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  1. Thank you for the replies, I think this answers it though. I don’t have memory seats and mirrors. Just another little gizmo (like a rear view camera) that would have been useful on my car. Oh well, I will just have to turn my head when reversing 😂
  2. I read in the manual that the wing mirrors can automatically angle downwards when you put the gear shift into reverse, presumably to see the roadside easier. i tried this but nothing seemed to happen, so I thought I would ask if this is a thing only available on luxury or premier models? I have an executive model, which does not have the auto mirror fold in and out on start up or turn off. Thanks in advance
  3. Looks really good , nice job 👍
  4. You could hold off for a while because the new Camry is making an appearance in the UK in 2019. I loved my Camry, plenty of room, well built and reliable and a decent turn of speed. i understand that the ES series Lexus and the Toyota Camry are built in the same platform, while the GS series is discontinued. In the Lexus department have you had a look at an NX? Plenty of room inside? Maybe not quite what you were looking for.
  5. I don’t like pushy salesmen or women anyway, so I was very pleased with the lack of a push, although as mentioned by others earlier in this post, I had done a fair amount of pre qualifying as a buyer before we even got to the dealership in Derby. A tyre kicker doesn’t travel 80 miles to do that. As it transpired we didn’t buy the car we test drove, but found a newer one in the dealer lot just walking around afterwards. It was a little more than what we had in mind, but it was newer, so we weighed that up and said, ok we will buy it. No pressure from them. Maybe we didn’t get the deal of the century but we got more for our part ex than they originally offered, so everyone saved “face”, no discounting from the dealer and a better trade in price for us. Everyone happy. 😊
  6. LexusIS300h

    1st Time lexus owner

    Happy new wheels and you I’ll love it, very quiet and refined and not too shabby in the performance department. I find that ECO is only of any use in stop start traffic, keeping the vehicle for the most part in electric mode. Other than that I drive it in normal mode and every now and again change to Sport and using the flappy paddles, drop a gear and overtake (just for the fun of it). It’s quite brisk but for the most part unnecessary if you do some forward planning anyway when wanting to overtake.... just does it a bit quicker 😂
  7. LexusIS300h

    Newbie, saying hi.

    Hi and welcome here. I only joined a couple months ago but it’s a good place for info on your wheels
  8. We didn’t go on your run as we are slumming it in an IS300h, 😂😂, but we bought it from Lexus Derby and know Alex well. He is the most courteous, enthusiastic, eager to please person we have ever met, at a dealership or anywhere else. It’s an 80 mile trip to get there for us, but next service we will probably go, mainly because of the VIP superstar treatment Alex gives to all his house guests.
  9. LexusIS300h

    Heated External Mirrors

    Thank you for the replies, I feel better knowing it’s there now 👍 Pretty obvious now when I zoomed up the image and it’s a wing mirror 😂, just thought it was the rear heater pic again.
  10. Sorry if this sounds like a “derr” question, but I haven’t had a car with heated wing mirrors before and the IS300h has them. How exactly do they start heating as I can’t see anything about that in the operating manual? I don’t see an obvious button to press either. I thought I would get this question in before they are likely to be needed, now that summer has deserted us
  11. @Linas.P What I’m saying is that to me there is plenty power there, so it’s good for me. Prius is nippy too, it makes a Porsche look puny for at least 30 feet flooring it from traffic lights, looks of WTF from Porsche driver when it takes off 👍😂
  12. I have waded through all 27 pages of this topic and off topic commentary, as I wanted to know what the GS would be replaced with. The ES styling looks just fine, but as just mentioned I wouldn’t buy a new one now, maybe in 2 or 3 years. Or maybe not. I have just bought an IS300h and I am very happy with it. Performance is far superior to the Prius I had so I have no delusions about it being under powered. It isn’t. While recently dropping it in for a free service, I spent the waiting time looking round the showroom offerings and sat in the GS300h and quite liked it. Indeed I was in 2minds to try and swap mine and a bit of cash for one. However, sanity prevailed and I didn’t, but I left with the feeling that the GS would be my next step up. Reading it was being discontinued was a bit of a bummer, so I hoped it’s replacement might match it, but reading the posts and seeing the reviews, it is likely to be a step backward. i don’t need a 3 or 3.5 litre non hybrid motor, I want supreme comfort, reliability and a stress free ride, which the Lexus hybrid really delivers. So I think my current solution will be to buy a 2018 GS 300h in a few years time, or maybe “man up” to the NX low hybrid mpg and swallow my hypermiling pride. Interestingly I used to own a Camry years ago overseas and it was a really good car, solidly built and bullet proof reliability. I’m glad to see it’s making a comeback in the UK and if push comes to shove, I could be tempted to get one of those instead. Yes, fickle, I know 😂
  13. LexusIS300h

    Car boot liners for 2016 IS300h

    So out of curiosity and feedback, I dropped the back seats to see if everything was ok and it’s just fine. Doesn’t catch or get stuck or anything, just works as normal. Regarding quality v original liner, I can’t comment as I didn’t buy the original one, but this one looks good enough, flexible enough and thick enough to do the job it was bought for, that is, lining the boot and protecting the mats from any marks. The large lip around will also contain any spillages from a shopping expedition gone wrong (broken bottles of liquid). in all, I’m very happy with this purchase and thanks for the recommend ColinBarber 👍
  14. LexusIS300h

    Car boot liners for 2016 IS300h

    I haven’t tried to fold the seats, just popped it in last night, but I don’t think it will be a problem anyway, as it moulds to the indentation in the boot floor at its rear, just behind the seats.
  15. LexusIS300h

    Car boot liners for 2016 IS300h

    William, it arrived today and fits like a glove, well worth it. The non slip bit in the middle as mentioned before is an improvement on the OEM liner too