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  1. Mileage owners ?? etc service history??? log book??? Any more pics of damage and what needs to be done to get it bak on the road??
  2. Is it difficult to, only reason why i dont want to drill holes is because i might damage the body work? Also do you drill from the inside or outside? Thanks
  3. Jus spoke to lex cov. They seem to think the problem is to do with the tyres. They recommend dunlops only. I find it hard to belive that the tyres would have a major effect on the steering. The tyres on my car are some foreign make and susposed to be made by michelin. I dont fancy changing 4 tyres as my exsisting ones still have a decent amount of grip. However i need to solve this problem. Has any one got any solutions?? Thanks
  4. Just spoke to lexus coventry, they seem to think that the cheaper brand of tyres are causing this problem. I find it hard to believe this. How could the tyres have such a dramatic affect. They said that dunlop sp9000 are the best ones to go for. Can any one give me any advice. I dont really want to change 4 tyres as they still got about 4mm grip. Thanks
  5. I have seen some lowering springs, have you heard of H&r springs? If so are they any good. Also what other brands are recommended. Thanks any advice is appreciated. thanks
  6. Where can i find the colour code and how long is it? Its a is200 astral black 1999 v.
  7. Buyin a Is200 what to look out for, my cousin is after a lexus is200. We went to see a 200 w reg one with 78k mileage. What sort of things should be look out for before buying. The service is due how much will it be? , What things under the bonnet should be look out for, is there any way of noticing major issue. Thanks Any advice is appreciated. Thanks
  8. Me and my cousin went to see a lexus is200 se. He is interested in buying the car. The car has done 77k and is 2000 w reg. I would like some advice on things what we should check before buying the car. Is there any way of idenfying any major mechanical faults. What things should we look out for under the bonet. And how much would a 70k service be as it hasnt been seriviced since 64k. Also it has corroded alloys how much are they to refurb or are they covered under warranty. Any advice is appreciate thanks
  9. try elephant they susposed to be quite cheap. cheers
  10. There is quite a few is200 sports for sale on the autotrader website. Seen some good deals going for about £9000-£10500. Good luck in finding one.
  11. Whats the difference? And how much roughly should i pay for one GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 GSD2 tyre. Thanks
  12. what you people reckon of these tyres GOODYEAR EAGLE F1 GSD2. Thanks
  13. Yeh very true mines already lost about £500 and its only been 3months. I think it mite be time to cut my losses and go back to another cheaper car.
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