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  1. Hi @m4rkw to be honest I haven’t checked my tyre pressures yet I have been meaning to though, I have been doing abit more town driving so is probably a mixture of reasons, I have got an obd reader so I shall check, I was just wondering as to whether there are common problems causing this and what sort of fuel economy others with is200t’s were getting out of theirs, I no that the fsport also makes a difference over a standard is, thanks for the reply
  2. Hi all, I own a 2016 Lexus is200t fsport which I purchased in december, when I first bought the car I noticed that the fuel economy seemed to be pretty good managing to get between 380-400 miles to the tank, however since around March the fuel economy has gone down to around 300-300 mile to the tank I no that having air con will decrease the fuel economy by roughly 10% but I am unsure as to why the fuel economy has dropped by this much, does this fuel economy seem right for this car? Also are there any common issues that could cause this?
  3. I do about 30-35 miles everyday to and from work, in this journey I do atleast 10 miles on fast roads including a motorway, I’m not really bothered about fuel economy just would like something that is nice and comfortable to drive. I used to have a gen 2 is250 so definitely would like another Lexus, I thought I would ask about the is300h as I wanted to no abit more information on them first before I looked at one
  4. Have you had any battery/hybrid issues with it, I just don’t want to have any big repair bills if I went for a hybrid. Also with the hybrid what speed does the hybrid go up to. Ie can you drive in hybrid mode at 70 mph?
  5. Hi All, I am in search of buying a 3rd generation IS, I have already driven a 200t which I really liked the drive of, I used to have a 2nd generation IS250, I am unsure of which variant to look for out of a 200t, 250 or a 300h, I am looking around a 2016 plate. What do you recommend the only thing i no is that it needs to be an F Sport model. Any advice will be appreciated.