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  1. Glad you're OK! As mentioned, it does seem a design flaw on lots of cars. You'd have thought that an essential safety item should always be in full view. I wonder if a home mechanic or back street garage would have cut the bad piece out and rejoined? I also assume it's a split system so the other half would have worked.
  2. I had an ES300h Sport as a loan car from Lexus Coventry earlier this week. I ended up having it for 48 hours. In that time I didn't really have time to explore the interior electronic systems for fear of altering something! Agree that it is a wonderful car, and really good to drive. But, as mentioned, the seat material did not impress, and whilst the plastic trims were nice and solid, I imagine they will not look so good in 5 years time, especially if the car has an uncaring owner. You feel that even a gentle brush with a door trim will leave a scratch. The biggest thing I did notice was the lovely smell of leather when I got back in my ISF. The ES I'm afraid just smelt of plastic.....
  3. Hi Toothy. Yes, they mentioned you were in, saying they were having an 'F' day, with mine, yours and an RCF in as well. As you say, very good people.
  4. Just returned home after having the 8 year service and MOT. Dropped the car off at 10.00 Tuesday and was loaned a 68 plate ES300h. Fantastic car and a pleasure to drive. Called into Leamington Spa for the day. Whilst having a late lunch, I was called and told that the air con condenser was leaking, but not to worry as the warranty company had already been called and gave the ok to replace, and would be ready Wednesday. We have baby sitting duties on a Wednesday involving a late finish, so was told to keep the ES, and please return early Thursday. I always wake early despite being retired, and so arrived just after 8.00 to bright and cheerful staff. Paperwork all ready and explained and I paid taking advantage of the LOC discount card. ISF sitting gleaming by the door, and so off home. The experience of purchasing and having the car serviced with them has all been superb. A good Dealer with a great bunch of people. Can't praise them enough.
  5. Thanks Colin Colin. How easy is it to do? Don't really want to mess things up, especially as it's still in warranty.
  6. Just browsing an American forum about driving the car in manual mode. Using the paddles is not a problem of course. What does bug me is that the console gear lever seems back to front when using the stick. When watching touring cars, they always go up the box by pulling the lever down, but in the ISF you have to push it forwards. The only time I really use the stick is pulling away at a roundabout when the wheel is turned and your fingers can't find the paddle. The American forum suggests the wiring within the console can be swapped about to make the stick more logical. Anyone done it?
  7. The car looks stunning in the video, but the colour change has been very poorly done. The slam panel and behind the front bumper are still blue, and close up, there's plenty of orange peel. I'd run away from that.
  8. As mentioned above, I'm also glad I went down the F route. I looked at the usual contenders, C63, M3 etc, and looking at the owners forums, just couldn't face the worry of frequent expensive bills. Had mine 11 months and 4000 miles and have spent nothing on it. And sleep at night, knowing that with the warranty, I should be covered. Since the Aston Martin Vantage came out, I always lusted after them, and one was also on my list. Again though, they seem to have regular battery, clutch and body work problems. I looked at some at a place called Mcgurks, and was very tempted to call in again after the recent F meet at the airfield café. Then I thought, do I really want the prospect of potentially having to budget £2-3000 per year to keep one going. A good unworried blast home opening that second intake cured me. For a while.....Or will an RCF be next??
  9. Thinking of changing cars. Occasionally have to transport 2 grandchildren, aged 3 and one. No problem in the ISF with a forward and rear facing set up. So, once the seats are in an RCF, is there enough room to get the kids in and then strap them up? I realise the rear facing one is going to take up the most room, and fortunately my wife is on the small side, so the passenger seat can go forward a bit. Not thinking of long journeys, just 15 minutes or so from nursery etc. Anyone do this?
  10. All being well, I'll be there. Might I suggest owners could put login names on a sheet of A4 and place on the dashboard? This would help putting names to cars...
  11. I imagine it would be to prevent sticking calipers. I used to drive a Prius as a taxi, and it was a very common problem. Every Prius that I knew of suffered from it, especially those that were rented. It didn't help having them washed often, the jetwash blasting the brakes a couple of times a week. The problem was solved by stripping, cleaning and greasing them every other oil change, ie twice a year. The Prius specialist I used would do this very quickly whist you waited. He has pre built bearings and suspension units on the shelf. If you pre booked, a front wheel bearing was done in 25 minutes, the whole hub being replaced. The worn hub was then rebuilt and put on the shelf. He obviously charged his labour for the whole job, not just the 25 minutes! He's brilliant, saving drivers being off the road for long periods.
  12. I use Tesco momentum. Usually costs the same as BP 95 Ron. Don't use ordinary supermarket fuel though.
  13. Or you can use ' man maths' to justify the £555. Wife's Aygo, £0.00. My Prius shopping etc car £10.00. The ISF, £555.00. Total, £565 divided by 3. £188 each. Not so bad then!!
  14. Agree with above. Ive kept my ex taxi Prius. 187,000 miles, so not worth very much, despite being in very good condition. Had it since 57,000 miles, and maintained it regardless of cost, so know it well. Tax, MOT, a service and insurance costs me about £6.00 per week over a year now. Use it for shopping and running about. I'm retired now, and firing up the burbling monster makes every journey an exciting event....and so, so worth it.
  15. Can't help with the supply. There should be a little catch chord with a barb on it that threads through the cover so that it dangles if coming out. Suggest getting that as well if it's gone.