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  1. This is being offered ‘unrecorded’ at just under £14k on AutoTrader. Damage looks like it would polish out(!). So once it has been this might be a useful ‘record’ for any would-be future keepers to know what they’re getting into. Black 2015 RCF If anyone knows the reg or goes to see it, might be worth posting it here for reference. Otherwise there can’t have been many black RCF’s that year so evidence of damage would be worth checking if anyone is going to see any black cars being sold in a few months time. ps - nice to know that our cars ‘would probably knock a Lamborghini out’...🤣
  2. I’m just bitter that I didn’t get a discount for having 50% less paint on the car!
  3. Finally got around to cleaning it, looks amazing! I really should do it more often...
  4. well that’s what they said to me... I would try and get an answer out of them if you can. They responded to me super quickly. I used the address in the email that Lexus sent me. Might go to a dedicated team. I know that they’ve furloughed most people, so it might be the only team left!
  5. Just adding to this. I contacted Lexus as my annual service and MOT are due in late April and Lexus Hatfield who’ve had the car up til now is closed. I was particularly worried about the service (rather than the MOT), as this is timed to coincide with the Extended warranty expiring (by just over a month). So I asked what I should do, and they said that given the circumstances they would honour the warranty for the extended period. So I’m completely relaxed about the MOT and service - and will wait until everything’s safe before taking the car in. I’m well under the mileage limit between services - it will just be 18months at this interval rather than 12 and knowing that if anything major comes up it will be covered is really reassuring...
  6. Not mine, she’s the identical sister from another mister to mine though.
  7. Good idea. I’m gonna do a before and after. My car is filthy. Quite honestly, between working from home, 4 kids and panicking about the impending coronapocalypse...hasn’t left much time for car cleaning.
  8. I got mine a month before my 40th. Just over 19 months later, still loving it!
  9. Your wife has a husband in Germany?
  10. Good point, I hadn’t thought of that. They must use RC’s rather than F’s for the modding in Japan. I guess it’s more about show than go...
  11. Autumnal leaves, shorter evenings, frost on the lawn...there is no surer sign that winter is on its way than the obligatory winter tyres thread on the F forum. I would love to run my F on a smaller set of split rims in the winter, with a winter tyre with more sidewall to make up the difference (from the Japanese sites the RCF looks f-ing amazing with 15’s and more tyre wall). But I’m no good at working out the maths, or sourcing the tyres, also I don’t have enough money and I’d never get around to swapping the wheels I just go with my part warn Michelin’s cross my fingers and hope they find some grip!
  12. interior looks pretty good.
  13. This is quite a good summary... Stingray vs similar performance / price competition
  14. I thought it was quite a good review until he referred to it as a super-saloon...