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  1. There was a post recently about number plates. One responder cautioned about sharing your number plate...which when I read it I thought was sensible, until I remembered that I and a lot of other people have posted photographs of our cars all over this forum, complete with number plates...which then got me paranoid about that. And then I got to thinking about geo-tags on photos...people talking about where they live to organise meet ups...and people encouraging users to plug their cars into diagnostic systems to see if they can be tuned (which is the only way to make a duplicate key). So for those more wise forum members, should I be paranoid? Should I delete my photos? Is it right to be cautious? And if so, what of and why?
  2. tomRCFcarbon

    Pics of your other car(s)

    Borrowed this from Lexus Hatfield (lovely people)...for over the weekend whilst my F is having the winter prep/service thing. We need a 7 seater and my other half thinks other 7seaters are too big (xc90) or naff (Prius + and Fords)...So I’ve managed to convince her to try this - please don’t let on basically the same size as the Volvo!
  3. tomRCFcarbon

    Too Flawed to Live With

    Out of interest, which cars and what jobs are you referring to. As far as I can tell from owning one and driving the other the LC500 is simply a better looking RCF with a better gearbox and smaller rear seats. The infotainment system (if we must call it that) sounds better than every German equivalent I’ve heard and whilst it is true that the trackpad is maddeningly esoteric vs the BMW, Audi and MB it isn’t bad enough to warrant downgrading to a mass produced, German, turbo-charged equivalent. As was once said about the Integrale: ‘you prefer it for the way it goes and steers, you love it for all of its faults’.
  4. tomRCFcarbon

    Strava...for cars

    Happy Thursdays @MartinLexus !
  5. tomRCFcarbon

    Strava...for cars

    Sorry if I was unclear. Not an online record of the driving itself. Just a record of the route (so a bit different to Strava). For example I live just south of London in Cobham (Surrey). To get to my parents in Worthing (Sussex) - I can take the a24, but if I’m not worried about time and I want to enjoy the drive a little more, there’s a route from mine that takes in lots of little roads through the Surrey hills that still gets me to Worthing but is an absolute blast in my RCF. Now unless you grew up in the Surrey hills there’s very little likelihood you would take this route - so it’s nice to share. Similarly next time I go to Nottingham to see a mate of mine there will be the M and A road route, but a user might share a good driving road I can try out instead.
  6. Guys. Porsche AG have just released an App called roads. Anyone can register, with or without a Porsche and the app promises to be immense. You simply hit ‘record’ when driving down your favourite road, and it ‘records’ where you went and then uploads it for others to find. Users can then rate and comment on other users driving roads. It’s early days but could be a great way of finding good roads when organising road trips etc.
  7. Left hand drive. Otherwise I would have gone for it...
  8. tomRCFcarbon

    Theft prevention

    Both of my keys are in a safe
  9. Got up this morning to find the key in the back door all broken and GF’s car key missing...looks like an arm came through the cat flap, reached up and pulled the keys that could be grabbed until the key ring broke. GF’s car was still there but I think that’s because her car alarm is broken and it goes off until you start the car. Which they wouldn’t have realised. I had been for a few beers after work, so my car was parked at the station - so am now a bit paranoid about the car. So the question is: for those whose cars are on a driveway and not garaged...what extra precautions do you take to secure your cars - if any?
  10. There were some press releases at the time of release that mentioned Revel, not that I can find them now of any case the lineage we benefit from is more Madrigal than Harman (or Samsung!) admittedly they’ve been swallowed up, but back in the day when they developed the drivers and amps for Lexus they were part of a hifi group along with ML that made unbelievable hifi. The teams that designed and made that stuff are still with both companies (except for Mr Levinson himself - too busy making s*x-help books with Kim Cattrall at the time...true story look it up). Point is the hifi’s we have in our cars are VERY special. This is Revel, they were part of Madrigal too. They’re still making pairs of speakers that cost £30k+!
  11. I would be amazed / genuinely astonished if I could do anything to make the ML in my RCF sound any better. Aftermarket car speakers are pretty much across the board terrible sounding. The drive units that ML specified were sourced via their sister company Revel so you’re in good hands. A direct Lexus sourced replacement will be best way to keep the sound quality of the ML spec’d unit. Then again beauty is in the eye (or in this case ear) of the beholder...after all some people think Bose and Sonos sound good - each to their own I guess.
  12. You had me at hello... ...the advert had me hooked the moment I saw it in the weekend glossies. Not sure a better advert has been written for a sports car since (except for the Saab 900 turbo advert - that was pure genius).
  13. That is interesting...if you want ear porn, this is the job I was working on with a mate of mine at the end of last year:
  14. Bagsy first in the cue when you ‘get bored’ of it! fantastic work!
  15. Sadly this sort of logic doesn’t carry with some members!