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  1. Pretty sure they do. Malvern is good to walk round as well. A bonus would be a walk up the hills overlooking the factory. Nice drive up through a residential area to a car park, and then an easy hike up. Nothing too strenuous, and the weather looking good for it.
  2. Went to the Morgan factory last year. Fabulous place, and a very interesting tour. The car park is quite small, so arrive in good time. Make sure you come away with a piece of wood! The shop is very tempting too...
  3. There was a recent thread about wheel refurbishment by BritPrius. Company called WheelFurb. On their website they show black plastic nut covers for about £15 if that helps.
  4. Same here. Personal and car details there, but no service history...
  5. Morning all. The join at the flexi / metal bracket is certainly in an exposed place and would be subject to being peppered by water and muck from the tyres. Certainly, from looking at the area from the side with the wheel removed, it does look like the pipe disappears up behind the arch liner. But it doesn't. It goes up about 7 or 8 cms, then rearwards for 3 or 4 and then down again to make a 3 sided rectangle. And as far as I can see when on my back, then goes towards the centre of the car. As I mentioned, there is ample room and pipe to effect a repair if desired. Perhaps this can't be seen if the original silencers are in place. Hopefully these incidents will inspire other owners to inspect and protect.
  6. Just been looking at my rear brake pipes. Fortunately able to see them without jacking the car up. This I'm possibly able to do because mine has a modified exhaust with very small rear boxes. I should think the large stock boxes would obscure the view. I can see where the flexi joins the metal pipe at the mounting bracket, and there is no corrosion at all. I can even see numbers printed on the pipes. I'm assuming that's where gb1600e experienced his problems. If it was, there does appear to be enough exposed pipe to allow a repair with a short section of new pipe and a join. To do a thorough check would obviously require inspection on a lift. Be interesting to know where DarISF's failure was. My car is a June 2011 model.
  7. Well, that's the second ISF to go down on brake pipes in a month. The first a 2009, and now a 2008 model. Looks like preventative measures are needed. I'll be having my wheels off, wire brushing, rust treating and greasing mine.
  8. On the side wall of the tyre. Look for the letters DOT. Following that there should be a box with numbers. 4216 denotes the 42nd week of the year 2016 for example. Looking at your mileage you should wear them out before they crack!
  9. Glad you like the car. You mentioned the tyres. Keep an eye on them. Just had my car MOT tested, and was advised that all four Potenzas had age related cracking in the tread pattern. All four were fitted by the previous owner about 18 months and 6k ago. The manufacture date on the sidewall shows the rears as 4216 and the fronts, 3216, so very late 2016. Fronts are 7mm, rears, 5.5mm. I check the pressures every 2 weeks, so no under inflation etc. To say I'm annoyed is an understatement! And the MOT history looks like I don't look after it, as it only mentions the cracks, not the tread depth. Research does suggest it's a common problem! In the past I've only replaced at 3mm, 7mm is a disgrace.
  10. Goodness knows how fast my car would be if the rear seats folded down. ( you'd have to have been on 'Pistonheads' for a few years to understand )........
  11. Saw the advert last night. Not only the pipes, the wheels are wrong as well. They don't show the engine bay. Wondered if it is a 250 with crashed F parts added to make it a look a like? Having said that, the tech specs are ISF.
  12. Glad you're OK! As mentioned, it does seem a design flaw on lots of cars. You'd have thought that an essential safety item should always be in full view. I wonder if a home mechanic or back street garage would have cut the bad piece out and rejoined? I also assume it's a split system so the other half would have worked.
  13. I had an ES300h Sport as a loan car from Lexus Coventry earlier this week. I ended up having it for 48 hours. In that time I didn't really have time to explore the interior electronic systems for fear of altering something! Agree that it is a wonderful car, and really good to drive. But, as mentioned, the seat material did not impress, and whilst the plastic trims were nice and solid, I imagine they will not look so good in 5 years time, especially if the car has an uncaring owner. You feel that even a gentle brush with a door trim will leave a scratch. The biggest thing I did notice was the lovely smell of leather when I got back in my ISF. The ES I'm afraid just smelt of plastic.....
  14. Hi Toothy. Yes, they mentioned you were in, saying they were having an 'F' day, with mine, yours and an RCF in as well. As you say, very good people.
  15. Just returned home after having the 8 year service and MOT. Dropped the car off at 10.00 Tuesday and was loaned a 68 plate ES300h. Fantastic car and a pleasure to drive. Called into Leamington Spa for the day. Whilst having a late lunch, I was called and told that the air con condenser was leaking, but not to worry as the warranty company had already been called and gave the ok to replace, and would be ready Wednesday. We have baby sitting duties on a Wednesday involving a late finish, so was told to keep the ES, and please return early Thursday. I always wake early despite being retired, and so arrived just after 8.00 to bright and cheerful staff. Paperwork all ready and explained and I paid taking advantage of the LOC discount card. ISF sitting gleaming by the door, and so off home. The experience of purchasing and having the car serviced with them has all been superb. A good Dealer with a great bunch of people. Can't praise them enough.