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  1. Happy new car Steve, it looks good !
  2. You could link your phone to your car and use Waze on your phone instead of the built in Satnav. The speed camera alerts are loud enough to let you know one is coming up.
  3. Congratulations Chris, nice colour too. I have the grey one, darker than sonic titanium, which I think also looks quite the cats whiskers 😹
  4. I’m sure you will be happy with your wheels. I have had mine a couple of months now and no regrets at all. A nice high driving position, easy to get in and out of and very comfortable. Wafting along is a good description. I don’t get great mileage, at 32 to 35 mpg but my journeys are less than 7 miles in each direction on A roads at 60mph for most of it. We did do a longer 100 mile plus journey and return and got 38 mpg on the tank brim to brim so it can be done. However I knew the mpg would not match the saloon IS and still bought it, the best car I have bought. I don’t let car washers anywhere near it and am happy to wash and wax it myself, taking great pride in admiring my handiwork when it’s done 😊👍. It probably cost me over £150 to get all the gear including a jet washer but I will get that back by doing the job myself and it will be done properly too.
  5. I just found a great car on Auto Trader:
  6. I just found a great car on Auto Trader:
  7. I don’t know if you’re interested in this, but my 66 IS300h is up for sale on Auto Trader with a genuine sub 10k Miles, not shabby for a car that will be 3 years old in October. I promise you it is immaculate inside and out and we only parted company with it because my wife and I had difficulty getting out of it with poorly knees 🤔. FP66EEB It’s not with a main dealer although it has full Lexus service history, so you might get something off it if you negotiate
  8. Happy new car! Let’s see some pics 👍👍
  9. My wife and I have got to that age where getting in and out of it is a key requirement when looking at a car. SUV height is great for us now. I had an IS300h for 9 months before I bought the NX and absolutely loved it, apart from getting out of it. All cars from now on will have to be high seated.
  10. Thanks for the info Ka, as you will have noticed I went for the NX after all. I’m really happy with it, despite the poor mpg I get, low 30’s. The mpg was the reason I didn’t get it after a test drive last year, but as I only do 7k miles a year, it’s not a deal breaker really and I just have to suck it up until a decent electric vehicle comes along. My son in law also has an NX and his got pronged by a bolt on the A1 last week, right through the battery radiator. He was able to get a hire car from Lexus although it was an F Pace Jag. He brought it round for a look see and I have to say that for the money it is built terrible. The battery is in the boot (no problem with that’s) and it has small bolts through the bodywork holding it in place and unfinished paintwork around it. Out of sight, out of mind. I can see that battery dropping through the floor in 5 years, if the car is still running. What a shocker in terms of quality, nowhere near a Lexus.
  11. Whoa that sure is one fugly car, would never buy that 🤮
  12. Thanks Lee, yes it is the double speed wax I used. I didn’t clay the car as I don’t know what it does..... ? Could you explain please?