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  1. Just priced up a complete set of Brembo pads (front and rear) with Brembo disc's for £163! Anyone experienced Brembo brake systems on the IS250? Are they a lot better than the Eicher entry level brakes?
  2. Trust me, you're about to loose your backbox, my symptoms were exactly the same as yours. Do you know someone handy at welding? Get him to investigate, this will save you a fortune.
  3. Makes a lot of sense, the 2 years prior to my purchase, the car had only managed 3-4k miles so I'd imagine it was being used as a local run around obviously not getting up to the kind of temperatures to fix the condensation. My backbox fell off on 26th December, I had it welded back a few days after that and a full service on 4th January, it's now running as quiet and smooth as you could imagine although mine is very well looked after, it had been serviced by Lexus exclusively as well as having all work done by them (must of been on a Lexus plan throughout it's life) I've said it before, the IS250 is a fantastic drive, really enjoy driving it.
  4. I agree, that diesel has an unleaded neck!! What the hell?? 😄
  5. I need to replace my LCD screen, I'm struggling to find the correct part number although I believe it's LCDs-LEXS-511F Anybody in the know happen to know? Thanks in advance
  6. What's even funnier is the cost to get it to the UK 😄 😄
  7. Yes, that's wrong. Look at the asterix next to 7.1 then read the explanation below.. They then changed their mind and decided on 8.1 although didn't update any of their product pages. It's very misleading, they have a great product although the business seems very poorly run.
  8. Grom never pushed 7.1... it was the original plan although 8.1 was announced fairly soon afterwards so they decided to concentrate on that version. I think the changes will be minimal although I'm looking forward to the updated version of Google Maps, the 5.1 version is terrible, white roads with no outlines makes it very difficult to use during the day time.
  9. Hmmm, I've spoken to Grom about this who've told me they are unable to implement a return to Vline after reverse although looking at his signature, he has a GS350 which doesn't use the same Vline box as the IS250, maybe it's been possible to fix on some vehicles?
  10. Reverting back to Lexus default maps is normal, mine does the same and I've heard that Grom are looking at a workaround although it's not a major issue after all, how many times would you really reverse in a typical journey? CarPlay works just fine using the method posted a few posts back, once it's activated it works perfectly, absolutely flawless with not a single problem. It jumps straight into CarPlay once the usb is connected without any prompt. The new manufactured units come with Android 8.1 although they encountered issues when updating existing units, they say they are still on course for a release this month.
  11. Who said it couldn't be put back? This happened to me, I know a welder who tool a look and told me it had failed on the weld so was a simple case of reinforcing and welding again. I'd suggest that if it's the guys offering to sell you the new cat back who told you it can't be refitted, go to a welder for a 2nd opinion, I'd be very surprised if it couldn't go back. Stick a photo up of the silencer, I'll show it to my welder and tell you what he thinks.
  12. Google Maps on Vline is very very disappointing.. You can't make out the roads on it as the road colours are white with no outline, it works better in night mode and I hear that the upgrade to 8.1 should fix this issue as the systems Google apps are all updated. Waze is also crap, probably worse tbh! I've settle for tomtom which is fantastic, sharp graphics, real time traffic reports plus speed camera's, I used it on a road trip through central Europe and it didn't miss a beat in over 1k miles. Rocket Player is the best music player I've found, great GUI which is important in a car app. My favourite launcher is Car Launcher Agama, works so well on the system and is fully customisable. I see that Grom wanted to get the GUI looking stock although I hated it, clunky icons and not very modern looking at all. Audials Radio Player is brilliant, has a dedicated car mode, fantastic GUI and is so easy to use, its also free. I use both Spotify and Amazon Prime for streaming music, Prime is great and features the full Alexa voice activation. You can wake it at any time by using the Alexa command as you would on a dedicated Amazon device. Not tried anything video related, might have a look at Netflix tomorrow and see if I have the same problem.