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  1. Just reading through this, the car is working great. I understand that its a used car, so I don't expect it to be perfect. I spent a lot of time looking for the right car and decided that if I were to get one that I would be better getting it from the main dealer. Yes, that particular car may be a bit more than a private seller, but I also wanted one that had a full Lexus service history, so that I could check what had been done on the car, and have all the paperwork to account for any work that it had done. I also managed to get 12 months warranty with the car too, plus all the wheels refurbished, and all brand new tyres. Also, any issue I have had have been raised to the main dealers, with the matter being solved. The alternator was covered under warranty, but the battery was not.
  2. Car was booked in today and it was sorted. Battery and Alternator where replaced.
  3. Lexus £105 for a battey supplied and fitted. No bad considering the Bosch one is £95 on eBay. Plus any issues I can go back the dealer. I will let you know the outcome tomorrow.
  4. Your right the battery is not covered. I thought a battery was checked as either part of the mot or service?
  5. It was fine when I bought it, just this last week it’s been at fault. Get a new battery Friday and get the dealer to check the car over, so it’s a 100%
  6. So the battety is indeed the original. The date is 28/07/08 but the car is a 2009 car. Should this not have been swapped when I bought the car?
  7. Thanks for that, I want them to check the car before assuming its the battery. Oh right, that's not very good on EuroCar Parts, its what comes up when I enter my reg. Giving customers the wrong information. I will have a look for that battery now, what you recommended. Thanks https://www.eurocarparts.com/068-car-batteries
  8. It's under warranty, seeing as the nearest europarts to me is by the dealer, I would rather go there, as I don't want to get a new battery and its not fixed the problem. I am also wondering should I even pay for one, as I bought it from the main dealer, so should it not have been checked, as part of the service & mot is it not?
  9. It's going to the dealer Friday for an investigation, rather than go to Halfords (don't trust them tbh), just to see whether it actually needs a new battery, as the AA guys have said that it seems to be fine, but the dealer where I bought it from could not tell me when it was last changed. EuroCar Parts recommends this: https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Lexus_IS_2.5_2009/p/car-parts/car-electrics-and-car-lighting/electrical/car-battery/?444770306&1&323fc780610c1e4104c58d542cf28cb7f03decbb&000020
  10. So I have had my IS250 5 months, bought from a main dealer, recently I have been having problems with the car starting, even after being used every day for my commute to work which is 30 miles to and from work. I have had the AA out twice, they have tested the battery and there was 0.7amps coming from the battery after they jump started it. I have been using the car daily, but today got in it as I was working from home, and it's completely dead, won't start, no warning lights, anything. Checked the boot, glovebox, all the doors, radio was off, lights off, wipers off. Has anyone come across this problem before, it's off to Lexus on Friday as its the earliest they can get me in. I am a bit disheartened as I've only had the car for 5 months.
  11. I will see if it could be the speaker in the dash. But its really annoying.
  12. So I bought a Lexus IS250, a few months ago, 09 plate with 70k from a main dealer. I noticed after a month or two that there were these rattles coming from the dashboard and drivers door. Now they replaced the clips in the dashboard, but then its still happening, any advice? Also with the driver's door, would it be worth trying to clean the door rubbers with some wd40? I have seen a few threads on here mention this. When I had taken my car into the dealer the service manager told me originally that it was an old car, and that the dash rattles were not covered under warranty. But I was persistent, as I had only had the car a month after it started happening. I was glad they fixed it but now it seems to have returned. But its only when I drive on rough or bumpy roads it happens.
  13. So I’ve had all the windows open because if the weather. Now when putting all the windows up, one of the back windows won’t close. It just goes up and then opens up straight away. Ive manged to close it, by slowing pushing the switch up. Any ideas?