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  1. My mate at work is really pleased with his Android Head Unit. Android 7 is the way to go apparently. He mentioned you can get an App on Android that will wake up WIFI hotspot on the phone when it connects to the head units bluetooth.
  2. There is this one also: A mate at work says he went with Android 4 head unit which was no good and found the Android 7 much better. Note that this retailer offers the same unit as above in this thread upgraded to Android 7. I think that i prefer this slightly smaller unit myself. But more importantly "HAS ANYONE GOT ONE?" and can comment on real life experience. Or friends that have something similar in their car. I will get more comments and feedback from the bloke at work today.
  3. Sorry, i should have made myself clearer. I have a Single Din Head unit already. I need to find the appropriate mounting's/fascia to make this happen. Something like this but for my IS220D:
  4. Hello. I am interested in replacing the stock HeadUnit. The usual Google searches are bringing up what i need, but nothing specifically for my 2007 IS 220d. The results are all for models before or after my make. Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Hi James. I have been an IS 220D owner for a week now and this forum has been invaluable! Thanks to all. Mine has just done 122k. My takeaway's thus far from what i have read here. 1. Avoid 6th gear as mentioned above. 2. This product seems to be highly recommended: GENUINE BG244 BG 244 Diesel Fuel Injector & Engine Cleaner 3. There is a simple youtube or howto here that explains how to clean the EGR. I was in the stealership yesterday and they mentioned there is not much point in cleaning the EGR on it's own and they would advocate doing it from end to end (i am not mechanically minded) It was probably just sales speil TBH. Another product that i have my eye on is this: Fueltone Diesel additive 500ml multi Seems to have really good reviews. I would love mine to get upto 50mpg as advertised but am sensing this is going to near on impossible. Currently researching RaceChips and appropriate insurance to see if that will help at all.
  6. Already this Forum has proved it's worth!!!!! Thanks very very much for this piece of information!