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  1. Hi all, probably a long shot, but I need to let go of my '67 reg sonic red LC500 Sport+ (6,500 miles, tan interior) as I need space for 5 people and am in need of an interesting saloon. My wife is not allowing any of the usual German options (M5, E63S, C63 etc) so I thought I might side step. Even if not selling immediately, I'd be interested to hear. Especially if you'd like to swap with an LC500 as I'm guessing it will take me a while to sell the LC.
  2. Thanks Colin, I feel quite short changed about the lack of these features on our cars now!
  3. Is it still a Lexus system? If so, can we hope to eventually get the same. If not, any technical reason why not?
  4. Hi all, it appears that over on the american forums, people are saying there is a software update for $199 which updates the LC (and other 2017+ Lexus model) infotainment software to enable Apple Car Play. Apparently officially released in May 2019. Anyone had this update in the UK?
  5. Mine is not a daily driver but it is probably the best made, most complete car I've ever owned. I've owned a total of around 35 performance vehicles over the years. Yes it has flaws but the sensory response I get from it is second to none. Could it do with being quicker? Yes it could. Could the infotainment be better and more intuitive? Yes it could. Could it do with 360 panoramic cameras? Yes it could. None of those seem to bother me and it is the first car in years I am considering keeping for longer than a year or two. PS. Having got Miracast to work with my androi
  6. Mine has been driven a fair bit the last 10 days. Around 500 miles. i can't stop myself. Unlike other cars I've owned, I don't really care if it racks up the miles. It feels like a keeper.
  7. Hi all again. I picked up my sonic red LC500 this week (just over 2k miles). It is a Sport+ with the tan interior. I had test driven this vehicle previously but now that I have a few hundred miles in the driving seat, I thought I'd post this up. Looks - The sonic red colour is stunning and has real depth when seen in sunlight. It does pick up surface scratches easily but I am going to detail it and have a ceramic coating applied mainly to make it easier to clean. Up close, the car has some very interesting angles and it reminds me of various different cars (LFA, Nissan GT-R). It loo
  8. I wouldn't be getting the Lexus dealer to detail my car or apply a ceramic coating. I have a detailer whom I have used for years to do this and he normally keeps a car for 3-5 days (depending on the amount of machine polishing required). I have had G-techniq and cQuartz ceramic coatings applied before in various cars. In my experience cQuartz was far longer lasting (2+ years) even without applying the recommended reload every 4th wash. One I have not tried yet which is recommended is Siramik. And yes agree, its normally about £700-1000 for this sort of detail and ceramic coat.
  9. The dealer I am buying from has to be commended. I emailed him about this just now and he's replied almost immediately, reassuring me that they won't be doing any traditional smart repair. They lightly machine polish and apply heat in order to allow the top layer clearcoat (of the 5 layer paint process) to self heal. To be honest if it isn't a major cosmetic issue, I'm leaving well alone as I wouldn't even trust a bodyshop with it. Thinking of getting my detailer do a swirl correction and then apply a ceramic coating as I want this paint to last. Any others with experience on cera
  10. Just did a bit of reading about this and the ultrasonic blue Lexus colour seems to have this 5-layer process: I read elsewhere that recent Lexus models and other paints undergo this process so I can see how it is difficult to replicate with traditional 2/3 layer bodyshop resprays.
  11. Rayaans, apologies, I totally missed your post. Very helpful thanks. The sonic red car I looked at had a notable aroud 3cm scratch near the top of the driver's side door. To me, it looked polishable with a rotary polisher but the dealer mentioned a "smart repair" potentially to be done to it. I strongly declined that and suggested they try to polish it and go from there. The only other solution would be a bodyshop respray but I am worried about colour matching. Slightly surprising that cars of this age have to be written off due to repainting a bumper? Competent bodyshops char
  12. Thanks Malcolm, very helpful. Looking forward to this.
  13. Thanks Malcolm. I think mine is a Sep '17 car, which is probably why it needed the recall. So in terms of servicing, can I ask a favour? If you have the service booklet/manual handy, does it detail the schedule? Is the 12 month service a full or intermediate type? Did the v8 LC500 need a 1000-mile run-in service? I was told by the salesperson that this isn't the case.
  14. Hi all again. Having driven the v8 LC500, I put a deposit down this morning. I am hugely impressed with it. So much more special than any 911 I've had. The v8 sound is superb and it is really well damped despite the 21s. The car I am going for is Sonic red with the tan interior. It looked even better in the flesh than in pictures. It had Bridgestone tyres and I asked the salesperson if they were runflats but he said they are not? I thought they were standard in all LC500s? The car is a 67 with just over 2k miles and has had the fuel pump recall performed. There is an op
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