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  1. Above also applies to the new ones!! Makes things so much easier in the future.
  2. Always happens on the Prius as well. Get an angle grinder to reduce the diameter a bit, grease well, and fit new concertina rubber boots. Check every year.
  3. I was aware of indentations, so purchased thick ISO fix friendly protectors for base and back, with additional rubber floor mats on top of the base part, including the centre plastic division. Tape also affixed to the sills that they use as a step. The self moving electric seats are considered as magic!
  4. Update! Didn't change for an F, but got the hybrid instead. As hoped, seats go in ok. It is a bit of a squeeze lifting little lad into the rear facing one, and ok for occasional use. Wouldn't want to do it on a daily basis.
  5. That whole panel should be very easy to sort out. Fill it carefully, sand, primer, and use the closest colour match in an aerosol. Or fill etc and carbon wrap it. Then see how the surround looks, and if not happy replace new or wait for a breaker part.
  6. Same with me. It's not very obvious that you have to put the key in the 'back' part.
  7. Had a Stag years ago that got me into V8' s. Loved the burble. A lot of the newer Mercedes and Audi V8's always sound as if they have a missfire, or firing in the wrong order.
  8. Still had the Infinity exhaust on it. Mark still kept the stock one. As regards tyres, they were fitted just before I bought it. Bridgestone Potenzas. I only did 4000 miles at MOT time, when the cracking was picked up. Fronts had 7mm and rears 6mm!! The manufacture date on the sidewalls was very late 2016. I contacted Bridgestone and they said to send photos, but I didn't bother. Was going to get a bit of money's worth out of them and replace before the next test. They're safe according to Bridgestone. Googling shows there have been recalls in the USA.
  9. I've just part exchanged mine at Milton Keynes Lexus. KM11EFO.USB, white leather, 49500 miles, full Lexus history. Infinity exhaust. No roof though. Well known forum car.
  10. The only Lexus with tips that get bigger in the cold?
  11. Pretty sure they do. Malvern is good to walk round as well. A bonus would be a walk up the hills overlooking the factory. Nice drive up through a residential area to a car park, and then an easy hike up. Nothing too strenuous, and the weather looking good for it.
  12. Went to the Morgan factory last year. Fabulous place, and a very interesting tour. The car park is quite small, so arrive in good time. Make sure you come away with a piece of wood! The shop is very tempting too...
  13. There was a recent thread about wheel refurbishment by BritPrius. Company called WheelFurb. On their website they show black plastic nut covers for about £15 if that helps.
  14. Same here. Personal and car details there, but no service history...
  15. Morning all. The join at the flexi / metal bracket is certainly in an exposed place and would be subject to being peppered by water and muck from the tyres. Certainly, from looking at the area from the side with the wheel removed, it does look like the pipe disappears up behind the arch liner. But it doesn't. It goes up about 7 or 8 cms, then rearwards for 3 or 4 and then down again to make a 3 sided rectangle. And as far as I can see when on my back, then goes towards the centre of the car. As I mentioned, there is ample room and pipe to effect a repair if desired. Perhaps this can't be seen if the original silencers are in place. Hopefully these incidents will inspire other owners to inspect and protect.