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  1. I have an Amazon playlist of around 120 songs, 1960’s through to present day and no particular genre. Rock, pop, country, R&B, a bit of everything. The nice thing is I like them all and play them on shuffle, so they mix up quite well too and not in the order I added them. Example: Dire Straits - Walk of Life Phil Collins - Easy Lover Wham! - Club Tropicana Adele - Hello Lady Antebellum- Need you now Roy Orbison - It’s Over The Who - Pinball Wizard Bee Gees - Stayin Alive Tina Turner - Simply the Best Ed Sheeran - Perfect George Ezra - Budapest Smokie - Mexican Girl Toto - Africa Coldplay - Viva la Vida etc etc etc
  2. I think they have applied the 3 months lost time due to COVID-19 to everyone. Mine was due mid April, but now I only have to renew mid July and I am covered if I need the assistance in between time
  3. Must be the impetuousness of youth sprouting up 🤣😂😅
  4. This is an interesting subject and one I had also been giving some thought to as well. I have had the view of electric vehicles that the range had to be 400 miles (not Km’s) and then it made sense for me and would get rid of range anxiety. As of this year, the chances are that I will be fully retired, with COVID putting paid to many interim possibilities for me. Therefore a daily commute isn’t something to look at any more. What is likely to be more interesting are longer trips and this reinforces my view of a 400 mile range. The only cars that gets close right now are the higher capacity battery Tesla’s and I am with the OP on iffy quality of those cars. A future NX will also likely be a new RAV 4 engine and perhaps a plug in and again those don’t set me on fire wanting the next model. Out of curiosity I had a look at the Peugeot 3008 and it is an intriguing suv. Very sexy set up, but the hybrid models are expensive and not proven like Toyota or Lexus, so maybe not reliable. My conclusion is that the wheels I would want are likely about 4 to 5 years away, by which time I might be more interested in mobility scooters than SUV’s 😂. This thought led me to the realisation that my best driving days are behind me, great electric cars are likely to be around in the 2030’s and if I get that far, I probably would be banned from driving anyway. So I had an off the wall thought... why not go and get a used Diesel SUV and accept that I don’t really care about the depreciation, cost of diesel or the effect on the planet for the years I have left? ... and if I did get an SUV diesel, then which one? Well I came up with the Porsche Macan 3.0d and from what I have read about it and other reviewers comments it seems like the dogs wotsits...maybe I should celebrate my 70th with one of these?? A used one, about 3 years old should just about do it, comparable price to an NX. Any thoughts on that?
  5. It’s ok, I know the IS is better mpg, I had one before the NX and convinced myself the inferior mpg was a good trade off for the comfort and ride height of the NX.
  6. Thanks Ian, I saw that and will make enquiries nearer to home for installation 👍 The unit is now $359
  7. Thanks, that sort of fits in with my mpg at decent daily miles. The more you travel the better the mpg, up to a point. I did a trip to Surrey last year, over 100 miles each way and got over 38 on that tankful, but little trips kill my mpg. Still, for the size of car, my 34mpg is acceptable. Your 38 on a larger car is brilliant 👍
  8. This is just a general comment on Apple CarPlay. Recently I hired a car in Cape Town, what we would know as a Vauxhall (badged Opel) Grandland X. The car was ok to drive, but I found out it had Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. This is the first time I have used it and it is really cool, so much so that I want to put this in my 2016 Lexus NX, although the conversion seems pricy. Anyway, it was good to be able to use Waze to find our way around (no Satnav supplied in the hire car), make and take calls and play my music on my phone effortlessly. You don’t get to see all the apps on your phone but the ones you can see are useful. Recall how to get satnav in your car, you have to upgrade ? You don’t need to with CarPlay, you just need a connection from your phone to the car. In the hire it was a USB cable, but others do this via Bluetooth, so no cables required. This has now become one of my “must haves” in looking for a replacement vehicle in the future. It should be standard on all cars, but some manufacturers would prefer you spent loads on their systems. Not any more.
  9. I also have a 2016 NX, but Premier, not F-Sport. My average is around 34mpg over the last 9 months since I bought the car. I fill brim to brim and log all my mileage too. I’ve had a Prius Gen II prior to that for 10 years and used to get just over 50mpg over its lifetime with me on a 10 mile commute. One factor not fully explored is the length of your commute. Mine now is a 7 mile trip morning and evening on A roads, max 60mph, which I adhere to, using cruise control. It takes about 10 minutes and the car is probably warmed up 4 or 5 miles into it. I have tried all sorts of tricks to improve my fuel consumption, such as trying to hypermile it and switching to EV mode as soon as I got into a 30 mph zone. Results were minimal improvements and before winter I was getting 35 mpg. Last fill up was just under 30 mpg, but the car only had very short (1 or 2 mile) trips. I do notice though that on longer distances, I can get close to the mpg figures others have stated here. I tend to get 38 mpg on a 20 mile or so journey, some of which is motorways. Conclusion is I think, different strokes for different folks Short trips hammer mpg, longer ones improve it, provided you don’t thrash it on a motorway.
  10. Impressive once again, thanks for the link. 👍
  11. Happy new car Steve, it looks good !
  12. You could link your phone to your car and use Waze on your phone instead of the built in Satnav. The speed camera alerts are loud enough to let you know one is coming up.
  13. Congratulations Chris, nice colour too. I have the grey one, darker than sonic titanium, which I think also looks quite the cats whiskers 😹
  14. I’m sure you will be happy with your wheels. I have had mine a couple of months now and no regrets at all. A nice high driving position, easy to get in and out of and very comfortable. Wafting along is a good description. I don’t get great mileage, at 32 to 35 mpg but my journeys are less than 7 miles in each direction on A roads at 60mph for most of it. We did do a longer 100 mile plus journey and return and got 38 mpg on the tank brim to brim so it can be done. However I knew the mpg would not match the saloon IS and still bought it, the best car I have bought. I don’t let car washers anywhere near it and am happy to wash and wax it myself, taking great pride in admiring my handiwork when it’s done 😊👍. It probably cost me over £150 to get all the gear including a jet washer but I will get that back by doing the job myself and it will be done properly too.