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  1. Years ago, I used an old radiator hose with a hairdryer to direct the air to the bulb hole.
  2. Hi Flytvr. Yes, I have heard, hence my avoidance of details.
  3. Not only read it, I used to own that actual car! In the photos it's displaying a personal plate of the then owner ( who put the cat back exhaust on ). I know the original reg, but won't print it for privacy reasons. The car is well known on this forum. I managed to purchase a copy of the original magazine, and left it in the car when I part exchanged it.
  4. Purchased my ISF in June 2018 at 65 years old. Had many cars including a few V8's, and wanted one last one before I and they become dinosaurs. This was of course the best one. Part exchanged it after 13 months in July last year (at 66) for an RC300h, and I now waft about. Total cost of the F with depreciation, fuel, tax, insurance and a service, worked out at about 80p per mile. Goodvalue I think
  5. I can confirm the refund. When I purchased my 2011 ISF it came with the usual 12 months warranty. At the same time, I also signed up for the 2 for one extended when that expired. At one month into the second year, I received a check for the unused 23 months remaining. What I would mention is you only get a refund if you haven't made a claim in that year. Luckily, I put the car in for a service and mot 11 months after purchase and some warranty work was carried out under the 'first year'. Had I waited and had the service and mot after that, I would have encroached on the second year, and then only got 12 months refund. So play your cards right!
  6. I had the same 'problem' when I had an ISF. Can't quite remember, but I'm sure if you push the button in to select cruise control, and then push the stalk away from you for 5 seconds, you should then have the normal cruise you desire. Once done it remains until you turn the ignition off.
  7. Is the brake light switch ok? This played up on my Prius and cruise control failed. New switch cured it.
  8. I had problems with my alarm when I had a Prius. Leaving my phone inside, mirror effect sunglasses stored in the interior mirror box, and being parked in my driveway nexted to a kitchen window with a microwave oven in sight , all caused the alarm to go off.
  9. Part exchanged mine in August for a 16 reg RC300h at Lexus Milton Keynes. Luxury model in silver with grey leather. Now wearing my personal plate.
  10. Oh dear, sad to hear. I recognise the plate, and Mark was the previous owner of the ISF I've recently sold. It will have been a cherished car as mine obviously was.
  11. Looking at the exclusions of the warranty, it does say that lights, bulbs, and headlight adjustment is / are not covered. May be this is why they wish to charge?
  12. Had similar experience with my RC fob. First time it had been opened I think. In the end it was brute force and ignorance! I eventually got it apart, and my finger tips were very 'dented' afterwards.
  13. JTB, thanks for that, ref the tape. Didn't know that was available. Given me some ideas now...