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  1. Eastwood1994

    New Tyres for NX300h F Sport

  2. Eastwood1994

    New Tyres for NX300h F Sport

    Anyone got any suggestions on which I should get out of these? (All should be shown on this link: https://www.asdatyres.co.uk/215-45-17) Comforser CF700 GT Radial Sport Active Bridgestone Turanza T005 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 They're for my 2016 CT 200h. Don't really want to go with the Comforsers because I'd rather spend a bit more money on a set of tyres for the added safety/grip/fuel economy. Has anyone had any experience with any of these tyres?
  3. Eastwood1994

    Attempted Lexus theft.

    The poor fella, I hope they catch the perpetrator. Robbery is appalling to begin with, never mind attacking an old man like that!
  4. Eastwood1994

    What Makes a Premium Car these days?

    For me it's about performance, cost, design and materials. E.g a car built with carbon fibre is obviously going to be the "premium" choice over a car made with other materials, which also effects cost. This will probably also make it a hell of a lot more exclusive, and will likely be made be a high end and already "premium" brand. So they're all tied closely together. Although you mention styling is very subjective, which I agree with, I do think it has something to do with making a car appear "premium". Even though it may not add much in terms of performance and won't effect the technologies within the vehicle, the styling definitely factors into whether or not the car is heavily sought after imo. Think of it like beauty standards outside of the automotive industry: beauty is most definitely subjective to each and every person, yet some individuals are highly regarded as being "beautiful" or "good-looking" because they tick so many people's boxes of what looks good.
  5. Eastwood1994

    Car Mats for 2016 CT200h?

    Thanks for this one Richard, looks like a great website, but when I went on for some reason I couldn't select the standard mats for a ct200h? Anyway I ended up ordering them from here https://www.racshop.co.uk/lexus-ct-200h-2014-current-4-pieces-4-clips-car-mats.html as it was the cheapest I could find anywhere on the internet
  6. Eastwood1994

    Car Mats for 2016 CT200h?

    Thanks for this one. I'm actually not too fussed about getting genuine mats and would probably settle for tailor made ones from ebay or elsewhere tbh - I'm desperately trying to save as much cash as I can!
  7. Eastwood1994

    Car Mats for 2016 CT200h?

    Hi Peter, I've had a little look online but they don't seem to have them. I expected they'd have car mats for almost every car make&model under the sun! A little disappointed but not to worry.
  8. Eastwood1994

    Car Mats for 2016 CT200h?

    Does anybody know anywhere I can get a set of new car mats for a 16 plate CT200h? Trying to find the best deal here as I'm moving house soon and need to save all the money I can.
  9. Eastwood1994

    The lexus story

    This looks amazing! Time to get myself one I think...
  10. Eastwood1994

    Hybrid Badges

    Do they really come off that easily? Worrying..........
  11. Eastwood1994

    To buy or not to buy 2017 CT 200h Sport Plus

    Hey there! I'm intrigued to hear - did you end up purchasing the CT? And, if so, we'd be more than happy to see how she's treating you! Always happy with mine 🙂
  12. Eastwood1994

    Yorkies modified is220d

    Absolutely stunning mate!! You kitted it out anymore since last April? Loving the dual oval exhausts too btw. And that spitter makes all the difference for just £7! Good job.
  13. Eastwood1994

    Hate car parks

    Couldn't agree with the title more... I too hate car parks. I'll avoid them at any and all costs these days, even if it means I have to walk 5 or 10 minutes to somewhere which would've taken 10 seconds had I parked in the car park. At the end of the day I'd rather have the little extra walk and the peace of mind knowing that I won't be coming back to a damaged car, wherever I am. Parked my car in my local ASDA car park on a Tuesday a few years back. 8am. EMPTY. Come back to the worst scratch I've ever seen on the driver side door. Honestly looked worse than Leonardo Di Caprio after his bear fight in the Revenant. What's more is that absolutely no details were left but also... the car park was still virtually empty. Honestly don't get some people's thinking, parking right next to me in an almost empty car park. Starting to think it could've been a BMW driver... Hoping car tech will evolve to the point that the car produces an invisible force field when locked.
  14. Eastwood1994

    Best Lexus ever

    What a beauty! Must be rare - I've not really seen anything like it before...