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  1. I have a lexus CT 200h advanced CVT hybrid electric. My ICE (In car entertainment) is integrated with audio, system sat nav, Bluetooth connectivity etc. I wish to install reverse camera. When i put the car gear in reverse I would like the reverse camera to turn on and images/video of the surrounding area relayed to my ICE display. I live in a house with a tiny off street parking. The best way to get the car in the drive is to reverse backwards into this tiny drive. My coordination when driving backwards is not very good and i get anxious as a result now only do this manoeuvre in light traffic. I know that many cars allows this feature to be added as it is like "plug and play" system attached to ICE systems. My brother had a reverse camera installed in his car (Toyota Prius) and raved how convenient and useful this feature is and recommended it to me. I have asked the mechanic at the garage that installed the reverse camera on my brother's car had he said i needed to find out if the lexus CT 200h advanced CVT ICE allows for this to be added. So this is my question, is it possible to instal a reverse camera on my car?
  2. I have a lexus ct 200 h 2014. If i were to leave the car headlights lights on after a drive at night will they automatically shut down when i lock all the doors? Or after a certain amount of inactivity?
  3. Thank you to all that replied. It has been reassuring. I did not wish to risk the 60 miles+ anecdotal experience of zippyone. It was quiet reassuring to feel comfortable to drive approximiately 15 miles to my favourite pertrol garage. I like going to a particular chain of petrol stations.
  4. I have to usually do long rural drives and motorway driving. I have a lexus ct200h 2014. I wish to find how much fuel i have remaining in my fuel tank how can i do this? On my steering wheel on the right side there is a button that shows me trip detail but it has no data on how much fuel is remaining. I get an orange light when it is low but this is only an indicator.
  5. Thank you for the concise version just on manual configuarion. i have the manual and i downloaded the email link given to me earlier 684 pages. I think this part of the manual on automatic configuration is written and visually displayed poorly. I will read it and see if it i could make sense of it. I had a go already via the menu via the display on the dashboard, (the same one as the sat navigation) but with no success.
  6. It is the autolock procedure. i will check under "autolock" in the manual Thank you
  7. Hi i have followed NemisisUK advise. If I put the little lever just below the door latch in the door edge down children inside cannot open the door. If it is up then on my lexus when start my car after driving for about 1 minute the child lock is activated automatically. 200h has advised me to look at my owners manual chapter 6.2 on my manual is about lights
  8. How do i get my car from not always automatic locking itself? The child lock is always being activated, this prevents people sitting in the back seat opening the door by themselves or until i have deactivated the child lock. Thank you.
  9. What is the recommended oil for ct 200h? Anyone has preferences for brand etc?
  10. Hi i would like to connect my car using bluetooth, when i go to do it i am unable to do it. Second picture there is a small phone icon top right hand corner with red diagonal backward slash Attached are picture
  11. looking at the light bulb, amongst all the other text I can decipher w21w, is this the one I need? Thank you
  12. Thank you colin7966 i have no purchased this. I thought it would be worthwhile to purchase front head lights and side slights as these tend to be the ones that wear out the most on most vehicles. Does anyone know what these ones could be? i am planning to look at the car and upload images soon. Thank you,
  13. I need to purchase a reverse light bulb for my lexus ct 200h, frst registered in 2014. I wish to know the name of the bulb in order to purchase it, i tried reading the text on the bulb but I am not able to properly read it. I have attached a picture of the light bulb. Thank you,