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  1. Looking at the exclusions of the warranty, it does say that lights, bulbs, and headlight adjustment is / are not covered. May be this is why they wish to charge?
  2. Had similar experience with my RC fob. First time it had been opened I think. In the end it was brute force and ignorance! I eventually got it apart, and my finger tips were very 'dented' afterwards.
  3. JTB, thanks for that, ref the tape. Didn't know that was available. Given me some ideas now...
  4. I think that looks really good, and well worth the £220.00. How do they trim the edges when fitting? It would concern me if they used a blade that cut through to the original paint. Future removal may then leave cut mark lines with the potential for rust?
  5. Had my granddaughter in her ISO fix seat today. She undressed her Teddy, then stuffed his clothes and him down the side of her seat blocking the Hybrid fan cooling vent. No problems caused as it was a short journey. Seems a bit of a daft place to locate it. Higher up under the small window would be far better.
  6. Each to their own. I only use to change a wheel. If changing pads, I obviously have a stand as well. Major work goes to a garage.
  7. I use those rubber pucks from Amazon. No problems with them. Recommended.
  8. Killysprint, yes, I understand what you say. My point is that if a shared component on a Toyota RAV4 fails after 4 years it's covered under warranty, but you'd have to pay with a Lexus. On a further point raised earlier about the servicing on new vehicles where they can be serviced according to manufacturers schedule by a vat registered non Lexus garage to maintain the warranty. I'm sure a Toyota garage could service a Lexus better than a specialist in Lexus's eyes. So how about going to Toyota for 3 years at possibly reduced cost....
  9. What really miffs me is the Lexus versus the Toyota warranty. I have an RC300h, 3 years warranty. Toyota RAV4 hybrid, 5 years. To get the extra 2 years warranty on my Lexus, £995. Many of the components are shared. Should really be the other way round. Still, my choice.
  10. If I had the choice of a car with full Lexus history and one with specialist history I'd buy the former. Don't forget the extended warranty can still be purchased at up to 10 years old with Lexus history. If for some reason you are not able to keep the vehicle for as long as you think, you may have troubles selling. F cars can take a while to sell anyway and you'd just be adding to the problem. When I had my ISF I knew how much it would cost per annum as I had the fixed cost of the warranty, plus the service cost. A complex and expensive 9 year old car (when it finally gets to that age) will be a much better purchase option with warranty than yours will be.
  11. PRT68

    Back To Basics

    No spare in my RC either. I do carry a plug kit and footpump in the boot. A friend of mine does similar, and when on a long journey or holiday, has one of his old legal tyres as well (ie, no rim). He fills the tyre with soft luggage, shoes etc. That way if he gets a non repairable puncture, he can give the tyre to the rescue person to get fitted so he doesn't get stung for an expensive replacement.
  12. Above also applies to the new ones!! Makes things so much easier in the future.
  13. Always happens on the Prius as well. Get an angle grinder to reduce the diameter a bit, grease well, and fit new concertina rubber boots. Check every year.
  14. I was aware of indentations, so purchased thick ISO fix friendly protectors for base and back, with additional rubber floor mats on top of the base part, including the centre plastic division. Tape also affixed to the sills that they use as a step. The self moving electric seats are considered as magic!
  15. Update! Didn't change for an F, but got the hybrid instead. As hoped, seats go in ok. It is a bit of a squeeze lifting little lad into the rear facing one, and ok for occasional use. Wouldn't want to do it on a daily basis.