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  1. That is...terrifying!
  2. If anyone does make contact with the seller, I would be interested in purchasing the damaged grille, I need a piece that I can cut out of this for something I'm working on. Don't want to pay much for it though - more of a nice to have than a must have...if it's damaged it won't be much use to anyone else, so I would pay £20 + Delivery for it. If no-one is making contact I will make contact later this week.
  3. I might be, but I have an RCF...would they be cross compatible? Is there any indication of HP gains from doing similar stateside? On other cars, decent headers can liberate quite a lot, non?
  4. I think it’s about right. Original was about 325hp and 5 secs to 60, so it is a spot on others have said it was what people turned those cars into and their potential that was exciting - I’m sure this will be the same. For me, I think that’s the failing of the GT86, not enough tuning potential...this on the other hand shouldn’t have that problem.
  5. Thats what i've got on my that not what is in the standard RCF?
  6. tomRCFcarbon

    Favourite ISF wheel

    I've lost many hours on their website (particularly the build threads)...make sure you read this, the sound of that v8 on the dyno will haunt your dreams! And this is Phils latest toy!
  7. tomRCFcarbon

    Favourite ISF wheel

    A mate of mine runs this business, they are a super friendly bunch and bring lots of exclusive designs in from Japan...,silver&wheel_pcd_stud_pattern=5x114-3&wheel_size=19&wheel_structure=1-piece I've pre-selected: silver/grey (sorry Paul)...19"... and the correct stud pattern (5 x 114.3, is this right??)...there's some pretty good looking (and v.similiar to the above) wheels on there
  8. We knew this already...but 3 Lexus in the top 10!? 6 with Toyota!!! 3 VAG in bottom 10 and Audi is the worst.
  9. I guess Toyota could’ve taken a different approach and never created Lexus...after all the brand was strong enough to shift MR2, Celica GT4’s and importantly for the point you are making the Supra in big numbers back in the day and so they could have conceivably taken the car they developed in the shape of the original LS and left the Toyota logo on the grille. But sports cars and the UK were not the nuts they were trying to crack at the time - Luxury cars and the US were. And for that to work they needed a new brand and they were probably right. Now they could have gone the route of Acura/Honda and had a market specific brand in the US, but they didn't. I have to say my original response was more about 'why don't people know or care about F-cars' rather than 'why don't Lexus sell more F-cars'...after all Lexus sell (quite quickly) all the inventory they bring to the UK. If my response was more focused on 'why don't Lexus sell more F-Cars' then we get into quite complicated territory: - Firstly Lexus is not Lexus. The Lexus we all know and rely on is Lexus UK (actually its franchisees being co-ordinated by Lexus UK, but lets park that for now). Lexus UK is an independent entity to Lexus EU. Which is an independent entity to Lexus Japan (HQ). Lexus UK are supposed to work with Lexus EU and co-ordinate. But in reality they don't and historically the relationship has been patchy. Both Lexus EU and UK work to Japan. They receive their inventory from Japan. They receive the product from Japan and the brand guidelines from Japan. They have some autonomy in terms of marketing, advertising, dealership design and brochure-ware but that's about it. - Secondly why do they have an F car at all? The reality is they are halo cars. They help shift the perception of the brand and access different audiences. But mostly they allow them to sell the 'F-Sport'. In the UK they sold ten times as many RC F-sports as any other car in the RC line and five times as many RC F-Sports as RCF's. The F-Sport is a higher margin product and they want to sell as many as they can. - Thirdly. They sell as many as the dealers allow them to sell. Lexus UK compile the order they make from Japan based on the sales projections they get from dealers - Fourthly. Trade tariffs and some of the other bits from my other post and probably lack of sunroofs or something
  10. and this: (sorry)
  11. and this:
  12. this is worth reading too: sadly this now applies to how Porsche, etc roll
  13. same review (basically) as the print one on the website, best quote: 'A simple straightforward head to head between the new Lexus GS F and a BMW M5. And yes, it’s a ‘30 Jahre’ edition M5, not because it swings the power barometer even further in the M5’s favour, but because it was the only one that BMW had.' Hahahahaha...this is BMW's press team responding to a request for an M5 for a group test against a Lexus? A car that has been designed to embarrass the m5 and surprise, surprise the £25,000 more expensive special edition was the only car they had to hand...have you ever been to BMW UK, every middle manager is driving an M car and most are driving M5's they have so many in their fleet that on any given summer day - you can go to one of about 5 different national/local country shows and there will be a full M product range on display. So it is quite funny and a credit to Chris Harris (probably annoyed about the reality of the above), that he finds in the GSF's favour. The fact that the Top Gear website is dripping in BMW M advertising makes this doubly more surprising...but its why he never got the Editor-ship job at Evo, he just couldn't tow the line...he wrote a column in Evo about it once, how influenced and under pressure he felt from advertisers - which no one would have thanked him for.
  14. It's true though. The issue is that the journalists end up in an impossible situation, of their making, but devised by the big brands (a bit like Russian Kompromat). After all no one forced the averagely paid journalist to accept the 'free' Macan that Porsche is lending them (for over three years) for the school run, but if they do - how do they resist the pressure to write a positive review of the new four cylinder 911? Back in the day Chris Harris was quite honest about it, in his Pistonheads review he went as far as basically describing how annoyed he and his fellow journalists were that they had to go straight from the airport to the briefing to drive the car and still had their bags with them!