,000 miles it had stuck solid, not even the proper tool could remove it, the housing actually broke one of the pegs on the tool as we were trying to get the housing off!! Now I have done many many services on Prius and Auris, with the exception of the bleed valve the housing is the same and the tool is as well, I have never had one go solid on me like this had. So after some deliberation, and a lot of swearing I decided there was only one way this sucker was coming off............... in pieces a combination of a Dremel a hammer and a small chisel made easy work of it, I was surprised how little resistance it gave. So with the alloy part of the housing all cleaned up I fitted a new oil filter and housing (£53 from Lexus) and made sure it wasn't done up quite so tightly 😉 Next jobs to to, illuminated door sills and alloy pedal covers, they've just arrive from the Far East so im just looking over them and making sure there's no little nasties in store when I come to fit them
  13. Jayw13702

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    The on board computers always read optimistically, I've found that of all cars I have owned. When doing a real world comparison I calculate pump to pump, my run where I was averaging 64mpg turned into 59mpg when I looked at the fuel used and mileage covered, still not bad but still nearly 10% inaccuracy. If I am town/Aroad driving I can get late 40's into early 50's just around town I am early to mid 40's. Mines done nearly 75000 miles now. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Jayw13702

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    No, 2014 IS300h. Nearly all motorway, average speed on the computer was 60mph but quite a lot of the time I had the cruse sent to 75mph. A/c on all the way Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Jayw13702

    MPG on IS 300h etc.

    I think I’ve just about peaked......... Exeter to Manchester, I seriously doubt I’m going to better that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk