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  1. Don't forget to try The £20 voucher reward works well. I've made use of it twice this year. Once as a lever for a reduction on a premium, and once where they couldn't reduce further so changed companies. Voucher comes through in about 10 days via email. Chose the Halfords one and combine with the LOC 15% discount, result!!
  2. Another quick way to improve your rusty nuts. Roll a 3 inch wide piece of card into a tube to fit over the nut. Put nozzle of silver spray can right up to the tube and give a very quick spray. All four nuts done in 5 minutes.
  3. Sorry, my mistake, was looking at the Brembo prices, which I would personally fit. They often have a 50% discount, and a Brembo set up would be approx £232.00 collected. Didn't mean to offend.
  4. May be wrong, but just checked, and your prices don't look quite right.....
  5. Also noted that in one scene there were two Lexus, same colour. Looked fabulous. I suppose they must have a fleet. Good illustration of Money Shouts, Wealth Whispers....
  6. The warranty length of time niggles me a little also. To me, as a Premium brand, Lexus should have the 5 years, and Toyota 3 years. What would Lexus do if a Toyota branded part failed between 3 and 5 years? I realise mechanical parts may be model specific, but many electrical parts are the same. I suppose the only consolation as regards the extended warranty has is that it is much better in the cars longer life. Other makers do not compare. We go in with our eyes open when we purchase, so I guess we can only blame ourselves! Thankfully they don't go wrong very often.
  7. I've had an ISF, and currently have an RC300h. Just me and the wife and we have two grandchildren, ages 4 and 2, both using child seats. The 'problem' with these is that their legs stick out straight at this age. A previous poster with an 11 year old and longer legs will be able to use the footwell. Having said that, no real problems in either car, but something to bear in mind. Both boots about the same size, but a major disadvantage with the ISF is that the rear seats do not go down, making it awkward to transport large items. The backrests in the RC, do fold down, 60/40. If an only car, a useful feature. There is next to no storage space in the RC. Glovebox, door pockets are abysmal, centre console a fraction better! Lovely cars though, so your choice!
  8. Don't forget to buy some polish😎
  9. It's straight forward, although it may not be if the sliders are seized! Good luck.
  10. If you do have to replace the battery, make sure the + and - terminals are the same way round. A few stories on the ISF forum of major problems if not.
  11. Similar to mine a month ago. 2016 with 15kmiles. Self diagnosed it would be the battery after reading on here, especially with the low mileage of only 10,000 miles in the first 3 years. It then stood on a main dealer forecourt for 3 months. Was fine for 5,000 miles, and then failed to start once, but did so after an hour or so. What really annoyed me was a quote from Lexus Milton Keynes ( where I bought it from ) of £395 for a replacement!!! Called my favourite dealer at Lexus Coventry ( where I bought my previous ISF ) who quoted the proper Lexus price of £125 fitted. Called MK again and they were adamant it was still £395! Guess where I went, and will continue to do so. Car been fine ever since.
  12. Don't forget, servicing is both time and mileage dependent. 12 months or 10000 miles. So, if you have only driven 5000 miles in the last 11 months, it will need doing to maintain warranty.
  13. The car also beeps to remind you that it's moved away from the key.
  14. Yes, fully agree this seems odd, especially as many components are shared. My usual dealer has both Lexus and Toyota on the same site, sharing the same workshop! My 12 volt battery failed last week on my 3.5 years old Lexus and cost £125 to replace. Didn't unduly worry me, as the car only did 10k miles in the first 3 years, and then stood on a forecourt for 3 months before I bought it. So lack of use was possibly to blame. But, would that have been sorted FOC if it was a Toyota?
  15. Yep, waste of money. These are going to turn out as SatNav has, a future selling point. Whatever brand of car you have, when you come to sell, SatNav is always a must have in the eyes of the next owner. Yet most inbuilt units are a faff to use and we don't bother to use it. We just stick our phone to the dash! The car will take a hit on the price without, so you must have it.