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  1. I’ve looked but they’re rare as hens teeth it seems! But it is a good idea, far less adapting needed. every leather seat I’ve had has been slippery, recently cleaned or not. But I cleaned these a year ago when I bought it and they’ve just been done again as part of a full valet.
  2. I hadn’t really considered a seat trimmer to modify the seats, hm. Interesting, more research needed there. But I have thought about the wiring etc a lot! I’ve done it before on an Audi and had to source an extra set of seat connectors for both my car and from the donor to make up a set of adapter leads. Also critical to get hold of all the wiring diagrams, because, as you rightly say, messing with or incorrectly wiring an airbag or crash sensor can have quite dramatic effects! ( a friend messed it up once, set off the seat airbag testing cuts! he wasn’t happy!) The seat to car fixings are also a different arrangement to anything I’ve ever seen before, so would also need to make up adaptor plates. But none of that worries me, I’m an engineer, so this sort of thing was my bread and butter for 40 years. Just don’t have access to the same level of workshop facilities anymore! cheers, more food for thought.
  3. You might be right there! I’ll look into it. Ive had a look at the RX seat fixings, front and back bolts are in offset extensions of the runners, with the fronts also bent down to bolt into the cross member, so would prob need adaptor plates made up to get anything else to fit. cheers
  4. Had it professionally valeted as I recently decided to replace it with a plug-in (I’m retiring next month) and it now looks almost new and I’m having second thoughts, esp as the car I think I want! is still too expensive, so waiting a year would make sense. 1st world dilemmas!
  5. Has anyone ever swapped the seats out of an RX450? I’ve found that they are a little too wide for my ‘slight’ frame (all 12stone of it), so I slid3 around a bit even when cornering gently. I’m thinking of fitting a set of Range Rover Autobiography seats but don’t know if they’ll fit the Lexus fixings. Does anyone know the bolt spacing of the RX450 front seats? As I’m laid up for another month or two ( torn tendon in shoulder), thought I’d do some research! Once I’m fully functional again I’ll be able to un-bolt mine to check but right now that’s a big no-no. cheers Dave F
  6. Hi Brian, How did you fix the camera in place? I’ve been looking to do the same and it always comes down to the camera fixings. Most only ever supply a suction cup, which invariably release after a while. cheers Dave F (RX450H)
  7. Had my RX450h 12v battery flatten when the car was opened up all day for a full valet recently as I have it for sale currently (I’m retiring so my driving habits are changing, although having had 3 silly offers, I’m thinking of hanging on for a while now), the jump connectors/procedure is pretty clear in the handbook and we got it going again. To stop this being a problem with it sat for days, I’d previously bought a 12v solar panel, about A4 size, sits on the dash and plugs into the OBD connector, to trickle charge the 12v battery. Used it on previous cars and it works a treat. Cost about £20.
  8. Yeah, spotted that next time out, footbrake switches off drive, parking brake doesn’t!
  9. Hi folks, does anyone have any roof rails for an RX450 they want to sell me? Cheers Dave F Remember to reply to this thread offering items for sale without being a Gold Member is taken very seriously. This also applies to PMs as well.
  10. Agreed it’s a personal thing but I’ve just bought (April 2018) a 2010 450h from a private seller who’d only owned since last Oct. having bought it from a Lexus dealer, so is still under their one year after sales warranty, he also purchased the 2 yr extension. Just before Xmas the rear door motor failed, so was replaced under the purchase warranty. It would have cost over £1000 to fix. So I’m quite happy to have the remainder of 2.5 yrs worth of Lexus manufacturer warranty. Having had a couple of claims refused on previous cars, with the standard aftermarket warranty companies, I wouldn’t have anything other than a full manufacturer version now. Enjoy the car though, big seller for me was the legendary reliability and dealership support.
  11. Hi sorcerer, wrt neutral when stopped, yes you should. For 3reasons, 1, that’s what the Highway Code says. (Reason for it is that If your foot slips you will move fwd, possibly hitting the vehicle in front). 2. It means you brake lights aren’t on, which can get very annoying for those behind you in low light or at night. ( It can dazzle other drivers, which can be punishable by up to a £1000 fine! A friendly police officer explained that to me once after I’d done exactly as you do when driving through a series of lights one night! 3. Possibly more important for the car - If you look at the power flow monitor on the dash, you’ll see that the battery continues to feed the electric motor to drive the car fwd, which is stalled as you are stopped, means your battery is only going to discharge and may cause the motor and converter to overheat as a stalled (stopped) electric motor draws a high current but in this case, can’t turn. Eventually, the engine will have to start to recharge the battery. Its similar to a ‘slush box’ auto, in ‘drive’, the engine continues to drive the torque converter but the gearbox can’t turn as the car is stopped, this rapidly heats the oil in the converter. Not too big an issue as long as everything in the oil cooling system is 100%. However, any issue there could cause the gearbox to overheat. I think new gearboxes or front electric motors are probably more expensive than brake pads and brake fluid. my father taught me most of this years ago when he was both the drivers union rep for shell tanker drivers where he worked as a driver and he had an advanced licence. The rest came from my brother who was a police officer until he retired. Also, I’m an engineer and have spent my life working out why things break and how those breakdowns could be avoided, sometimes it’s down to how people use the equipment. If I’m going to be stopped for a few seconds, I leave it in drive, if (for example) the lights change to red as I approach, I put the car in neutral with the handbrake on once stopped. But enjoy the motor! Dave F
  12. I don’t speak Welsh but I was taught that ‘Cwm’ meant ‘corrie’ which is the bowl left in a mountain after the meltdown, where glaciers used to form and flow from.
  13. Perhaps that’s it, all the other seats were quite sculpted and a close fit. I’ll see how it goes once I get back to work and start driving a bit more ( still in the post op recovery phase, so quite weak still)
  14. There’s a few posts from folk who have taken them as they thought it looked better.