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  1. tomRCFcarbon

    RCF Rear seat...

    It’s a secret...! (mostly not interested in debating the merits of what I’m planning to do in an open forum...happy to talk about it over a beer but web forums and opinions I find are unhappy bedfellows!)
  2. Has anyone had the rear seat out of the F? I am particularly interested to know if the centre section cup holder bit comes out easily or not...
  3. tomRCFcarbon

    New owner

    Welcome! A lovely car and the engine is a peach! I have to say that a carbon bonnet and roof would set it off perfectly 😄
  4. Cool. That would be amazing. So would that make the cost be c.£1,400?
  5. Is this another quicksilver exhaust? Sounds incredible! I might have to take the plunge!
  6. I’m in: Toyota Testing RCF-Like Special Carbon Edition GT86 Only if it’s CFRP though...I’m not into any of that other Carbon Fiber rubbish!
  7. He’s quite a driver and has a whole load of toys to play with!
  8. I had a friend who turbocharged his 2003 Civic Type-R. Admittedly front wheel drive so slightly different kettle of fish...but it ruined the car. He removed it in the end. My friend Phil has an AE86, they handle amazingly well...admittedly it’s not quite stock!
  9. tomRCFcarbon

    Derestricted RCF

    I understand that the compression isn’t high enough to warrant super unleaded... 🤐
  10. I’ve always loved these and think they are wearing their years well. Know nothing about the interior, but I think the exterior is looking more and more handsome.
  11. We’re all pretty much talking about the same thing, CRFP is ‘carbon fibre’. There’s quite a few speaker manufacturers that use the weave in their mid/bass cones with very little and sometimes without any resin at all, Wilson Benesch being one... B&W use Kevlar (amongst other things now) rather than Carbon fibre which has similar strength but is more flexible which they say gives a better dispersion pattern when flexed and causes less distortion than an identically shaped cone made out of carbon fibre. FUN FACT: My GT STS XCR-1000 mountain bike from 2000 is made out of thermoplastic and the weave is very similar to the bonnet of my RCF (just less lacquer!).
  12. tomRCFcarbon

    Derestricted RCF

    Well there’s a video of an RCF on dyno that shows the speedo at 325kph. So the theoretical maximum of gear x rolling distance isn’t going to help i think air resistance x lack of HP will be the limiting factor...
  13. tomRCFcarbon

    Derestricted RCF

    I wrote exactly that in the topic description...there’s a lot that’s irrelevant about the car - but it’s still coooooool - on that basis please can we pursue the theoretical (if entirely irrelevant) top speed of the car without electronic interference...? Please let me have that fun..?
  14. Does anyone know if this is possible...little point I know, but I wonder what the top speed would be without the electronic intervention? [I did do a topic search before posting this but the site-wide search is seriously backward and after being warned not to perform another search for nine seconds(!?!) I gave up!]