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  1. For sale: Datasystem ASC680L air suspsension controller with harness Item Condition: Used( less than 6 months old) Price and price conditions: 400 euro + postage , Cost 750 euro from Japan 6 months ago Extra Info: If your 07-09 Ls460 has air suspension you can use this controller to raise and lower your car to whatever height you choose. You can have 5 preset heights, set the front struts individually and rear struts as a pair. You can lower it all the way down to literally sit on the tyres if you want(obviously you shouldn't not drive it like this!) Instructions(Japanese) and original boxes are included Pictures: My daily driver height: Few other low height settings Contact Details: Location: Dublin, Ireland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: 15 euro delivery to UK and most EU countries. Payment can be made via paypal + fees, sent by registered, tracked post Any questions or comments let me know. Thanks Dan
  2. The battery back on the 600 is in the boot. Hence the smaller boot space compared to the 460. If your car also has the rear entertainment pack, there will be additional equipment in the boot that will need to be removed. Again it's very unlikely the whole battery pack would need to be replaced, usually the few bad cells can be replaced to get things back to normal operations
  3. Glad you enjoyed your road trip over. It's a small little isle but has plenty of stunning coast line. I understand your comments about northern Ireland it can be a mixed welcome sometimes depending on the areas you go through whether you are Irish or English. You should try time a trip to include a private track day around Mondello. has the schedule for the next few months. Same as above if anyone wants info on places to visit in Ireland or that, Drop me a pm also. I'm based in Dublin but can help with suggestions around the country.
  4. i use 2 -3 large drying towels after washing the car and it never leaves any streaks, What helps is spray some quick detailer onto each panel before you dry it off and that will help a lot in hard water areas, there is even some stuff from Chemical Guys that will help the water run off
  5. Ive seen one LS 600HL and there is 2 Ls460's close to where i live, one in the same estate, but its very rough and neglected looking(well in comparision to my 460!) There was even less sold in Ireland i'd say compared to UK
  6. So you are saying 5w30 will cause engine failure? I highly doubt that, considering it is listed in the owners manual as compatible with our cars
  7. Ridiculously expensive. I wonder what the total weight if the kit is. You could try a parcel forwarding service instead?
  8. i have no issues with rubbing at factory height or the height pictured above. wheels are factory 19 inch 245/45/19 tyres all round
  9. The plugs were fairly easy to open, just the access to the fill plug is awkward with the exhaust in the way. As for the pump, i used one of these: Cheap and cheerful and make it so much quicker than the turkey baster method mentioned above 🙂
  10. I got this installed over the weekend. Its a great bit of JDM goodness that lets you manually control the height of the suspension, ranging from SuperLow mode to slightly higher than the height high setting. Here it is installed and probably sitting mid range level in terms of height adjustabilty. It takes that jeep look off the car which i never liked. I'll stick up some more pictures of the different height options available for comparison and comment on the practicality of it for normal driving conditions
  11. i went with Motul 5w30 8100 econergy, its another good option, if you want to go with an aftermarket oil filter you could go with Mahle. For the sake of 3 euro extra i would just get the Toyota one
  12. i run 5w30 in mine and the mpg is normal. My user manual says i can use it. it mentions 0w20 offers the best fuel effieciency. I dont have mine long so on next oil change ill try 0w20 to see how it affectts the mpg, if at all
  13. There is no replacement for those trim pieces. I have seen guys in US paint them as close to factory colour as possible. Any interior trim repair place should be able to help.ill try find the thread If you are worried about the hybrid stuff, you can get a health check done as mentioned
  14. Back on track. OP i would give it a full service if it hasn't been done new spark plugs( oem Iridium ones are preferred) or Denso equivalent( user manual has part numbers) Oil/oil filter and air filters Toyota fuel system cleaner Disconnect battery to reset ecu. That would be a good place to start. All the above is not expensive and DIY capable.