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  1. Was this the one that was starved of oil and all the cylinders had seized and were scored? Hence no exterior damage but is ‘structural’ write off?
  2. Lovely burble! how did your phone smell after that?!
  3. Hi @Twellsie I almost sold mine to a member on here. And I would have done if he had been realistic on price. I was even open to giving a discount for it to go to a good home (not very rational but that’s how my brain works). But I’m not sure he was very realistic. The weird thing I found was the low balling by members trying to get a bargain. Rather than offering market value but getting the bonus of having much greater insight into the car and the reassurance of it coming from and enthusiast who would have looked after the car properly. Price / value is only ever as much as someone is wi
  4. I remember visiting AFN in Guildford in the nineties. They had a delivery mileage Audi Quattro Sport (short wheel base) homologation car in the showroom. It had a sticker price of £50k if memory serves. I remember the salesman saying that it would be a great car and would have sold if it didn’t look so aggressive and the rear seats weren’t so small?! That motorsport special languished in that dealer for over twenty years until some brave soul came along...either that or they sent it to auction once it’s value passed £200k. I’m not saying the track edition is the same. But e
  5. The stiffer the chassis, roll bars and suspension arms and the lower the profile of tyre...the more likely you are to feel it. Hence more common with high performance cars. Some manufacturers allow passive and some active steer rear wheels to minimise the effect. I think the TVD on the RCF compounds the problem as it doesn’t allow the rear wheels to turn at different speeds at parking speeds - so it exacerbates the ‘pushing’ effect. Winter tyres are usually softer compound with softer side walls.
  6. Ackerman geometry. Nothing wrong with your car. It’s physics.
  7. Hi all, I’ve found my way here from the F-forum. I had an RCF Carbon until recently. Sold it. Bought something sensible to cart the children around in and now the balance is burning a hole...had too much time on my hands over Christmas and after what feels like a complete trawl of every car I’ve ever been interested in on AutoTrader (why do we do it to ourselves) I think I’ve concluded the sc430 is an itch I need to scratch. I’m always one for hens teeth so I’m going to hold out for a facelift pre March 06 car. There’s a couple on the Trader but I’m not sure they’re right for me. The Cat-D is
  8. I had a c70 t5 coupe with a manual box about twenty years ago. Mentalist fast...or at least it felt like it at the time (before that I had an 8v mk2 golf). I’ve never heard a car door make the same noise. Incredibly well built car. The early C70s we’re screwed together by TWR, so basically hand built. The Dynaudio stereos sounded better than the MLs in the F cars too. As for modern equivalents to the F, no offence but I wouldn’t have an AMG...too shouty. The engine blip on start up is obnoxious. Feels like a gold belt buckle. Or a fat man wearing sparco driving shoes. BMW m-cars are
  9. It’s not that strange, but it is different and reflects the fact that Lexus UK is a bit different from other brands in the UK as they are both Importer and distributor. They only have a tenuous link with Lexus EU and keep at arms length as much as they can. So they order what they need from Japan direct and for rare cars like the Carbon and other F cars buy what they anticipate what they need all in one go. Therefore the cars we have are those that they brought over with each release of cars. Rather than Japan setting the quantities or UK getting an allocation as part of a EU wide annual orde
  10. Hi all. Just to say my Carbon has now sold. Full asking and bought by a trader so I would expect to see it on a forecourt with fully refurbed wheels and new rear tyres for a bit more money than I got for it. It really is mint and well cared for...planning on doing a full cost of ownership post soon should answer a lot of questions for those considering buying an F car.
  11. You know what they say...proof of the pudding is in the eating. My RCF is now sold. Full sticker price. I guess it wasn’t overpriced after all.
  12. I think I have though? Within £1,000 pounds there are cars with significantly more miles and/or less good spec and/or questionable servicing/care... ...fortunately for me I am in no hurry but I certainly don’t feel I’ve priced it too high. I completely appreciate that it’s a specialist proposition- any 20mpg v8 is right now, even more one with a non-German badge and less mainstream kerb appeal and even, even more one that looks like it’s had an accident in a Halfords parts department (I don’t think this is the case by the way).
  13. This is pretty much the only reason I have to get rid of my RCF. It’s looking likely I’ll be working from home for at least the next year or so and even when I go back to the office it will only be 1 or 2 days a week. So it’s me doing the school run. And with four kids, that means I’ve had to borrow an old golf off my dad and my car just sits fallow on the driveway. If only I could convert the cup holders in the back...
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