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  1. I own a 2002 IS300. I had a battery failure, so I got a new battery. Since then, the following yellow lights always came on (not flashing), on the dashboard - engine warning, oil warning, failed light bulb. In addition, the small dial indicating miles per gallon has stopped working. I tried resetting the ECU by disconnecting the negative side of the battery for an hour - this didn't help. So I removed the EFI and ECTS fuses for a couple of minutes and then reinserted them. The engine warning yellow light is now off but the other two remain. The MPG dial still doesn't function. I have plenty of oil in the engine and cannot find any lights/bulbs that need replacing. Before the battery failed, there were no problems at all. "...a hell of a coincidence....?" Any ideas or help will be appreciated.... Thanks!
  2. I've just updated my (very old) sat nav data disk but the screen no longer closes when the ignition is switched off. I can close it 'manually' by gently pressing it down, but is there a way to reset it so that it pops up and down and tilts as it should....? Thanks for any help.