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  1. Yeah all working now thanks. I do want the 8.1 upgrade although stupidly stupidly busy with work at the moment. Gonna try and get a few days off at the end of the month, I’ll drop you a message if I’m successful to see if you’re around.
  2. I got a pack of 3, all the same brand (3m, 2m and 1m). For some reason it didn’t like the longest although the 2m worked fine.
  3. It’s a quality replacement and well worth keeping aside if yours fails.
  4. Thought I’d mention, I ordered the touch screen from the link you provided and got it installed last weekend. For some reason, mine doesn’t have the difference in width or have the black bar on the right hand side as yours does. For anyone thinking of ordering this part, I’d highly recommend it, it works very well.
  5. Could you link me to the exact lead you have working through Apple Car Play? Bought a 2m from Amazon although it only charges and I can't get a connection (standard original white lead works fine)
  6. Good call, you could well be right there. I'll be out first thing in the morning to get it set up again, fingers crossed it works!
  7. Just connected up my code reader and found 2 codes reported:- B1248 - AVC-LAN communications impossible (makes sense as it's not connected) B1660 - P Seat airbag active mode indicator (confused with this as haven't been playing with anything else except the head unit) The terminals were 100% not connected with reverse polarity, it wasn't touched The battery was indeed a Panasonic black top clear case, so yes, its done well 😄 Out of daylight again, as you suggested, I'll connect it all up again tomorrow and see what happens.
  8. Some honest back story.... My touchscreen died a year ago and I only recently ordered the part in to get it swapped out, last Sunday was the day so I disconnected negative on my battery, removed the system and carried out the screen swap, everything went perfectly well although I ran out of daylight hours so put the unit to one side, connected up the battery and used it for work that evening, the car ran perfect as always. On Monday I woke up sick... Very sick, to cut a long story short, I've been housebound until now and half way through a course of antibiotics. My brother offered to fit the unit back into my car so it would be ready for when I'm back on my feet, I wasn't too keen although the Mrs advised we were going to need the car over Christmas and it may be a good idea. He had a go for me although reported back later that the car wouldn't start and that the system wasn't booting! Spoke to my wife who told me that she'd noticed that the car lights had been on almost all day plus while he was working on it, got her to check and the stalk was in the wrong position so yeah, I thought battery was probably drained and forgot about it. I checked my cars history and it dawned on me that the battery hadn't been changed in 12 years, there is nothing on the service reports indicating that it had been done, unfortunately no sticker on the battery indicating its age either. Decided to buy a Bosch S4 068 as it seemed long overdue. Felt good again today and found the system screen unit on the passenger seat unconnected so I removed the old battery and connected up the new, tried to start and nothing... There is a sound like it's trying, 3 lame attempts and nothing!! Phoned my brother to find out the full story and wanted to check how he did it, he then told me that he felt bad and it's been on his shoulders since Monday that he forgot to disconnect the battery before starting work!! I'm wondering if something has blown? I checked the fuse box next to the battery, everything seemed good, found the starter fuse although couldn't determine if that was damaged due to being sealed. Does anyone have any suggestions here? It was working fantastically well until this moment
  9. Could someone point me in the direction of a wiring diagram for the IS250’s sat nav, entertainment system? Many thanks
  10. As the subject said, If I have removed the system (screen and cd unit) will the car still run? Need to do a little work on it although would still like to use the ar whilst its being repaired. TIA
  11. ***** this is turning into a disaster 😂. One clip seems to be jammed at the bottom of the unit and another on the passenger side which is connected to a metal bracket which I’ve got no clue of how to remove 😩
  12. I’m doing the screen change right now.. got the console out and I’m looking behind the unit but there are so many leads attached, how on Earth did you ensure you got the right leads back in the correct position??
  13. What length of lightning cable did you need to achieve this?
  14. I've ordered a new touch screen, coming from China i'd imagine its going to take a few weeks. I notice you use Apple Car Play a lot, where did you route the lightning cable to on the dash? As I'm having to take the system out again I might as well do this at the same time so would appreciate any pointers.
  15. Final question..... promise 😄 Could you link me to the video you used? Just want to take a look before ordering 🙂