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  1. A heads up in case you are unaware. The Apple Car Play software update is now available.
  2. Any further news about the update for the LC500 Any further news about the update yet?
  3. The car was in sports plus + mode and from inside the car you did not feel too much roll. Much better than I was expecting considering the car was outside its intended mode. You are right that during normal road driving you don’t notice the 4ws but you could really experience the back end tightening the rear end when turning into sharper corners at speed The wing was in its normal automatic mode, but to show you I was trying here is a picture of the car with the wing
  4. Went to Prescott and did a bit of hill climbing. The Car was far more agile than you may think. The 4 wheel steering helped a lot!
  5. I have a brand new black indoor cover which is surplus to requirements. Top quality from Specialized Car Covers. if anybody interested please let me know. Cheers Paul
  6. I agree with all the comments. I think it is fair to that the UK Lexus does not have the image in the say way as the German or UK brands. The build quality, fit and finish is second to none but most people in the bracket will buy BMW/Mercedes. In the USA Lexus has a huge image, ( hence all the chrome bits) , just not here. The only reason I was looking to trade was the salesman asked if I was interested in a new car and I was curious. i love the car to bits especially the sound it makes and wholeheartedly glad I bought it and knew I would take a hit, just not that much. All cars in this class take a hit but you can get Hugh discounts off list price, I could not obtain one on the LC500. i bought my car on a PCP basis with a 3 year guaranteed value of £44,000 so on that basis I will be giving the car back I assume. I am not complaining but it am finding it hard to justify £20,000 a year financing and depreciation costs. Buying nearly new is the way forward. as an aside when I expressed these views to the sales person he said, I understand, but is a nice car just enjoy it!!!
  7. Just spoke to my Lexus Dealer today. I have a LC500 Sport Plus V8 2018 with 3000 miles on the clock and was offered £61,000 in part exchange for a new one. Thats a £30,000 drop in one year or 1/3rd of its new price! Not sure if that is any worse than other premium makes but is goes to show you pay dearly for buying brand new. Paul