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  1. LexusIS300h

    New owner, just joined the forum.

    Welcome to the forum ! You could always change it to Revolution too, as in turn tables or something more sinister 😂😂
  2. LexusIS300h

    New IS300h Owner

    That was a decent ride back to get the feel of it. I had a 90 mile journey home when we picked our IS300h up, the long way on the sat nav.... great drive. Seems a bit silly, but next morning I couldn’t help but gawp out the window at our new wheels. My wife asked what I was doing and I just said admiring our new styling wheels. 😂. “You’re daft” she said, but then also had a peek too and said “Yes it is rather posh isn’t it”😂 i never get tired of looking at it or driving it, it’s a magic car 👍
  3. LexusIS300h

    New IS300h Owner

    Welcome Lee ! Great looking car and good choice of wheels. I’ve had mine 6 months now and it’s flown by, still look forward to getting in it in the morning to go to work.
  4. LexusIS300h

    modern technology

    I have to look over my shoulder to reverse park, but I really like the reverse camera (had it on my previous car). Too deaf to hear the high pitched beep of the parking sensors, so I just watch the bars on the screen go down and quit when it gets to 2 bars, job done 😂. It’s a pity this car can’t drive itself though and give me the time to gawp around at the passing views, or twiddle on my laptop 😂😂. Maybe in a few years that model will be out and it had better be all electric too, none of this fuel and electric nonsense 👍
  5. Great topic and some good examples of winners and losers 👍 I had 2 worst cars, the first being a 1968 Reliant Regal (Del Boy style for the younger generation),a geuine solid pile of 💩. Always broke down, no matter if you were driving on a motorway or had it parked up. I only bought it cos it was all I could afford at the time, but OMG penny wise, pound foolish. Did it again with a MkI Ford Escort that had had all its electrics rewired in random sequences. The only good thing about going to a drive in with this POS was that the car was parked on a slight slope so it helped with the bump start when the film finished. No lights to go home with, but fortunately at the time not much traffic either. The best car has to be my IS, just love the luxury of it and smoothness, something that was missing in my previous favourite, a Prius 2nd gen.
  6. LexusIS300h

    Renewal Insurance quote - CRAZY!!!

    I used the meerkat site in July and the premium for my wife and I was £274. This replaces a Prius which had £160 insurance, so definitely no free lunch for us. We are in our 60’s so next year I will as usual look around again. This current insurance is with LV, as was the Prius, so I expect better rates at the next renewal, or move on to someone who quotes lower. its a mugs game to stay with the same insurer as you are easy meat for an increase. All they do is tell you that you don’t need to do anything to renew and that they have done all the hard work keeping costs down and you will only pay 20% more even though industry averages are up to 50% more..... ad nauseum bs from the insurers. Halifax and Lloyd’s were good at this. Got a good first year premium and then they sink their teeth in. Unfortunately for them, I do shop around and never renew. No loyalty in insurance I’m afraid.
  7. LexusIS300h

    Incoming newbies

    Welcome I-s, how are you going to sleep for the next 2 weeks, waiting for your new baby 👍😊 Sounds like a good buy you got your hands on
  8. Try using Waze for your SatNav if the in car one gives you the fits. It works well too played through the in car speakers
  9. LexusIS300h

    What does the Lexus brand say about you?

    Owning a Lexus says I value quality build and reliability I don’t need to point and squirt to get from A to B fast, relaxed does the trick I value comfort and luxury I “get” what a hybrid is and does, plus I don’t do diesel I love the pre and post sale service offered by Lexus, making me feel valued to them I can think for myself and don’t aspire to 10 a penny German cars I can feel a bit smug knowing all these things and still the British populace, apart from an enlightened few, want BMW, Audi and Merc. It gives me a more special car that I might see one or two of in a day, rather than hundreds of the others.
  10. LexusIS300h

    New NX Proposed purchase.

    Maybe because it’s a SPORTS Utility Vehicle ? 😂 The press don’t know Jack Schitt about a Lexus and hybrids and the longer it stays that way the better for us Lexus owners and drivers, who can waft about in luxurious comfort and not looking like every other wannabee German car driver
  11. LexusIS300h

    Hi all back again

    Welcome Ken ! Hope your dream comes true very soon and good hunting 👍
  12. LexusIS300h

    New NX Proposed purchase.

    I test drove one before buying my IS, wife loved it, but I didn’t think the mg was that great, so we test drove a Red IS and again my wife loved that but not the colour, so we got what she wanted, an oyster white . Now we are all happy. NX is very striking though and if I could have got over the lower mpg I would have bought it
  13. LexusIS300h

    Costs of export

    Aren’t all Lexus Japanese imports?
  14. I’ll take boring forums like LOC any day, good to know they don’t really go wrong, but I expected that and got it. Always fancied a Jag, but I think I will give it a big miss until either BMW or Toyota take over the brand name
  15. Just yanking your chain bro, just yanking your chain 😂😂😂😂