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  1. Do they do it in Carbon? I’d worry about it being too heavy... 😂🤣
  2. Hmmm. I must drive in a little more ‘spirited’ way than that - my rear tyres lasted 11,000 miles (But then I have also only averaged 19.6mpg in the 14,000 miles of driving so far). The fronts are fine though (!). As for the 2 for 1, it was available last May when I got mine. And it was still available this year when I was in the dealer for the service so I guess so (my dealer chucked in the two year warranty as part of my purchase).
  3. Yeah, but my understanding is that if you bend the track they make you mend that too...and a section of Armco is €400 and there’s three on top of one another so if you hit one you hit three. And then if you spill oil as a result of any crash and that causes a further crash then the costs of that repair is on you too. And if they have to close the ring to sort it out...they charge you for the lost revenue. At which point - I’m out.
  4. Kindred spirits...couldn’t help park next to it at Sainsbury’s
  5. Interested to know who you insured through, I would love to go but the daily insurance bump just seems insane. But maybe I got a silly quote and have been put off by bad information.
  6. I’ve heard that if you de-tune the engine a little to comply with latest exhaust regulations so that it makes a bit less power, add a big wing on the back and pay for journalists to have an amazing holiday at an international motor racing circuit of their choosing the RCF is much quicker and handles as well as anything else on the road.
  7. I’ve found the RC to be quicker if I have a friend in the car with a name that begins with an F. However the car feels a bit twitchier and gets quite exhausting if I have a friend in the car with a name that begins with an M. The weirdest one was when I gave my friend Antony Michael Gregson a lift - my car became really expensive to service...but the exhaust sounded amazing. Weird.
  8. Please feel free to refer anyone on the forum here once they start spouting unsubstantiated especially well if the content is unrelated to the topic and suffers from confirmation bias...Also feel free to share the most ludicrous snake-oil tweaks you’ve heard on your travails.
  9. Never realised there was that much open space in Chelsea...
  10. Sounds a NASCAR. Ironically you wouldn’t be allowed on a circuit making that much noise!
  11. LC500...I think...but the kids would complain as the rear seats are ridiculously compromised...but they’re not paying, so F*** ‘em. I think it’s just a more arresting looking car. Don’t get me wrong, my car gets looks - lots of them. But an LC500 in the wild, makes every other car look ludicrously crude - like a concept car has somehow escaped.
  12. Sorry. Google got it wrong that as US gallons. Imperial gallons to litres is 2,600. So about £3,000 on petrol. It could have been double that and would still be a bargain.
  13. I’ve done 11,500 miles in 11.5 months (I know spooky!) and averaged 20.1mpg. Which equates to about 570gallons of fuel, which is 2,165 litres. Or about £2,500 on petrol. Bargain.