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  1. Cost of road tax. Cost of fuel. Low mpg. Having to pay for the better fuel. Cost of living. Working from home. Plus things I haven't thought of!!!
  2. Had 4 new tyres fitted a few weeks ago. The fitter was very careful and marked the inside of each rim with a yellow marker to indicate which corner it came from. No damage, and no pressure problems after.
  3. Same here. I'm 67 and now retired for 4 years. OK for money, so thought I'd do some volunteer work. As you, the amount of hoops to jump through to give my time for free are astounding. So gave up. Thought it might be easier to do a paid part time driving job, but as you have found, the same difficulty. So F them, I'll continue to enjoy holidays and the Lexus!
  4. Looking from another angle. The 3 tyres all losing the same amount of pressure could be explained by the temperature and conditions not being the same when the second reading is taken. Warm tyres will give a higher pressure, cold tyres a lower pressure. That's why pressures are reduced on track days etc. As for the odd one losing pressure, get the tyre swapped over to one of the other rims. You should then get an indication as to whether you have a porous rim or slow puncture.
  5. You're dead right there. It's in the same position in my RC. With a child seat installed, it's a very snuggly place for a teddy bear 🐻....
  6. When I had a Prius as a taxi, it was always like that after 3 months and 10,000 miles. Not surprised when in use 12 hours per day, 5 days a week.
  7. If selling at £215k and buying for similar, have you budgeted for selling, legal and stamp duty fees? Presume you've looked at bungalow prices? The lack of new bungalow builds is creating a premium on prices now, especially in my area. Whatever you do, don't go leasehold!!!
  8. PRT68


    White residue suggests that may be from what she scraped it on. A good go with T cut may well clean it off. A trip to an independent body shop for a quick machine polish may sort it out for ' a drink '!!
  9. Mileage is approx 6k p/a., Malc. My days of messing with cars are over now, just want to clean and drive now. My first choice would be an 06/07 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, but they now seem to be getting rear subframe problems, and most will need a clutch costing about £3000. Lots of other niggles too. If the LC doesn't drop in price, I may well end up with an RCF
  10. Exactly this. With inflation as it is, the heavy end of the market is going to suffer big time. Small, low tax rate and low fuel consumption cars are increasing in value, and will hold their value. 5 years ago during a sale at a Toyota dealer up north, my wife bought a 4 year old 63 reg Aygo for £3780. With an extra 6000 miles on it, WBAC will now pay £4000 for it, and it will retail at £4995. Look on Autotrader. High tax rate cars that return less than 25 mpg are going to drop in value. Hope I'm right.
  11. I have been thinking/hoping the same. I was ready to take the plunge just as Covid etc started, and then prices increased. Amongst other investments I have the maximum in Premium Bonds. May well take half out, and partex my current car. I'll soon be 68, and may be the last time to own a V8 before the electric future.
  12. Try being a Taxi driver! Many punctured and written off tyres caused by screws, nails and glass. Certain estates in my town always needed extra care , especially when turning round. Many bits left about from dismantled cars and fly tipping! The dreaded tick tick noise as the wheels went round, resulting in putting the car in neutral and pushing it whilst looking for the culprit. I even carried large self tappers to plug a hole to get me to a repair place! Memorable one was a double, caused by running over a bottle. Had to get a mate to pop to my house to pick up another wheel from my garage at 3.00 in the morning!
  13. Always have 2 keys in the car when on holiday. Spare one is turned off and in a faraday pouch in the wife's bag. Never a problem. At the destination we leave it at the accommodation in case her bag is stolen. Only ever had one problem, and that was in a 1996 Mercedes C180. We were attempting to board a ferry to Jersey and the car refused to start. Until my wife moved her bag. She'd been leaning on it compressing the buttons whilst I was trying to start with my key.
  14. My Grandson likes to open the boot. I nearly hit something after he'd pressed my sensors button by mistake! Always check the green light is on now.
  15. Dear oh dear. 26000 on rear tyres! You're obviously not driving it hard enough. Most wear them out before noticing inner wear!!!😁
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