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  1. Isn't that old ISF (His first ISF) from Giblet?
  2. I like some motorbikes. My favourite is Ducatti Diavel. Doesn't matter if got upgdraded exhaust or not. This bike is something special and I like it as much as ISF. Some fast superbike screamer that is not my cuppa... Apples or oranges. All we have own taste. All this new type of camera, how they want to introduce it and reasons behind it are just wrong... Just like tax for cars. Instead pay tax as a part of petrol price per liter we have to stick to stupid rules about emission. They want to kill true petrolheads. Kill the joy of pure driving. I am dissapointed that government is spending my tax money for something some like that. They should try to solve true problems.
  4. Hi Guys, This car is a ex-forum member car which as far as I remember part exchange it for new Honda Type R. Happend around april last year. Car being sold by Honda dealership twice, or they tried to sell it to two different customers as the car dissapeared from Honda dealership website and appeared again to being sold for approx. £17000 with milage 78000. Now this dealer claim.that the car got aftermarket exhaust which supposed to improve the sound and engine response. Hehehe... Good luck with this one. Unique car due to sunroof but modified without any taste. These pipes reminds me about old Civic 1.4 with some fake exhaust pipe to make it faster.
  5. I tested one CT200h for 3 days. During that time I found that this car can drive but can not provide right level of enjoyment. The chassis is far too stiff and the ride far too harsh as a package with the CVT gearbox and provided engine. When you need the power it is like a old hoover. The road noise is worst than in similar hatchbacks but this can be related to the tyres. I cannot see the point of ML in this car unless you like to listen to the music when the car is stationary but I would prefer sit in my sofa than inside the car. My car was 66 plate and I belive new CT are a lot better.
  7. Hi Rich, I believe you got ISF from Gib from Leeds. Very good example despite high milage. And the exhaust is amusing. Good choice. Enjoy it. Tom
  8. Exhaust apparently Akrapovic. Anyone got more info about the car? On ebay now: £14750
  9. I think same think that this auction is a bit odd. Advised seller that he attached to the Lexus some Volvo service history and that I would like to see the car. He removed photos of Volvo service record and change the price but never text me back. Nice car but I almost bought other ISF from forum member two weeks ago. Sadly my barn on wheels (V70) needs some extra maintenance so ISF have to wait.
  10. Hi, Just after midnight the car was posted on ebay with asking price £11999. Now the price been changed to £14999 which is not so crazy low as before.
  11. Same ISF is on autotrader and they want £17000. Honda dealer. Apparently sold but question is why someone would like to get rid of the car so quickly and for less than paid...
  12. What is going on????
  13. Hi Nick, Thank you for the test drive. Defo different beast than IV gen of GS430h which I tested other day. Lovely car.