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  1. Had the same problem with the rear screen on my RC. Solved by buying a micro fibre cloth pad on a handle from Poundland for £1.00! Makes the job so much easier. Always do mine in the Spring so it's clean until the Autumn, and then the haze that builds up reduces headlight dazzle through the winter. Then do in the Spring again. Do the other glass monthly.
  2. After many secondhand cars, my first new car was a 2002 Skoda Fabia. Close inspection by myself and friends showed that virtually every part was stamped or labelled VW. We all know why, and it gave the impression to many people that the Skoda brand was a reliable bargain. Indeed today, Skoda has a better reliability record than Audi because older 'sorted' technology is passed down. So my lowly Skoda had just one spelt Skoda name on the hatch, with nearly all other parts saying Volkswagen. My Lexus has one spelt badge on the boot lid, and just about every other part stamped or la
  3. Looks to me that one of the clauses may be that the original 3 year warranty has not expired. So may not apply retrospectively if say your car is now 5 years old. Have to wait and see.
  4. Tend to agree with all the above comments. Prior to retirement, I had a couple of Prius as a taxi for 6 years. Bought an ISF when I retired, and now have an RC300h, both purchased as a step up from Toyota. When service time comes along, I've had a demo Lexus as a courtesy car, and on all occasions, been glad to get back in to my own. I can't see myself purchasing another newish Lexus, as I don't think the quality is there now. Add in the fact I won't have an SUV style of vehicle, and I won't have an opportunity for a CT sized car as they don't do one now. So back to Toyo
  5. Bought some 5-30 from Halfords for the wife's Aygo today. £14.88 with the LOC discount. Good deal.
  6. Well, on mine, the top 3 or 4 lines don't clear the screen. All those below do. I assumed the top ones were for the radio.....
  7. I have an RC Luxury without the memory seats. I'm 66, fortunately without health problems, and it's OK getting out after trips up to an hour long. 2 hours plus, and I then tend to get out by placing my right hand on the cill and then 'spinning' out . Sometimes it's elegant, sometimes it resembles falling out! Main thing that bugs me on my version, is that the mirrors can only be folded in before turning the car off. Meaning you can't look rearwards before opening the door. Great care is then required.
  8. I thought I had that problem with my ISF when I bought it. A quick look in the manual said to to only check the oil level 5 minutes after turning the engine off. This then gave the correct reading. Is the RCF the same?
  9. Hmmm, I've read similar reports on other forums. It would also seem that Skoda reliability is better than Audi, because they use the older technology that people like him are developing! Back to this car. It wouldn't surprise me if it's had an accident prior to delivery, and that's the cause of the poor paint and water ingress.
  10. Yes Scudney, it is me. Clue was in the number plate! Nice to see another Lexus owner. Saw yours and reminded me of my ISF, which was a regular there for Momentum. Just remembered, your number plate, ha!
  11. Glad it's all sorted. As an aside, bought a magnetic GB plate prior to going on the Eurotunnel. Went to apply at the services, and guess what! Luckily it fitted above, on the narrow panel adjacent to the central L badge.
  12. I've had my Luxury version coupe for 18 months now and love it. As mentioned, rare and always garners looks especially when parked. No problems or surprises. Very, very quiet when cruising . Have set my over taking indicator flashes for 8 times. Only disadvantage I can think about of, are the wide doors, possibly giving you a problem in city car parks. I'm retired, and as it's fairly low, getting out sometimes resembles falling out!
  13. When I had a Prius as a taxi, I used to take the brakes apart annually, and never had a problem after the first seizure. Other drivers that used to use hand car washes seemed to have problems as the chemicals and regular blasting of the power hosing took their toll. Don't do it now on my Lexus, as I fear that it may invalidate the warranty. If there's a problem they seem to be covered according to previous reports.
  14. I found a quick search on YouTube is the best bet. Watch a few times, and then sit in the car and do it. I set mine to 7 flashes.
  15. Try these, Local to me and heard good reports
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