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  1. I would definitely agree that user reviews on forums are more reliable and you get a certain honesty that you wouldn't find anywhere else. However I wouldn't outright dismiss professional reviews and reviews from magazines etc as it's good to get some quality technical info
  2. Not really a fan personally, but I can see why they would want to produce these things in countries where there's a market for them. £160k does sound a bit steep to me though...
  3. "Naming and shaming" is one thing, but trying to warn others and prevent someone from having their vehicle stolen is a completely different story. If you were aware that someone was a murderer, you'd want to warn other people, right? You'd want to prevent them from killing more people? Well, same goes here albeit for a different crime. Merely trying to save others from being robbed. And even if I did go into details in this post (which I didn't by the way, I simply linked), then I wouldn't exactly call it "naming and shaming". It's not like this person is an honest and hardworking individual. This is a sham transport company designed to steal from actual honest, hardworking people.
  4. No worries, just trying to warn others so no one else gets involved with this thief. If this post even stops 1 person from working with him then it's a job well done and a lot of time and money saved. I have no idea how he's not behind bars.
  5. http://www.briancanning.co.uk/ The website says it all. Avoid this company if you're looking for a transport company.
  6. Not sure what it was as its been taken down now. You need to keep your wits about you on eBay however, I never buy an item without messaging the seller first with some questions, even if I'm buying something cheap.
  7. Have you tried using a de-mister pad? I was skeptical about them at first but one of my friends recently had the same issue you have here and after buying one, it's pretty much resolved the problem. Mind you it wasn't in a CT 200h
  8. Very true very true, the UK roads are absolutely shocking! Especially near me. They need to start using tax payers' money to sort this kind of thing!
  9. Thinking about it now, I've had issues with my car because of "uneven wear" on the tyres a fair few times over the years. I quite often find myself having to pay for wheel alignment when getting new rubbers. I was just wondering what anyone has to say about what they think the main cause is? Road surface? Driving style? Weather based on where you live?
  10. Looks really good mate nice work 👍 good birthday present to yourself
  11. Just behind the rearview mirror so it's not obstructing your view would be best. You have to be careful where abouts you place it because I read somewhere that it can be illegal if you place it somewhere where it really obviously obstructs your view. It's probably best to place it slightly out of view anyway because if you have a more expensive dash cam then thieves might even try to break into your car just to take it. The same can be said even with cheaper dash cams really though, all are good and useful pieces of tech really.
  12. Best way to prevent keyless theft for little money is by keeping your keys in a tin/tinfoil (ideally both) and try to keep it away from the front of your house. It works wonders I'm told.
  13. Definitely looks like more of a "vehicle" than a "car"... I'm not quite sure what that "vehicle" would be, as I can't name too many Star Wars ships from the top of my head 😁