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  1. You're a legend mate! I'm gonna have a crack at it in the morning. Fingers crossed.
  2. Cheers for the info mate 👍 I've definitely escalated it further, they're just taking the *****. I'm almost certain the technician they sent out has denied any wrongdoing. Seemed a bit of a pillock from the start. Is the 120A fuse difficult to get to? Is it as simple as just undoing some bolts to lift the fuse box out? Thanks again
  3. I have been fighting with the AA everyday since it happened. Initially it took them 1 day to get back to me to tell me that they are not responsible. Either they are just bastards or the technician has told them a lie. Now they say we are investigating further. But I need my car running, it's my daily driver to get me to and from work and get the kids from school.
  4. I am based in Walthamstow, East London. The red light is not on at all, the key doesn't lock or unlock the car, I have to manually put the key in to lock/unlock. Lock button does nothing, but the unlock button only flashes the hazards, doesn't actually unlock the car. Any ideas? Thanks mate
  5. Hi everyone. I have a Gen 1 GS300 and I'm having some issues with it. I put a post up previously about my car starting, running for a couple seconds and then cutting out. Also all the interior lights and gauges have stopped working. Initially the issue was that the alternator was not charging the battery and so it died. I have since had the alternator changed, unfortunately the 'genius' AA sent out to help me get the car home shorted out the battery. (Put positive terminal to negative) I'm completely lost as to what the issue is, the alternator has been changed, the car starts fine so I don't think it is the battery. I have changed the interior fuses for the 'Gauge' and 'Panel'. None of the electrics are working at all, sunroof, windows, steering wheel. Nothing. But the exterior lights do work. Also I noticed if I keep the key in the car for a few minutes it will refuse to start at all, take the key out, put it back in and starts no problem, but then cuts out again. I am reluctant to take it back to the garage because I just don't trust them anymore. Has anyone else experienced this before? I am really stressed out about this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Aamir
  6. Hi everyone. I am having an issue with my 1997 gen 1 GS300 Sport where the engine starts but immediately cuts out. It died on me right after getting my mot done. I was advised by the AA that it was my alternator that was not charging the battery. So I got the alternator replaced, put the battery on charge until it was full. Put the battery in but now the dash is not working at all, and the car immediately cuts out. When it died the first time it wouldn't even start, now it starts no problem but only runs for a couple seconds. I'm at a bit of a loss here as to what it could be. A new battery maybe? I'm not very adept with the mechanical stuff so any help is much appreciated. Thanks Aamir
  7. Cheers for the reply. The battery was changed around a year ago. Thing is it's driving perfectly fine and all the electrics are working no problem.
  8. Hi Everyone, I need some help with my 1997 Gen 1 GS300 Sport. For some reason some of the warning lights on the dash have come on just this morning. I drove the car extensively yesterday and there were no issues. The rear light bulb warning, brake fluid, oil and one more light is on although I can't remember which. I am not currently with the car so have no way of checking. The car is driving perfectly fine though, even with the lights on and it has happened once before, a couple days ago, but when I switched the car off and on again all was clear? But not now. Any ideas what may be causing this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks everyone! Aamir
  9. Scratch that. Started it up this morning and no whine. Checked the fluid and it's not black anymore. Maybe just needed to get fluid through the system properly? Might flush the system again just to be sure. Aamir
  10. Thanks mate. I think it is the pump. Now I need to find out how to replace it 😋
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm somewhat new here, so forgive me if I have posted this in the wrong section. Also I am incredibly useless with the mechanical stuff. Simple stuff I can do. So here's the problem, a week ago my car developed a horrible whine from the power steering pump, I was advised to drain the fluid as it looks like the previous owner either used the wrong kind or it's just old? Either way the fluid was not low but it was pitch black. I drained the fluid out and filled with fresh atf, and repeated 3 times, turning the wheel lock to lock in between changes, until I couldn't see any of the old fluid anymore. The whine has quietened down a bit but I can definitely still hear it. I wanted to know if anyone has any experience with this? Will the whine eventually go away or am I missing something? The power steering feels fine btw, it did have a slight vibration coming through and a strange almost burning like smell but since changing the fluid both of those issues have gone away. I'm a bit lost here, so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone Aamir
  12. Awesome. Thanks for the info John, I'll definitely give them a ring. Aamir
  13. Hi everyone. Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section or if this has already been answered. I am planning on sprucing up the spoiler on my gen 1 gs300 sport, but I can't seem the find the paint. I know I need diamond white pearl (051) but after contacting my local Lexus dealer they do not have it in stock. I have been told 5-6 weeks before they have it, but it is only touch up paint which will not be enough for me. I have found these guys: But I am not 100% confident in committing to a purchase yet. Im worried about starting the painting and then realising it's not a match, I just wanted to know if anyone can vouch for these guys and has purchased paint from them before. Preferably the 051 paint. Thanks everyone Aamir
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