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  1. I do about 30-35 miles everyday to and from work, in this journey I do atleast 10 miles on fast roads including a motorway, I’m not really bothered about fuel economy just would like something that is nice and comfortable to drive. I used to have a gen 2 is250 so definitely would like another Lexus, I thought I would ask about the is300h as I wanted to no abit more information on them first before I looked at one
  2. Have you had any battery/hybrid issues with it, I just don’t want to have any big repair bills if I went for a hybrid. Also with the hybrid what speed does the hybrid go up to. Ie can you drive in hybrid mode at 70 mph?
  3. Hi All, I am in search of buying a 3rd generation IS, I have already driven a 200t which I really liked the drive of, I used to have a 2nd generation IS250, I am unsure of which variant to look for out of a 200t, 250 or a 300h, I am looking around a 2016 plate. What do you recommend the only thing i no is that it needs to be an F Sport model. Any advice will be appreciated.