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  1. I don't think that would work very well, seem to remember someone on the US forum tried this and found the satellite acquisition period to take around 5 minutes!
  2. I replaced the screen myself, cost £100 and was an original part.... £2750! What a rip off! Just shows that Lexus employ part replacement technicians who don't have a clue of how to save the customer money!
  3. I'm curious, how comes your bar is on the right hand side of your screen? Is this an option somewhere. Are you running 8.1 as your screen looks like it has a slightly better resolution than mine.
  4. All reassembled and now works once again... This wing mirror had been like this since purchase so pleased its all working as it should.
  5. Worked out the problem, removed the the side mirror assembly as I wanted to check everything, removed the mirror and CAREFULLY removed the gear box for inspection. Opened up the gear box and stripped it down to find that one of the 2 plastic gears was broken. Took the gear to a graphical designer I know who recreated it within his 3D software, it's now printing on his Prusa i3. I'll collect it this evening and refit everything, fingers crossed 🙂
  6. My nearside wing mirror is playing up, I can only control it to operate left and right, it won't go up or down (offside works fine) I pulled off the control panel last night to inspect the wiring, couldn't see any obvious problems, the contact is good from the plug to. Took the trim off the door inside and checked the same, couldn't see anything obviously wrong. Obviously it is working as 2 directions are fine, anyone have any ideas of where to start here?
  7. I do know of a mobile wheel guy who will do all 4 in a choice of colour for £100, not used him personally although I know many who have been very happy with his work. If you decide not to do it yourself, let me know and I'll pass on his details.
  8. My money's on the pins, Lexus wont touch them and prefer to list the calipers as needing replacement. If you're competent, jack the motor up and remove the pins giving them a good grease. I do this as part of a 6 month maintenance schedule when I also change the oil, not a long or difficult job at all.
  9. I'd put money on a connection issue, hope you get it sorted.
  10. I'm in the habbit now of double clicking the button to get a return to GROM straight after manoeuvre. The install is pretty straightforward, I have my GPS receiver on my dashboard (passenger side close to the window) Satellite acquisition is almost instant, I chased the mic cables up through the pillars and it sits next to the rear view mirror.
  11. When you mention that the previous owner replaced the starter a few months ago, this makes me suspicious, did he fit a new motor or reconditioned? Did he do a competent job, I'd be looking at the connections to the motor. You mentioned a 2-3 second to start time, this is not normal either, I'd be looking closer at the starter motor with your symptoms.
  12. Just to add to the 5.1 debate, mine is 100% stable. 8.1 doesn't fix the automatic return to VLine after reverse action, GROM have mentioned that they cannot fix this issue. Not a real problem though, you maybe engage reverse twice a journey so hardly a deal breaker. I admire your patience waiting 4 weeks to install, I had my garage door open, tools ready whilst waiting for the courier to drop it off 😄
  13. I thought that if the throttle body is removed, the ECU detects the change and would need a reset before it starts. If you've removed the battery overnight, this will force an ECU reset so you should be good to go in the morning.
  14. Hi Paul, I've not upgraded to 8.1 yet, still have 5.1 installed on my head unit.